by far THE weirdest dream

I woke up in panic this morning. I had this dream that I was back in college?! It hasn’t been that long since I graduated. As a matter of fact, it’s only been about four years. College wasn’t a bad experience or anything; actually, it was an opportunity of a lifetime, which I’m very thankful for. I think the long nights of studying, dreading essays and tests, and listening to boring lectures were the worst part.

Anyway, I seriously had this dream. I’ll add REAL pictures of UC Davis (where I went to college) to prevent boredom.

***drifting off into dreamland***

The Arboretum is actually really pretty. I hate the ducks though.

Sarah rushed down the hallways trying to find Room 3012A. It was her first time in the building, and it was set up like a maze. Doors led to other hallways, and hallways led to other doors. She looked down at her watch, and it was only two minutes until lecture started. She had already missed the first lecture. She couldn’t afford to miss another one for fear that the Professor would drop her from the enrolled list.

The social sciences building -- also known as the "Deathstar".

After searching in the labyrinth of a building, she found a sign that read, “3000 Wing”. She hurriedly walked down the hall to find the Room 3012A.  Upon entering the lecture hall, she noticed how crowded the room was. The only seat open was located right in the very front. Sarah thought to herself, “Yup, I’m really going to get it this time.”

Just looking at this makes me want to fall asleep! 😉

As she walked down the steps towards the front, everyone stared at her late arrival. The Professor, however, did not seem to notice the late entry.

Professor (insert name) announced, “Everyone, please take out your book along with the kit that came along with it. It’s time for lab.”

Sarah looked completely confused. She did not have the chance to pick up the book beforehand, so she looked around at her fellow students. Everyone took out a CRAFTY book.  Attached to the book was a box of beads and scrapbooking supplies.

The Professor noticed that Sarah was not prepared, and she started to scream at her unpreparedness.

Looking at this picture of the campus library is giving me a headache! 😉

“You are being dropped from this course! You missed the first day of class AND you don’t have your textbook!”

Sarah tried to explain her situation, but the Professor would not sympathize. She walked up the steps to exit the lecture hall, and the last thing she heard was, “You will never be creative enough for this class!”

This is called the "Silo". I missed the bus here soooooo many times. 😦

***leaving dreamland***

Can you believe that dream?! I wonder what my head is trying to tell me!? Yikes! I think this dream might top that dream I had about Nikki hosting a BBQ and colorful wigs get together!

Anyway, to offset that dream, I tried to create some layouts to prove my dream wrong. Did I prevail? I don’t really know…

This first layout I created was for my dear friend, Katrina. Not too long ago, we swapped pictures, and I was so honored to make a layout about her adorable dogs. I hope you like it, Katrina. I used the current sketch over at Scrapbook Challenges to create this layout.

I tried to challenge myself in this second layout. I tried to design something I normally would not make. I’m still not exactly sure how I feel about how it turned out; I think I went too pearl happy on this one. The pink papers are from CHA – thank you, Teresa Collins.

On another note, the dogs and I spent some time outside today. We decided to get some fresh air because the forecast predicts more rain. The weather was GORGEOUS today.

"I love this weather because I get to play outside!"

"Barking our love to you from across the country!"

"We're little showoffs, and we know it!"

"Woofity woof. Woofity woof!" - That's Maui's song (Hilo's the backup singer).

We enjoyed our garden on a sunny day!

"My birthday is on Friday?! Do I get presents?!"

The craziest, but sweetest dog, you will ever meet.

I hope you enjoyed those pictures as much as I did. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have another weird dream tonight!

PS: Tonight is Modern Family! Tomorrow’s Thursday! Wahoooo! 🙂



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26 responses to “by far THE weirdest dream

  1. WOW! Now we all know that isnt a true dream! You just posted some crafty layouts there! I love your lo using the sketch from Scrapbook Challenges!

  2. I always have the college dream that I signed up for a course and haven’t gone all semester…if I run, I can make it in time for the final exam, which I’ll have to ace to avoid failing the course! 😛

    LOVE that Corgi LO…my girl is half-Corgi. Your dogs are the cutest! 😀

  3. GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!! UC Davis alum unite! Department of Psychology Class of 2003!

  4. Jing-Jing

    Okay, that was an awesome dream for me, please have more and share like this, I laughed pretty hard. LOVE the pictures of my FAVORITEST DOGS!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 and what gorgeous layouts my dear!!

  5. julie

    lol!!! i have to laugh at the nikki dream….cuz right before cha…dan sent us an email and told us we all had to wear bee costumes he ordered for us!! Lol!! u have some wicked dreams girl!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo’s and the doggy pics! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. haha, that dream is hilarious! It sounds like you dream about scrapping like me except WORSE! lol. From the photos it looks like your college was beautiful! 🙂

    I looove your new layouts! Even the one you don’t know if you like, I love it!! It’s different for you but still fabulous! 🙂

    Adorable pics of your doggies! I’m jealous of your green grass and flowers, I wish we had some green grass right now! lol.

  7. OMG….I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!! Girl you are amazing and I am so scrappy happy that we are friends….I don’t know what I would do without our “nightly” chats! Chatty Cathys!!!!! Hugs!!!

  8. Kat

    you definitely proved your dream wrong…those layouts are really great…i really love them both!!

  9. Hanneke

    While I am writing this Sjors is really trying to get my attention, hahaha biting in my hand and trying to jump on the coutch (he isn’t alowed to do that cause once he is up there nobody else can take a seat,lol)
    Anyway, what a strange dream was that and you remember it so well!!!
    Love your LO’s, they are both so happy and bright!!!

    Congrats on Maui, have a fun day and give him a big hug!!!

  10. Vel

    I’ve had dreams like that too…trying to get through the maze of hallways either at college or high school. Freaky! Love your LOs and your doggies! BTW, the paper on that lo, the bottom one with the teal is by Prima and the polka dot one on top of that is 7 Gypsies. 🙂

  11. Chris

    I used to have recurring nightmares – maybe I will blog it sometime – but lately I dream about painting or scrapping – at least what I remember. Hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight – and you are truly one creative force: I always love your layouts! The problem I have with working with the pearls and swirls is that they don’t show up very well on certain kinds of patterned papers. The puppers are so so cute, and they look so happy to be outside and playing. Love that photo of the succulent. Have a great day!

  12. Jayne

    Hi, Sarah

    Thanks so much for stumbling upon my little blog and the kind comments about my dogs. Zoe is 12 and Brady is 5. Your Schnauzers are so cute! Since I recently bought a Bind-It-All tool, I have been on the hunt for ideas and did see your cool video on the BIA blog. Love your blog!

  13. I’m CONSTANTLY having dreams where I’m back at high school or college and I can’t get my locker open or remember where it is or how to get to my classes or when they are. I actually had a dream like that the other night! So glad to have woken up and realized it wasn’t real! I think you definitely proved your dream wrong with those layouts!

  14. Okay that was a weird dream… don’t ya love’em though??? Love the the lo’s… they are just gor-ge-ous… my little Rainee went crazy over the dog one… then she went banana’s over all the cute doggie pic… she’s a doggie girl… I loved the pearl lo… beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your dream, your lo’s and you fun doggie photos!!! have a lovely day.
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  15. I think subconsciously you’re stressed about getting things completed on time. I’ve had dreams about college, too, & not being prepared. It’s a common dream. Now the recurring dream that I have MOST often probably requires a dream specialist because I do NOT know why I have this particular dream all the time.

    And I LOL’d about your wig dream.

    Adorable LO’s! Loving that LO you made for Katrina! So fun & colorful!


  16. deana — i will be emailin’ ya. check your inbox. 😉

  17. Heather

    Your dream is even weirder than mine last night. DH was laughing so hard at me. It was about midnight and I jumped up out of the bed out of a deep sleep. I thought I heard him yelling for me and it sounded like something was really wrong. He wasn’t. He was still in bed. He asked me what was wrong and I told him. He started giggling. So I hit him before I went back to sleep. LOL

    Your layouts are awesome. You so shouldn’t worry about your creativity. It’s still going strong! LOL

  18. heather — that a girl! just give him a lil smack upside the head! 😉

  19. crazy dream!! when you dream of scrapbooking supplies, you know that you have a problem! ha! jk!! I really like your use of a “dud” picture and the title, “Take 1, Take 2.” You ARE so creative! 🙂

  20. Aren’t dreams so strange?! The only reason the Prof dropped you is that she KNEW you’d make her look bad…ha! Love the pretty layouts!! And the pics of your boys are awesome! THe lighting is perfect 🙂

  21. Aw babe!! Sorry bout the dream… But u do tell it so comedically well!
    Yes u can Jack my writings from my blog. I am glad u liked them!
    Love ur layouts! See u ARE creative enough!! Lol
    love ya! B

  22. gloria

    wth…i thought i left a comment for you this morning… okay maybe i have been working for too long that the days just blend in with each other. bwech. looking forward to warmer weather.

  23. Love your Corgi layout! The other one rocks too… pearls and all!

  24. sam

    I love the 2 scrapbook pages you made! love the colours, and I’m completly in love with the doggie pictures! so cute!

  25. I don’t think you have to worry. 🙂 But wouldn’t that be a fun idea… 🙂

    Also, “moon-landing”. Hahaha! Gotta love the Cam show! 🙂

  26. Teresa

    I am an Aggie too!! Those photos brought back memories, especially The Deathstar!

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