scooter’s vacation…

…has to be one of the cutest scrapbooking lines I have ever seen. It’s the perfect scrapbook line for me. Why?! …because for one, I LOVE dogs. Two, I LOVE to travel and explore new places. What do you get when you combine the two?! Scooter’s Vacation from Imaginisce!

Personally, I think it should have been named Maui and Hilo’s vacation. πŸ˜‰ Here’s why:

"I know how to ride in style."

"Hilo, you're doing it wrong! You've got to stick your head out much further to get the full effect!"

"Like this?!"

Maui and Hilo are so spoiled. They usually get to go here and there, and basically everywhere. Since they were puppies, we trained them to like car rides, so when we can, we take them with us. …and yes, we do have dog seat belts for them too. It’s for their safety, of course. πŸ˜‰

On another note, I was so giddy when I opened my Imaginisce box. It had so much FUN stuff in it. It was seriously like Christmas all over again. Yesterday, I finally had the time to create with all of the new goodies. Here’s a layout I created using some of Scooter’s Vacation:

…and just because I need to clean up my scrap area, I’m giving away some Imaginisce goodies. Yup, you read that right… another giveaway!

Comment to this post with whatever you feel like saying, and I’ll throw your name into the random drawing for the giveaway. I’ll give you until Sunday, January 10th, by 11:59 pm.

Oh, and if you have an extra minute or two, don’t forget to check out my latest post over at the Bind-It-All blog. Perhaps you’ll find some ideas for some of your future projects. πŸ˜‰

…and I didn’t forget — a handful of you requested to see the video of my Dad’s reaction to his surprise 60th birthday. Well, here it is.

See, I told you he was surprised!





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39 responses to “scooter’s vacation…

  1. gloria

    uhhh maui and hilo are speed demons. scooter’s vacation.. i believe that dog is riding on my future 1960s vespa! one day! i swear. love the layout and the video of your dad crying is priceless.

  2. Misty

    Love the line. Your dogs are precious & that video is priceless!

  3. Mo

    they are just too cute! love the layout and now i will check the bind it all post!!! i need some inspo!

  4. kristin

    great video! looks like your dad was really surprised!

  5. LOL! You can hear Sean and I giggling in the background!

    Did you e-mail dad that link to the video? I bet he’ll cry again. πŸ˜›

  6. Janet

    Your doggies are so darling! I would love to win the imaginisce goodies!

  7. gina o.

    How cute are your pups! I have 2 poms and I just love them to death!

    This paper is awesome…..Imaginisce comes up with some really fun designs!


  8. love maui and hilo! πŸ™‚

  9. sookie

    my daughters just love your dogs. they are so cute! Belated happy birthday to your dad! And hats off to you and your mom for pulling off the surprise party!

  10. julie

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that video is sooooooooooooooooooooooo precious!!! *love* and loving that lo and the photos of the babies!!! toooooooooooooooo cute cute cute! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. KimL141

    I feel like sayin’ that your dogs are really cute! And very cooperative when it comes to pictures. Good thing since their Momma likes to scrap!

  12. Mary Smith

    I just love giveaways!

    Mary Smith
    Hilliard, Ohio

  13. Chris

    thank you for sharing the video – such a fun and happy time!!!! definitely a mini album opportunity. And love the travelin’ furbabies. And oh I would love to win some of Imaginisce – sounds like you are having so much creating with it. thanks for the chance to win.

  14. pam of memphis

    Thanks for sharing the video and pics of the pups.

  15. jessica*bree

    okay first your doggies are adorable! I have a super cute dog (don’t all “mommies” think that?) but she HATES car rides. Our first dog to not like the car!

    But I am so with you! This paper is for me… I am gonna have to buy some. Btwn the dogs and the travel (which I do a lot of for work) its just perfect!

    Last, fabulous pages as always. I love how vibrant and playful your pages are!

  16. Okay I need to get on this Scooter’s Vacation stuff! And take more pictures of my parents’ dogs! Super cute and I love what you did with it!

  17. saravan3

    love your blog Sarah and I agree that line is adorable!

    Sara V (SF)

  18. Such a cute line!! And an adorable page too! I’m off to check out the Bind-it-All post πŸ™‚

  19. jackie

    I love this line. I just saw this lo on I fell in love. Your puppies are adorable!!! I love how you did the journaling/title and were able to add in so many pictures.

  20. That new line is too perfect for you & I β™₯ that little camera!

    Cute video… πŸ™‚

  21. what an adorable LO β™₯ love it Sarah!!!
    that line of pp was made for you & ur pups!!!! (from what i can see of it LOL!)
    i cant wait to see what all u do with it!!!

  22. Holly

    Your doggies are SOOOO cute!! :yes:
    Love the layout!!
    Thanks for the give-away!!

  23. Mustangkayla

    They make doggy safety belts? Really? I have never heard of them. lol…Cute layouts! I’m diggin’ that new line too!

  24. Janie Boots

    I just love looking at the pics of your pups makes me miss my Sheba it’s been 9 years since she passed but I still miss her

  25. I’m gonna need some of that paper now, because I love how you used it!

    And you dad is super adorable!

  26. aww your dad looked so happy and he started crying, that is sooo SWEET! πŸ˜€

    im so glad that imaginisce came out with a doggie line, you needed one! lol. your dogs are soo cute, i would spoil them too! lol. my new dog is already a spoiled brat too, i take her almost everywhere i go! πŸ™‚

  27. Aww, those photos! The babies should have there own dog shows…hehehehe

    Love the video! Im glad your dad had an awesome bday!

  28. Kelly English

    Awww, how adorable!!! I totally miss having pups!

  29. Your dogs act like humans. They are so cute!
    love, Isolde

  30. Lisa

    Schnauzers!! Gotta love schnauzers!!!

  31. Lin from NC

    This is the cutest line ever ! Love the stamps and rub-ons and I LOVE your dogs !! They are so cute ! I just wish I could get my German Shepherd in the car WITHOUT throwing up ! He’s huge and do you know how difficult it is to take a ride with a 100 lb dog that’s throwing up ?!?!?
    Thanks for sharing the video with us and the give-away !!

  32. jean

    hi sarah! found you through great blog. your doggies are so cute. πŸ™‚

  33. Kat

    i already told you on, but i love that layout and that paper…too cute. and the pics of maui and hilo are so freakin’ adorable. your pups are so cute and have such personality!

  34. Vel

    Oh, Sarah, your dad is soooo cute! I love the look on his face…he truly was surprised. That’s great!

  35. Thank you for sharing the video :):) I have said this before, but I always enjoy your pics. You take great photos. And your layout…. it’s totally adorable!!

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  37. Audra

    LOVE the butterfly… great idea!! thx for sharing!

  38. Audra

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your sprinkles lo… and love sprinkles too!! great lo! I did a sprinkles lo awhile back… if ya wanna check it out here the link:

  39. Becky

    The butterflies are too cute. Maui and Hilo look like they have the greatest personalities. I signed up to be a follower but it wouldn’t let me click to find your facebook page. I’ll try again later. Beautiful work.

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