a seahorse ride?!

When someone asks me, “What’s your favorite car?!” or “What’s your dream car?”, I don’t know how to respond. I’m not really picky when it comes to cars. In all honesty, I just want a car that gets me from point A to point B. When I saw that TAAFOMT was going to be doing a favorite car challenge, I thought, “What the heck am I going to scrap?”

Well, me on a seahorse of course! Ummm, yeah….

You have until 12/30 to play along, so head on over to TAAFOMT, and make sure to let us know what’s your favorite car. 🙂

…and as promised, here are some pictures from this weekend. I didn’t take that many because I wasn’t feeling well.

She used to be smaller than this snowman! Kids grow up too fast.

"What do I have on my nose?!"

"Do I have to get up?! It's too cold!"

A tier of desserts -- my kind of picture!

This picture cracks me up. They were running around the house like that!

…and don’t forget that if you want to be eligible to win some fun Imaginisce stuff, check out the previous post!

Happy Tuesday!





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20 responses to “a seahorse ride?!

  1. When did G give K a piggyback ride? Where was I when this happened?!

  2. i think you were upstairs… or maybe you went out to get something? i dunno… where was i when G was brushing K’s hair?! haha

  3. Chris

    Hope you are feeling better now – what a bummer to be sick. When I saw your layout, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing – it’s so funny – did you do that in a store? That would have been hilarious! And I love your weekend photos – do both of the puppers have coats?

  4. Love your TAAFOMFT! Your are so funny! Love the photo of food, yummy! :):):)

  5. You were snoring sleeping.

  6. My kids make me run around the house with them on my shoulders all the time!!! I love that layout:) I literally cracked up this morning when I saw it on Fave Things:) It’s great! Love, Jess

  7. Great pics and love your seahorse ride! Hope this week finds you feeling a whole lot better.

  8. Jing-Jing

    WHAT an AWESOME answer!! ROTFL!!! such cute puppies!!!

  9. Vel

    OMG that’s hysterical…and very creative! (I’m with you…get me to point b without breaking down and I’m happy) Super cute pics too!

  10. LOL! Totally cute…you rocked the sass! Love your pics too!

  11. gloria

    nice LO. children are my nightmare. hahaha.

  12. That’s so funny & cute! And I hear ya on the car issue. I guess I may have had more of an opinion on what a cool car is in the past, but now I’m all about the view from above & reliability… no more used cars for me, thank-you-very-much! LOL! Not so sure the seahorse would work for me though… I need more space for shopping bags in the rear…


  13. julie

    loveeeeeeeeeee that lo and loving the photos…and i promise no more emails from me! :):):):):):):):):)

  14. Love those photos and that layout is precious!

  15. adorable pics and super cute LO!! love how you responded to the challenge lol!

  16. Mustangkayla

    Cute pics and fun layout! I instantly know my favorite car. lol… at 65 Convertible Mustang. Although I am not a car fan (I’m a truck girl), boy would I LOVE to get my hands on a classic mustang!

  17. Hanneke

    Love your LO, you look great on a seahorse!!! Great pics from the weekend, those desserts look YUMMIE!!!

  18. What a FUNNY take on the challenge 🙂 If I can find the time, I’ll have to try to play along…it’s been MONTHS since I’ve participated.

  19. I’m like you when it comes to cars. I can’t even tell them apart…lol. Love your layout 🙂

  20. Awesome layout! And great pics!

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