still raining…

It’s nonstop downpour here. The sky is dark, and I don’t think I have seen the sun in a couple of days now. …and get this, there was just a tornado warning where I live?! Is that even possible?! I guess so considering an emergency broadcast just played on the TV not to long ago.

On another note, I’ve been slowly packing everything up to head down to CHA. Hopefully, I’ll be finished packing by tomorrow morning! It’s hard trying to pack when Maui and Hilo keep trying to pull my already packed clothes out of my bag.

On top of trying to unpack my luggage, they are trying to keep themselves entertained. They are driving me bonkers by chasing and tackling each other around the house!

Hilo: "We're just playing, Mommy!"

Maui: "I wish it stopped raining already. We want to run outside!"

"Mommy, you're getting in the way of our chasing game!"

I love this picture of Maui. 🙂

After about an hour or so of them being crazy, they finally plopped themselves down on the couch! 🙂 Their current status — SNORING like big bears!

…and I’ll leave everyone with some Kiki Art stuff that I have been working on for the booth:

…and Kiki also released more sneak peeks on the blog. Make sure to check it out!

Who’s excited for CHA?! Are you?! I know I am! Kiki Art will be at booth #3635, which in the middle of the International area and the New Exhibitors section. If I’m not there, then I’ll be with Zutter at booth #1963.

Stay tuned because I plan on updating live from Anaheim!

How’s the tundra?! 😉



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22 responses to “still raining…

  1. Have fun, so wish I would be meeting you this weekend, sigh … I am so silly for not taking the ticket. Heidi and I are kicking ourselves! Have enough fun for all of us that won’t be there!

  2. Hey girlie!! Those Kiki projects ROCK!!!!! You are the best and thanks for letting me know. And tornadoes…..I know all about them….if no basement go to center of your house. Hugs, K

  3. katrina — it passed. phew! but there was hail. 🙂 just opened the box, your projects are GORGEOUS! can’t wait to put them in our booth! 🙂

  4. Hail is never good with a tornado… do know that right???? thank goodness…Maui and Hilo would probably give you warning signs…remember that if it happens again.

    Awww…thanks….glad you like them…HAVE FUN and enjoy yourself and don’t work too hard! I will watch for updates!

  5. Kat

    wow, girl! you rocked your most recent layouts and card…i love very single one of them!

    have fun in anaheim!

  6. I’m SOOOO jealous of you right now!! I’m hoping that I make it to the Fall CHA. Have so much fun! I can’t wait to read your updates 🙂

  7. Maui: “Yes, Mommy. Hilo is, in fact, a boy.”

  8. scott — HAHAHAHAH!!!! well, sometimes he is. haha! 🙂

  9. LOL @ the tornado advice! It’s the bay area…. warnings go up, but no funnels ever come down! Tsunamis are more of a threat than tornadoes!

    I saw some pics of hail from others around the bay (santa cruz, pennisula) and it looked bad. We didn’t get any of that here… just ridiculous winds and a ton of rain this morning. It was sunny around 1:30 this afternoon–that’s when I decided it was finally time to make those copies I had been meaning to do! hahahahahaha

    2 more days of this crap. Yugh. 😦

  10. Awesome layouts and I love love love the card! have a great time at CHA!

  11. Chris

    Have a super time at CHA!!! Your layouts are wonderful as always – love the bright colors in these, and the card is too cute. Have a safe trip and enjoy!

  12. Jing-Jing

    have fun at CHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rain rain go away!!! It’s raining and sleeting here 😦

  13. gloria

    the pictures of maui and hilo are awesome. what freaks! love the LOs too. surprisingly, this 20 degree weather doesn’t feel that cold. maybe i’m just losing my mind.

  14. Hanneke

    Blergh, hate it when it rains ALL the time!! Love that you doggies are so naughty, mine is almost always sleeping snorring and ehhm farting, lol!!!! Not so charming but he is the sweetest!!

    Love the LO’s, love the bright colors, makes me dreaming of spring!!

    Have fun and I am sooooooo jalous!!!!

  15. karin

    Love your layouts!

  16. love that last picture of Maui. Also – your hair looks great in that first layout! really pretty! Have fun at CHA!

  17. We have had FOG for days & rain, too. Let’s just say, I’m in the mood for some SUN, too.

    I’m sure CHA will put a smile on your face though! Have SO MUCH FUN & send photos, please! Wish I could be there with you all! Maybe next time…. 🙂

    Your Kiki projects are too CUTE! I’m especially loving the Mom & Me page… AWESOME photo, too!


  18. MAui and Hilo are so adorable Sarah!!! You works are always fab! I’m so jealous of u to be at CHA… Enjoy girl!!!!


  19. Love your layouts. Im glad everything has pass through. We are getting rain now and we were under a tornado watch as well. So glad it pass. Im used to them since I used to live in tornado alley in Texas. Been through so many to count!

  20. I LOVE your bright, cheery LOs and card! Your dogs are cuties, too!

  21. Have an amazing time!!!

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