take that, you $!#&@…

Have you ever started to create a project, and then for some reason you can’t find any inspiration to finish the darn thing!? Make me feel good, and please tell me that every one of you has done this! šŸ˜‰

A couple of weeks ago, Suzy West wanted me to crop with her and some other peeps over at another local scrapbook store, Scrapbook Territory. I agreed, and off we all went in Friday traffic to our little haven — the crop. At this crop, I started a mini album.

What the heck was I thinking?! Did I really think that at a crop I could get something done?!

Since the crop (two weeks ago), I swear that the mini album was calling my name from inside my tote.

Finish me, please. I’m waiting for pictures and embellishments.

It’s been a battle between me and that wretched mini album. However, I decided to conquer it, and I did just that.

En garde! Take that, you mini album!

I’m so happy that I finally had enough inspiration to finish this one. The base of the mini album is the latest from Punky Sprouts. I love that they have canvas and acrylic in their albums; it adds so much texture to your project!

The paper in this mini album is all courtesy of Nikki; she gave me some papers to play with at CHA. I believe it’s the Willow Bee line (Nikki’s DT gals, please correct me if I’m wrong).

On another note, it’s been raining nonstop for the past couple of days. I really don’t mind it, but it drives the dogs crazy! Need proof? Why, of course!

"It wasn't us. We didn't leave our pawprints everywhere!"

"I hate it when it rains, and I get all wet. Woof! It makes my nails look long. Woof! Then, you're going to trim them again! Woof, woof."

"I don't like you flying back in forth for work! Woof, woof! I miss you. Woof!"

See! The rain drives them completely bonkers. If they could, they’d fight the rain the way I procrastinated finishing that mini album! Speaking of mini album… why are all of you people here?! Are you reading my blog because you don’t want to finish that project?!

Uh huh! That’s what I thought. šŸ˜‰

Get back to work.

PS: Again, thank you to everyone for all of your kind words recently. It really puts a smile on my face. šŸ™‚ You all inspire me to create with no regrets.



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34 responses to “take that, you $!#&@…

  1. julie

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm no…U got the name wrong on that line….lol lol lol lol….KIDDING….just messin’ with U my dearest….it is Willow Bee!!! LOL!!! That mini is soooooooooooooooooo stinkin’ CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! And dangit woman….your state just gave my state like three days of rain and NOW U are gonna be sending MORE my way???? what is wrong with U people??? lol …. don’t U know I live in a desert???? LOL!!!! LOVE U! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I LOVE THAT MINI! So cute, even if it did get to you making it:) I feel like that sometimes too…that’s when I just sit it down and do other things…I still have some layouts I put away and forgot about:) Those pics are cute…Noel hates the rain too, and snow…pretty much anything wet! It is raining here today, speaking of…I guess I will try to do something creative…I cleaned yesterday, so I need a balance:) Love, Jess

  3. Love the vibrant colors of the pp. It’s a cute mini. — When I can’t get into a project I leave it and go to something else. Usually organizing my scraproom or going through some photos will give me a lift. — Your babies are photogenic and I love ‘their’ comments.

  4. Chris

    Charming mini – and I have just gotten up in the morning and am reading this while I drink some coffee – until I get totally awake, I am not capable of creating.LOL! have a great day!

  5. I always start off with one idea and end up with a totally different one….ripped apart page and all. change papers, embellies, throw it down come back to it….Hahaha….We have all been there. I love how your mini book turned out. the canvas books are great I have been wanting to make one…..Crazy weather we had beautiful short sleeve and no jacket weather sunday…now it is almost freezing and they are saying it may snow….what is up with that??????

    Hope the dogs get some dry time outside. Have a great week. Hugs,Amy

  6. This mini is ADORABLE!!! I loooooove the papers. Awesome embellishments too. It looks great!
    – April

  7. I love the journaling you did in the mini album. Reminds me of a picture book!

    And yes, I have a major project that I’ve been working on for almost a year! My wedding scrapbook! lol Maybe I’ll have it done by May for our first anniversary? There are just so many pictures to scrap it’s kind of overwhelming.

  8. Love it!!! And, yep, I totally do the same thing! I even start projects in my head before they get onto paper or whatever… long process!!

  9. firsts love the album… it’s adorable… but totally know what you mean… I usually make sure I have at least 3 things ready for a crop.. and only 3, and if I’m lucky I actually get those 3 done… too much talking… too much fun… it’s amazing… what can’t be done at a crop!!! tee hee… but I still love going… and as for you album… I think it goes along with – –

    Live & Learn!!!

    Have a fab day!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  10. gloria

    yay finally, you finished the album. congrats. looks great. i swear i’m getting sicker. it is “flurrying” today. i’m so sleepy.

    the monsters look pist. especially the little guy. fun! haha.

    hope you have a wonderful day.

  11. this happens… but I like your mini, I really do!!

  12. Mo

    oh girl…..OF COURSE I have projects calling my name! I’ve got 2 mini books very neglected….and of course, you’ve put that idea in my mind now that I have to work on them! i love the pictures of the pups! kisses!!!!! love that mini book!!!! all that texture!!!! fun! and thanks in turn for always inspiring me! i’m so thankful to have “met” you! i’m tellin ya, i’m going to cali this year…i just KNOW it!!!


  13. Vel

    OMG that picture of Hilo is hysterical! I’m still laughing. My little one won’t go out in the rain…he’ll step out onto the step (the only one semi-protected) and stand there. I have to put shoes on, grab an umbrella and carry him down to the yard then stand on his chain so he can’t hightail it back up the stairs. Drives me nuts!

    Anywho…I love how your mini turned out. I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve started something and just not liked the direction it was going. I usually sit there and finish it and then just pretend the whole thing never happened. I’m terrible about putting stuff aside for later…I just can’t do it…so either I HAVE to finish or it sits on my table and I get nothing at all done until I do finish it. Hate that.

  14. I totally get like that! lol
    It came out so cute & whimsical.
    Your pups are even adorable when they are all wet and dirty. šŸ™‚

  15. Holy cow, I LOVE that mini!! The album, the papers, everything! You definitely told it who’s boss…ha!

    Trust me, two weeks of procrastinating is NOTHING. I have my Christmas mini (which I started BEFORE Christmas) still half assembled in a box, patiently awaiting final assembly and photos šŸ™‚

  16. You ROCKED the Willow Bee, girlfriend! Wowzers! Totally adorable, but of course!

    And… ahem… you do realize you’re the reason I bought that Zutter, don’t you? LOL! šŸ™‚

  17. Hanneke

    Of course I know what you mean, we all have that!!! Love how that mini turned out it’s do fun and bright!!!!! And poor doggies, hope the weather will be better soon!!!

  18. Well, it was worth the extra effort and aggrevation. The mini is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to vote for my friend’s daughter. You are the best!!!!

  19. nicole wohler

    I am so there with you, I’ll get started on a project then lose steam. I still have an unfinished altered sign that I had plan on giving my mom for Christmas!!! I should get that done! Your mini album is adorable!!! Also the pups are so cute, muddy paw prints and all!!
    All of your work is so inspirational, you have a beautiful family and create fantastic LO’s about them!!!
    Keep up the great work and thanks so much for sharing!!!

  20. Is that title directed to a certain non-scrapper with the initials M.S.? Heehee.

    Your layouts are beautiful. Since I’m going to have a couple of hours of me-time tonight, I might have to play with these sketches myself! Fun fun! šŸ™‚

  21. Jing-Jing

    That mini is totally awesome, you know what? I’ll take it!!! LOL

  22. Ha, you want to feel good, I’ll do you one better and make you feel ecstatic! I’m having the same problem right this minute. Not only did my mojo disappear right in the middle of my project, I’ve decided to give up entirely and start over again!!! How is it that one thing can look so good in your mind, and once you actually start working on it, turns out so completely wrong!!??? Now doesn’t this make you feel all better LOL????
    And you’re so right, I should be working on THAT project in stead of reading your blog LOL, but then again, if I was, I would be missing out on your furbabies comments, which are always able to put a big smile on my face!
    xxx Peggy

  23. O this is such an adorable mini! I was enjoying what I could read…..hehehehe

  24. Hi, Sarah! Really love, love, love your work…wish I do mini albums, too!

    Take care…
    Ate Lil

  25. I love what you did with the Rebel Sprout…….the name speaks for itself!

  26. Sooo glad you finished it Sarah because it is just gorgeous. There is nothing worse than getting half way through a project and thinking… this just isn’t happening for me! Well done for pushing through!

  27. i bet the kids smelled wonderful when you got back from that walk

  28. ooh i way love your mini album… its super cute and fun!! and i’ve got muddy puppy paws here too lol… i hate the rain!!

  29. stinkydudette

    I love the bold colors on that mini! and yes, it’s still happening to me, i have unfinished/incomplete projects cos they needed something else but i can’t put my finger on what it lacks. haha…

  30. Pingback: A Better Way.. « I'm Awake.

  31. I have more than one of those undone projects…some probably forgotten forever, but I’m not gonna fret too much at this point. I love this mini…makes me long for summer. šŸ™‚
    The rain-hating must me a schnauzer thing. Angus is not a fan.

  32. i need to see that mini album…. i’m in at least 3 pictures! that like NEVER happens!

    can you make a LO for me that i could display at work? šŸ™‚

  33. Those are some wet and dirty dogs!! Love the mini book! They are fun to make, but take seem to take soooo long to finish!

  34. Love that mini album, Sarah! Your doggies are SO cute!

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