layouts and freebies!!

I finally busted out some of the My Little Shoebox paper I had stashed away, and I had the courage to cut it up. 🙂 I lifted both of these layouts from Michelle Lanning, one of MLS’s design team members. Her work is stunning, so I couldn’t resist. Here are my takes on her layouts:

I recently also received my September Green Tangerines Kit Club. Yuminess, I tell ya! With the extra time I had to work with this kit, I managed to create three layouts. I love the colors to this month’s kit; it’s got that “cozy” feel to it! I plan on playing with more of the kit later, but for now, here are my layouts:

…and how cool is it that this layout was featured on The Paper Company blog?! Toot for me. 🙂

As for what’s new on my end — I’ve been busy doing this and that… and this and that. haha.

Honestly though, I’ve been trying to figure out what to put into kits for a scrapbook class I am teaching in November. I have also been BUSY designing stuff for my local scrapbook store; I don’t mind though because they feed me scrapping goodies to play with. 🙂 ((Thank you, Vivian!)) Moreover, I got this HUGE BOX of Zutter stuff in the mail today. That is definitely the BIGGEST happy mail I have ever received! ((Thank you, Nan for shipping it my way!)) Now, I’ve got to find some time to work on that, hehe!



1. Comment on this post by October 24th, Saturday, by 11:59pm.

2. Tell me the funniest costume you have ever seen someone wear for Halloween.

3.  Spread the word (let me know about it), and I’ll put your name into the drawing two times.



PS: I love when I learn something new. I found a shortcut that I never knew about! 🙂



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34 responses to “layouts and freebies!!

  1. gloria

    please comment, she needs to get rid of excess. hahaha. love your LOs. =P i am so hungry.

  2. funniest would have to be a group of guys wearing teletubbies costume….:)

  3. sam

    beautiful page’s! and love those pumpkin photo’s!

  4. julie

    hmmmmmm….i am torn on funniest costume i’ve ever seen…..its either….
    a) our fave thing’s fellow dt’er bekka’s hubby dressed up as raggedy ann
    b) a gentleman (using that term loosely…lol!) at work dressed up in the famous white Marilyn Monroe dress
    c) a veryyyyyyyyyyy tall man at work dressed up as Dennis Rodman (in his womanly clothes that is…lol)
    d) a man dressed as ursula from the little mermaid….
    e) or… my brother dressed as a woman…lol…i have photos of that one!!!! LOL!!! :):):):):):):):):)

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo’s…..gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I ♥ your Michelle lifts & that Tangerine’s kit looks adorable! 🙂

    Yay for being featured on the Paper Co.!! 🙂

    Hope you have a GREAT day! 🙂

  6. Vel

    Aww, I love all your LOs so much! You did such a great job with these products.

    Let’s see, funniest costume was probably when my sister wore a garbage bag and attached banana peels, wadded paper etc. to it and called herself trash. 😉

  7. Jing-Jing

    Well, lovely layouts and congrats on all the recognition and huge DT box, they are always amazingly fun. Funniest costume I’ve ever seen, I dunno, my DD as the cute dinosaur? It’s really not funny though, she just looks funny to me all the time, lol.

  8. I just saw a layout yesterday with someone’s son dressed as a professor with the tape in the middle of his glasses, lab coat, magnifying glass, and little bugs adhered all over him it was soooo cute but what made it super funny was that my son, Carter (14 mo.) just ate a bug right before I saw the layout. Totally need to remember this costume for him when he gets a little older!!


  9. You been a busy girl! Love all the los.

    The boys been good. Its been a rough week here. Plus this week is parent teacher week, so I have been running back and forth to met with teacher. I have another met later today. Im just so glad that this is the last day…. for me anyways 🙂

  10. O’ ya the funniest costume I have seen…well no so sure it was funny or just plain WEIRD! I remember one Halloween in Austin, my ex told me ” sweetie I wouldnt allow this, but that penis is just so horny!” I turned to see a guy in a penis costume air pumpin’ my rear. Ok, forget funny weird…just plain EMBARRASSING!

  11. Stunning layouts again, Sarah. We don’t celebrate Halloween in Belgium (we have decorations but not the costume thing) so I can’t tell you the funniest costume I’ve ever seen. 😉

  12. wow!!! Beautiful!! Those first two layouts are sooo pretty! I love the other ones, too!
    the last layout is funny and the dog layout is tooo cute!!!

  13. These layouts rock, and I bet you were squealing with joy when you opened that Zutter box of goodies!
    The funniest costume I have seen would have to be at a Halloween party a few years ago, a guy wore a toilet…I’m serious.
    Oh but wait, my son Koby is going as Billy Mays this year! (pics on my blog)

  14. I heart you. Already. And it’s official. Your layouts are amazing! I especially like ours – I was like, “Who’s that girl with Sarah?” And then I realized it was me – seriously – I guess I should look in a mirror every now and then, but sometimes that’s just a scary thought.

    So on to costumes – my friend Royce went as a condom one year – and it was great! He got a big piece of cheesecloth, sewed a hulahoop at the bottom and voila!

  15. Chris

    Just love your layouts!!!!!! Re costumes, I used to work for a cable tv mgmt company and it was filled with incredibly creative people. Every year we had an incredible Halloween party on Halloween afternoon and we were virtually required to dress up. One year we did the theme of movies and my entire dept did the Wizard of Oz – I was Glinda the good witch of the north!!!! One of the secretaries from the legal dept. came as Tippi Hedren from the Birds – she had found a 60s pink shift at Goodwill and she attached birds to it and to her hair with “blood” tickling down. Talk about realism – so cool!!!!!

  16. great costumes so far!!! keep those comments coming! 🙂


  17. Kerri

    friend of my mum’s dressed as a sperm & his wife was a pregnant lady. shame i didn’t him, but he wore his costume the day before at his office job, so that would have been a sight to see.sooo awesome layouts ! great job, so inspirational

  18. well, it isnt a costume i saw someone wear, but rather a costume i heard about :)– a sky blue sweatsuit with some cotton balls glued onto it = partly cloudy with a chance of showers {giggles} terrible, right??? LOL!!!
    thanks for the chance to win Sarah!!! take care!

  19. Oh, how I love your layouts! So fun and inspiring! I love your use of pattern papers and colors!
    Hmmm, I don’t think I can share in print the funniest costume I have ever seen! LOL! Let’s just say he was a kind of “flasher” 😉
    The second funniest costume I ever saw was last year, my neighbor made her son’s costume, a robot… let’s just say that I would never torture my kids with an oversized box, tin cans and foil! LOL! Poor kid fell over 3 times while on our doorstep! and he couldn’t get up on his own! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing with us! I’ve spread the word 😉
    {{hugs!}}, margie

  20. LindaH

    I would say the funniest thing/costume I have ever seen is a man wearing baby chicks all over himself… he called himself a chick magnet! LOL

    Love your layouts, you do super work!!!

  21. Rhonda Miller

    I think the funniest costume I have seen is someone dressed up as a dirty laundry basket with the clothes, soap and dryer sheets attached all over. I love Halloween.

  22. Katie Bell

    Hey Sarah, Thanks for the tip about the watermark….I need to get more into my programs! Keep up all the hard work! I look forward to the Napa Demonstration!

  23. Love all of those layouts!!! I may have to lift your pumpkin layout title. I’m always stumped for something different to title my layouts for holidays. Don’t they always seem the same year after year?? Or maybe it’s just me…

    Funniest costume, huh. Are we staying G-rated?? Cause I have one that’s R-rated and it was pretty hilarious. But I’ll keep it clean 🙂 We did have friends dress up as a pimp and, well, you know. He was wearing a 70s outfit with an afro and she was wearing a very mini skirt, gogo boots & a pink wig. It was too funny!

  24. Hey!!! Finally back from my unintentional vacay from blogland. 🙂 hope all is well!!!

  25. Great layouts! I think the funniest costume I’ve seen is alot like the others…a man dressed as a woman…with very little clothes on. Yikes!

  26. speaking of cuteness, all of those layouts are fabulous. you are just way too talented little missy. 🙂 love you girl!!

    ❤ B

  27. gorgeous lifts, girlie!!

    Funniest costume? That would be me two years ago when I was “Mean Mama!” I wore curlers in my hair, gown with housecoat and bedslippers with baby dolls hanging from both hips, one baby doll in a sling, one in a backpack carrier, belt in hand with a sign attached to my back saying “Calgone, take me away!”

  28. oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I had all six of my kids with me on our Trick-Or-Treating adventure (plus my three Godsons and great nephew)…lol. I was “Mean Mama” with a clan!

  29. I used this theme on my old blog before! Used it for quite awhile too….. me likey very much.

  30. LOVE the layouts!!! And the funniest costume I have ever seen is a guy dressed up as a woman. He had the wig, boobs, skirt, heels…everything. He REALLY looked like a woman 🙂 This was at karaoke, BTW 🙂

  31. Ally White

    Well my friend dressed their baby up as a fly and she and her husband had shirts on that said SWAT TEAM. She sewed fly swatters around the middle of the shirt. Totally cute AND clever 🙂

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