playing catch up

I’ve got a good reason for why I haven’t posted these last few days. I’ve been out of town, and I only got home yesterday. Anyway, I’m going to play catch up. …and I apologize for not visiting everyone’s blogs.  Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to stop by each and everyone’s blogs.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Basically, these were days of RELAXATION and preparation for Thanksgiving.

"Mommy, I love playing in the leaves!"

"Is that a squirrel I see?!"


Turkey day! Thanksgiving is always “filling” in more ways than one. You get LOTS of great food and fun times with family. 🙂 This year, we had TWO Thanksgiving celebrations — once at lunch and another at dinner! Talk about being stuffed, hehe. Surprisingly, I didn’t take that many photos.

Early in the morning, I started to mash the potatoes. Hmm, I wonder what I was in charge of making?! 😉

Hoshi was eye'n food. 🙂

My uncle was in charge of cutting the turkey this year.


No, I didn’t wake up early and go shopping. Personally, I rather sleep in and go shopping when it’s not busy in the stores. I did, however, decorate one of my mom’s Christmas trees.

Here's Mom's Christmas tree in the TV room.


My mom made my whole family go look for a Christmas tree to decorate, and we did just that.

My dad also helped hang some ornaments on the other tree.

My brother, Scott, even helped too!

I did a pretty good job of playing catch up don’t you think?! I have yet to post pictures of our Christmas tree, so make sure to stay tuned for that.

This past week hasn’t been kind to my scrapping supplies. I’m in some sort of slump! However, there are a couple of projects I want to share.

Zutter is on its eleventh day of Christmas inspiration, and today’s post was written by yours truly. To check it out, go here. I made some simple Christmas cards using my bind-it-all.

…and some random layouts I used with some of the scraps I had lying around:

Tomorrow, I plan on posting some fun Imaginisce projects, so stay tuned.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and wishing everyone a great week ahead of them!





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23 responses to “playing catch up

  1. Love those layouts!! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and have a great week:) Love, Jess

  2. Well, damn S! you crack me up! lol
    Cute cards! heading over there to zutter to check you out!
    and you did an awesome job on your mom’s tree, it looks gorgeous! love the pretty layouts! pretty darn good job using scraps!
    hope you had a wonderful weekend, sweetie! I sure did!

  3. I see that Julie, rubbed off on ya! CIRCLES my dear:)! fabulous los! Looks like you all had a fun family time! I cant wait to see your guys tree.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. lydia– i’ve been definitely into those circles. julie is such a horrible influence… i’m kidding, boss! 😉 plan on posting pics of our christmas decor sometime this week, so check back!

  5. I totally know what you mean about feeling behind…I think it will take me two weeks to catch up on emails and blog responses LOL. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!!

  6. Wow..sounds you had a great week and a happy thanksgiving!!Love your list in your previous post!!
    Love those layouts and that project is so cool!

  7. DUDE! Who let Hoshi on the island?!

  8. I always LOVE posts with a lot of pictures!! Your doggie is such a cutie, GREAT photos, Sarah!!
    And those Christmastrees, wow!
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog (I’m blushing..) and of course I don’t mind if you lift my layout!!!! I WOULD LOVE IT!!!! On one condition: I want to see it!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!!


  9. julie

    i am a WHAT?!?!??!! LOL LOL LOL!!! I was gonna say that circles are contagious…lol…but it looks like U and lydia all ready took care of that for me!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photos and those CIRCLE lo’s too!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. LOL! BAD BAD JULIE, Whats next :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) SMILEYS! Love ya both!

  11. W@W!! You make scraps look like works of art!!!! lovin’ your new layouts and your cards are terrific. Thanks for stoppin’ by my blog too and leaving some kind words of encouragement. Always fun stoppin’ by yours 😀

    P.S. Your mom’s tree looks FAB!!! You did an awesome job!!!

  12. Vel

    Your family seems like a lot of fun…glad you had a good time! Love your LOs!

  13. Heather

    Those trees are gorgeous Sarah! It looks like you had a very happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Looks like you had a FUN Thanksgiving with your family! The trees turned out really pretty!

    I’m lovin’ the stocking cards & the cute LO’s. Are you using some kind of tool to make your circles or are you tracing a plate or what??? I bought the Making Memories circle cutter recently & it’s not working very well. Of course, it could be operator error… 🙂

    Have a GREAT week!

  15. Mustangkayla

    Busy, busy busy! Love your layouts!

  16. gloria

    hello. love the photos and your latest LO. can’t wait to come home and see what the house looks like once you catch up and get ahead. =P

  17. Hilo has gotten so big!! Cant believe how tall he is in that 2nd pic!

  18. Totally playing catch-up here too! SO glad you had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend some great time with family!!

  19. Great looking trees Sarah! Sounds like you had a great holiday. (lots of food always makes for a great holiday! tee hee)

    Looks like someone got a haircut! Angus got one last week too!

  20. sounds like you’ve had a busy and wonderful few days! love the circular theme going on with those layouts! can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  21. I am loving your photos…especially the ones of your 4 footed friend! Looks like a wonderful few days…glad you got to enjoy them.

  22. I want Hilo back. 😦 (Maui can come too. :P)

  23. You have such a wonderful blog! Love your little doggies, and all the whimsy in your posts. Adding you to my bookmarks.

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