there goes another one.

I dropped by my local scrapbook store, Memories Live On, to drop off one of my layouts for display. While in there, I found out that another local scrapbook store, Scrap Happy, was closing. The scrapbook store near my parents’ place, Green Tangerines, is closing as well. I saw that one coming even before Christmas. It’s just sad to know that scrapbook stores across the country are shutting down.

We, as paper crafters, can totally prevent stores shutting down though! Make sure that if you have a store nearby… show your support by buying your supplies from them. Sometimes the chain retailers can be cheap, but you’ll never get the charm and uniqueness from the smaller store. 🙂

Speaking of your local scrapbook store, mine is hosting Scrap Blue, an event to raise money for the March of Dimes Foundation. I’ll be at this event doing make and takes to introduce Kiki Art to the Northern California area! It’s going to be FABULOUS — helping others and scrapbooking…?! It can’t get any better than that! 🙂 If you are interested on attending, click here.

I also wanted to share a recent layout. Nikki was so kind enough to give me some of her cute corduroy brads at CHA, and they worked perfectly on this layout. Also, do any of you recognize the twine on this layout? It’s from Deana!

Lastly, I wanted to share a mini album that I created for the Kiki Art booth at CHA. I had a lot of fun making this mini album because the colors I got to play with were so bright and fun!

Does anyone have any sketches I can use?! If so, share a link because I’m lacking some inspiration right about now.

Happy Monday to everyone!



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25 responses to “there goes another one.

  1. Chris

    Love your layouts and the cat mini – would you like some photos of Hana???? I totally understand what you are saying about LSS but we have never had a LSS in the town where I live – the closest is at least an hour away so I just can’t justify driving there – on the other hand, I haven’t bought much of anything lately as it is just not in the budget. Hope you have a great week!

  2. oh Sarah I hate seeing scrap stores close too. We only have the 2 left here in my city and they never get the new products. (archivers and the clearance center) Before we left CO, 2 of their local stores closed the doors.

  3. gloria

    love the LO. i’m watching “forgetting sarah marshall” and they by turtle bay…and then i saw la’ie…sigh… don’t you wish we were there right now? possible investment home?! it beats this dreaded tundra. it is supposed to snow tomorrow. woo…NOT! i guess i’ll just continue dreaming of a vacation.

  4. Julie

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo and the mini….were your kids jealous that its about some silly cats??? lol lol lol!!!! And check out noel’s dt blog… on the side bar she has a slide of sketches from jana eubank’s and michelle lanning….inspo i tell ya!!! and if I had store’s here….i would support them… really i would…who knew that in phoenix we’d only have those big chain places….like michaels (gag!) lol…. i do most my shopping at online stores :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. gloria — an investment home there?! i think so! we could always take a vacation there, it’s not that far or that expensive… but quite honestly, i rather do our big planned trip in the fall. oh, and did you know that in aug, we’re invited to go to HI…. ? ummm, we’ll see… lol.

    julie — i know you always want to gag at M’s. LOL. i know that i do! shop online, it’s the thing to do! LOL. 🙂 i know i do, and my bank acct hates it.

  6. chris — send over those pics of hana! i need stuff to scrap! LOL.

  7. It is sad. I just went to a store closing sale up in Scottsdale on Saturday. Now my closest store is 20+ miles away 😦 Love your projects!!

  8. Those are my kitties! ❤ Chrissy, Hoshi, and Lyca!

  9. I wondered who did that mini in the booth!!! so cute! you guys are traveling fools I tell you!!!!! Cute layout too!!! Off to bed..I was up to late chatting last night!!! hugs K

  10. i dont know what i’d do without my LSS… i’d be lost! lol i way love your mini album… those bright colors are super fab!! and the i’m way lovin the brads on your lo too…they’re super cute!! … always love your work… your awesome!!

  11. Very cool pages and mini!!

    PS: The stamp I used on my canvas art if Technique Tuesday, one of the Ali Edwards sets.

    And, for sketches, try Scrapfreak. They are posting a new one everyday in February! There are 8 up already.

  12. Sorry, the one above (Next Step U) is me: Diana. Sorry, I was logged in for work. D’uoh! These WordPress sites keep auto-logging me!!

  13. Love your layout and the mini. They are so adorable!! I don’t have any LSS where I live. I wonder if more and more scrappers are turning to on-line stores. My main supply sources are 2 craft chain stores. They don’t carry new releases though…

  14. I ♥ how you used the Nikki brads (& the twine, too! :-)) Totally adorable LO & such great photos of your dad, too!

    That cats mini is so stinkin’ cute & the tulle is the perfect touch. Love, love, love it!

    Always major inspo on this blog, I tell ya!

  15. Beautiful work Sarah, I loooooove the mini!
    xxx Peggy

  16. Just love everything you create. We just had a store close. It was a great store and was only opened for 2 years. We have another in town but I don’t frequent because there is far too much drama for this girl to handle. There are 3 stores about an hour away….So I get my fix and support the stores. Your mini is too cute for words. Have a great week, Amy

    Hey the layout you said you wanted to scraplift was from a sketch….you could get inspiration from it! It’s on my blog or the Mission To Create blog for mission 0009. Hugs, Amy

  17. You know I love the cat mini! Too cute! Sorry to hear about your LSS closings…which reminds me that I need to go to the two that are close by and check out their papers. Hugs!

  18. we’ve lost all of our lss’s in our area too. Once Hobby Lobby opened, they all closed down 😦 Sad.

    Lovin’ your new work!!!!!

  19. We’ve had several store go under in my area also, it’s such a shame 😦
    Being a local business owner myself I am all for the buy local initiative!
    Love your layout about the surprise party, so cute!
    Adorable mini book too, don’t you just love tulle?

  20. OOOH, I LOOVE that “Crafty Girl” page…the bright colors with the pops of black…AWWWWESOME!!!! We don’t have ANY scrap stores but I TOTALLY understand what you’re saying….I always wonder if we artists could have done something to prevent Scenic Route and Rusty Pickle from closing down…just a waste of wonderfulness!!!!

  21. TOTAL CUTENESS HERE! Im sad to hear about the lss closing. I found out the closest lss is about 2hrs north of me. Sadness :(!

  22. Hanneke

    You are so right, we should shop at our local shops! We don’t have a lot of scrapshops where I live, i have to go out of town for that (to be honest we have to go out of town for almost everything, hahaha) so I do buy a lot on the internet but I love to go to the shop to see the colors and feel the textures!!
    Love the LO of you dad’s supriseparty, those photo’s are so great!!
    Love the mini too, sweet cats and great colors!!!

  23. Yea, we should shop at our local stores! I try too at least… there are not that many over here, but I go to my fave store ,I love the way they personally know you.Always so warm and welcome )So sad many are closing down!
    So loving your layout, that twine is gorgeous!And that mini is awesome Sarah!Have a fun week!

  24. Kat

    i LOVE that layout…too cute, sarah.

  25. Vel

    Love your projects, Sarah. Sorry a LSS went under…we don’t have any here, despite being in a relatively good sized city. It kinda stinks having to order all the good stuff online. ~sigh~

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