layouts, mini album, and OZZ blog hop

I went on a date this past weekend — with paper. LOL. Yeah, I know… pretty pathetic, huh?! Well, who cares?! I surely don’t because I got my creative side on. I made sure that I finished designing a mini album for the class I’m teaching. Once I get the “okay” to share all the details, I’ll make sure to post pictures of it.

I also finished a couple of layouts and a mini album for Memories Live On, one of the local scrapbook stores in my area. It’s so awesome that I get to create stuff to display in a store for others to look at for inspiration. 🙂

My first layout for the store was created using this week’s sketch over at Pink Sketches. It has the latest paper from Best Creations, Inc.


Another layout using the latest from Best Creations, Inc. was made for my local scrapbook store. I entitled it “Sweet Pups” because Scrapfreak is hosting a challenge to create a layout using the word “sweet” in your title. …and can you believe it?! I finished a double page layout!! My first one in over a year! LOL. Check it out:


I also finished a project to display in the scrapbook store. I made another Christmas mini album. This time, however, I used one of the latest lines from Little Yellow Bicycle, which I totally love because the paper packs are cut to match the acrylic and chipboard pieces to the albums.

Christmas Mini Album




…and here’s a layout I finished just for fun using up some of my Fancy Pants Designs scraps:


Oh, and before I forget —  tomorrow starts the OZZ (Original Zutter Zisters) Blog Hop! There are some awesome prizes up for grabs and tons of inspiration to look at, so make sure to stop by the Bind It All blog. I promise that you’re gonna love it! 🙂

Okay, enough scrappity scraps for today. How about I leave you with some photos I shot of Maui and Hilo this weekend?!

"MUHAHA!! I'm the coolest dog in town!"

"MUHAHA!! I'm the coolest dog in town!"

"Did you need something?!"

"Did you need something?!"

Seriously, they are weirdos!

Seriously, they are weirdos!

"Don't you think I'm adorable?!"

"Don't you think I'm adorable?!"

"I'm cuter than Hilo!"

"I'm cuter than Hilo!"

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!





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19 responses to “layouts, mini album, and OZZ blog hop

  1. Your baseball page is so inspiring. I can see their sales going up with this one on display.

    Have a happy week ahead.

  2. cathy — awww, what a sweet comment! thanks for the compliment! 🙂

  3. First let me say, LOVE LOVE LOVE the los and mini! YOU ROCK GIRLIE! Second, I love those photos. :):):):):) Your babies are too much and always brings a smile to my face.

    Night Owl …lol

  4. gloria

    cute LOs and Maui and Hilo are annoying. i have carpel tunnel so keeping this short. bye.

  5. Hey Girlie, thanks for stopping by my blog!! Loving what you did in this post…and that your a dog lover helps too!! hee hee….So glad you are on Kiki with me…and I bought a BIA…so, guess you are going to have to give me some tips!!!! Hugs

  6. LOL crazy schnauzers!

    And….. ZOMFGWTFBBQ!!!!!!1111one~~tilde~ a LO with me in it! And Yikes! I look horrible in that picture. 😦

  7. Mandy

    Love the mini-album!! gorgeous cover!! Puppy photos are just precious!!!

  8. julie

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo’s and those photos….those baseballs on the 1st one are wayyyyyyyyy cool!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. Vel

    Super cute album and I love the doggies so much!

  10. You will never believe this, I too had a date with paper this weekend!
    Can’t believe we are dating the same person…
    LOVE your 2 page layout, you rocked it!
    Maui and Hilo are just too damn cute
    If you ever get tired of them send them my way!
    Maci & Lola woudl love some playmates!

  11. Jing-Jing

    You amaze me with your productivity, and QUALITY!! and your puppies, melt, so cute.

  12. I ALWAYS love the pup photos!! I love love love that Halloween layout…awesome design and the Christmas mini is too freaking cool!
    Awesome work, babe!

  13. Awesome LO’s as always and your doggies are too cute!!

  14. Great job. They are all great, but I particularly love the Sweet Pups and your Christmas Mini album. I love Little Yellow Bicycle too!

  15. told you! it’s all about the schnauzers… then again, that’s why i go and visit you guys all the time. 😉

  16. Girl, you make me want to scrap! So many great layouts with so much to look at!
    Cute pups, too. 😉

  17. LOVE those pics, your doggies take the cutest pics!!!!

    Those layouts rock and so does the mini album!!! Love it all to pieces!!!!! 🙂

  18. Sasha Farina

    so not pathetic..i would give anything to have a date with my paper and mojo right now 😀

  19. I saw that Spooky LO on & wondered why I never saw it posted on your blog. I guess bloglines never told me that you updated your blog until this morning???

    Adorable LO’s & that mini rocks! I’m lovin’ the tulle! 🙂

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