my substitute co-pilot and more martha.

Usually, when I’m out for a drive, Maui gets to be the official co-pilot. No, I didn’t make those rules; she did. Just because she’s older and bigger than Hilo, I think Maui likes to be in charge. …and being in the front seat is no exception.

However, yesterday, Hilo was ecstatic on Mommy’s errand run. Here’s why:

Now, this little munchkin thinks he rules the world. Too bad he doesn’t realize that Mommy actually controls his world — food, dog toys, walks, etc.!

On a completely different note, I’ve become impatient waiting for spring. 😦 Looking at snow pictures from everyone, makes me crave the warmth of the sunshine when I’m spending time out in our patio. Speaking of the patio, we plan on redoing the whole darn thing this spring/summer. I can’t wait. πŸ™‚ I have to get ready to start prepping the garden for new flowers and vegetables.

Here's our cute little garden in the spring. I can't wait for all the green to come back! I'm totally looking forward to it.

We’ve actually added some stuff to the patio since that picture was taken. There is now an outdoor shelf for small potted plants, which I’m so fond of. …and we have a BBQ grill now. I don’t think we could have made it through the summer without one. πŸ™‚

…and because it’s been so chilly, I thought I would share some older images from this past spring/summer to make it feel somewhat warm during these cold days:

Hopefully those pictures warmed your day up just a tad.

I’ve got layouts I want to share, so check back soon!

The response to my opinion of Martha was actually pretty interesting. I didn’t realize a lot of you are on the same page as me when it comes to Martha Stewart. Phew! I thought you were all going to come and beat me upside the head for not liking her. To the rest of you, *cough* Katrina, save yourself while you can. Just kidding! By the way, to clarify her punches being “good” – they aren’t MARTHA STEWART, lol. She bought over EK Success. The new packaging should say EK Success on the bottom. Yup, talk about a craft monopoly. I’m just waiting for her to buy over a big paper company. It better not be Dunder Mifflin, hehe. Just sayin’. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I seriously want to see Martha’s scrapbook layouts. Has anyone ever seen a picture of her stuff? Can anyone direct me to her ACTUAL work!? I’d LOVE to see it. I find it amazing that she’s monopolizing the crafting industry, but I hardly see her creativity. Hmm…



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22 responses to “my substitute co-pilot and more martha.

  1. Julie

    hehehehehehehehehehehehehe……i just remember a longgggggggggggggggggggg time ago, (before the “scandal” of prison….lol…) she did an AMEX commercial that showed her tiling an entire pool/patio area with cut up cards….of course WE all know she didn’t REALLY do that… they pay pee-ons to do that for her….but that’s about the ONLY creative thing that i can ever remember from her!! LOL! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos and yay for Hilo getting to be co-pilot! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Jing-Jing

    Seriously, cereal and milk almost came out flying when I got to the part “Katrina, save yourself…” LOOOOOOOOOL

  3. gloria

    thank you for posting the photos of spring. it made me feel better after i had to dig my car out of a foot and a half of snow. FML. although, i would have to say it was amusing that people would actually fool themselves into believing they actually enjoy living here. please! if someone handed these people a chance to move to bora bora, i highly doubt they would say no.

    on another note, we need to find hilo a seat belt for the front seat. perhaps we’ll give him maui’s and maui will get a new one.

  4. I will weep if she ever takes over DM. (Although I guess technically now she’d have to take over Sabre, right?)

    Speaking of TV, I think of you now when I watch Modern Family. I’m glad you’re a fan, too! πŸ™‚

    I’m glad Hilo got to be the copilot! How exciting for the little guy! (Also, kinda jealous of the green, green grass.)

    Have a great day!

  5. Those photos are so pretty!! I actually see the sun here today….FINALLY!! But I can’t really get outside and take any pics because the wind gusts are gonna be so high! I totally agree on the whole Martha Stewart thing…”she” has tons of cute products out there….or EK Success….but seriously I have never seen her do a layout or seen any of the layouts she makes. I’ve never been her biggest fan. Well, have a great day!! Love, Jess

  6. Vel

    OMG Maui and Hilo are too cute…I didn’t realize how small Hilo was when you got him. What a doll baby! And what I wouldn’t give to be rid of this hideous snow! I’m in the deep winter doldrums right now…soooo looking forward to spring.

    And as far as MS…gaah! I honestly don’t think she scrapbooks. I really, really don’t. I think it was just something for her to put her name on after she got out of the slammer. hehehehe

  7. Tzazu

    Hi Sarah!
    I really love your blog and reading of your everyday life makes me happy. Thank you for the warm images… I so much want snow to go away NOW!!! ahhhh
    About the MS thing, you know I am 100% with you.
    See you around!
    your friend tzazu

  8. Chris

    Love your pupper photos and the spring photos – I am very glad we don’t have snow here but it has been a really really cold winter for us and lots of our plants have been singed or killed, but we need to wait until March when we are assured of no more frost to know just how much we have lost. Then I will get in the outdoor mode. I will email you some pix of Hana. I have ambivalent feelings about Martha but I think her stuff is too expensive – I have been tempted by the punches but not succumbed. Right now I am really struggling with my budget so things like that are just not feasible. Love the Julie layout in your last post and all the Kiki things – just love how colorful her papers are! Have a great week!

  9. jean

    I’m not a fan of Martha either. I didn’t know that her punches were by EK Success. I’ll have to read the label next time I see one of “her” punches. Have a great day, Sarah!

    by the way, Hilo is too cute!!!!

  10. he he….you know sarah, i never thought of all that martha business…i never really liked the stuff…cute…but never “gotta have it” ya know? i’m kinda “nyeh” (uninterested) when it comes to her stuff…he he! i’m loving all the spiring photos! hilo….yay hilo…so cute!!!!! thanks for the burst of sunshine! it’s cold here in washington state!

  11. look at how little hilo was!!
    I love the deck – is it bamboo?
    Your flowers make me want to go out and garden – but my garden is still under lots of snow. I am praying that it doesnt totally kill all my pretty plants.

  12. I can’ t wait for spring either. Those first days of sun are so special.

  13. As if I wasn’t wishing for SPRING enough already… thank-you-very-much. I guess I’ll just wait for Spring Break at Disney. πŸ™‚

  14. LOVE those pics… your pups are just too cute!! thankgoodness spring is just around the corner… i miss the sunshine!! anyway… hope you have a great day!!

  15. Hey Sarah!!
    OMG, Maui & Hilo are so cute! And you’re a bay area girl. so am I, or I was. I was born and raised in SF, then I lived in Burlingame! I miss the bay area SOOO bad! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m so happy to have found yours now!!!! I love your work!!!!!xOxO deb

  16. Those furbabies are so cute!! And I love the projects and recipes “Martha” makes, but yeah, we all know she has a team behind her.
    Thanks for saying hi!!! Hope you are enjoying that lovely yard!

  17. screw spring….. bring on summer. i need a vacation already. the last 3 weeks have been nothing but suckage…. and the sharks lost tonight. ugh.

  18. LOL…Your thoughts on Martha crack me up!! Thanks for the warm sunshiny pics. It’s raining in AZ today and I’m cold (but very thankful I no longer live in NE…ha)! And Hilo looks like a very happy little pup today πŸ™‚

  19. Haha. I’d been resisting Martha til these cool new punches as well! So funny. We actually own a Martha parody book. It was made long before she was in jail. My fave part has her hearing a confession like a priest. She also decorates hosts and walks on water. haha

  20. Little Man really was little back then.

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