help… *edited*

((update: Ideas for Scrapbookers‘ post featuring Kiki Art is now up. Click here.))

…make sarah smile. Can you believe that this drawing is actually called make sarah smile?

Visit exploding dog, one of my daily reads.

I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past couple of days. Maybe I’m coming down with something, or maybe my emotions are toying with me. …or it could be because I haven’t been sleeping very well recently. Either way, I need to stay positive; life’s too short to feel like crap.

Someone please make me smile.

Maui tried to make me smile yesterday. She showed me that everyday should be Christmas.

I’m not sure if I ever shared this, so if I did, I apologize. Otherwise, I thought I’d post some Imaginisce inspiration. I created some magnets using the itop and some embellishments from the Sweet Cheri line!

What do you think? Do you want me to create a video tutorial for this flower magnet? If there’s a sufficient amount of people that want to learn how to make it, I’ll create a video. Please let me know by voting in the poll below.

If you haven’t played with an itop, you should give it a try. It’s not just for making brads; you can create pins and magnets as well. The best part about it is the versatility and creativity that comes from one tool!

On another note, Ideas for Scrapbookers‘ post for the day is something you don’t want to miss. Kiki Art kindly donated some products for the contributing artists to play with, and you’ll seriously be blown away by the talent.

Someone please make me smile.



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19 responses to “help… *edited*

  1. aww, im sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather lately!! 😦 I want you to be happy, always!!
    I need to send your layout to ya, cause I made you a little birthday present as well, I hope that will brighten your day a little! Sorry, I gave away the surprise, haha.
    I love the magnets and would love the see a tutorial! I saw that itop at an lss and it looks really cool! I wouldn’t mind having one of those!
    I hope you start to feel better soooon!

  2. Chris

    I would tell you a joke but I can never remember the punch lines. Hope you feel better soon – Maui is so cute; is that Santa a chew toy? The magnets are very cute – I don’t have that tool but I am always interested in learning something new. Hope your week gets better (and I will borrow some of Julie’s smileys):-):-):-):-)

  3. julie

    i love u 🙂
    did that make u smile?????
    if not….maybe this???
    Or maybe telling U again that NUMBER 8 is not this #8 🙂
    or maybe telling U that I love U! 🙂
    or maybe telling U that I plan on coming to visit U next year 🙂
    that’s if U want me too 🙂
    I need more pics of SF 🙂
    I love it there 🙂
    and I love U 🙂
    love the magnets 🙂
    love the doggies 🙂
    love u 🙂

  4. gloria

    Good morning. I love that exploding dog comic. It made me smile too. Only 8 days to go. I hope you have a better day today. Yay itop magnets. Haha.

  5. gloria

    waianai! i got a joke for you that i heard this morning from IZ.

    there was a duck that went before the judge. the judge said, “what your name brotha?” the duck said,”quack.” the judge said, “so why you were here for?” the duck replied, “because i was blowing bubbles in the pond.” so the judge gave quack 30 days in jail.

    then a second duck came before the judge. the judge said, “what your name brotha?” the duck said, ” quack quack.” the judge said, “so why you here for?” the duck replied, “because i was blowing bubbles in the pond.” so the judge gave quack quack 30 days in jail.

    then a third duck came before the judge. the judge said, “oh let me guess, is your name quack quack quack?” and the duck replied, “no. my name is bubbles.”

    HAHAHHA. apparently this was a joke heard at the shell on our other home that IZ heard.

  6. Brittney Aldous

    Okay, here’s a silly little joke for you:

    What do you get when you cross a brown chicken and a brown cow?


    brown chicken brown cow (sang in cheesy porno tune).

  7. Amy

    I don’t know how to make you smile, but when my I was said, my friend sent me this youtube video, which completely made me smile. It has British kids who laugh–two things that hopefully make you smile. You’ve probably seen it, but watch it again.

    And this beautiful video of two men and their lion…another great one.

    This video is of my buddy singing “Hey Jude” in the airport (he sent me the first video.)

    I’m praying that you feel better. 🙂

  8. 8507 Queens Blvd. 😀

  9. Mustangkayla

    What fun flower magnets!

  10. Hanneke

    Seems like everybody wants you to do a tutorial!!! Have to get myself an itop cause I love it!!!
    Hope you feel better soon, cause I can’t imagine a sad Sarah!! Maybe you feel better if I told I will send you something nice for you b-day!!!!!?????;)

  11. Mo

    hope you feel better soon! maui is so cute with that lil santa! i soooo would love to see a video on that!!!!! hugs to you my sweet 🙂 smile my sarah….smile!

  12. Ok, feel better soon! And get some sleep!

    Cute magnets! Another Sarah video would be great!


  13. I think you’re fantastic.
    Martha’s happy you bought “her” punches.
    You’re an awesome furbaby-mama.
    Your blog is among my favorites.
    You inspire me pretty much every day.
    I want to visit you and scrapbook with you someday.

    If that doesn’t work, there’s this classic Quizno’s commercial:

    Don’t hate me for that last one, okay? Okay. 🙂

  14. Aw, poor Sarah 😦

    I hope since it it late in the day that someone has managed to place a smile on your face!! I hope you feel better 🙂

  15. hope things get better soon! Hang in there chick-a-dee. You are one creative and a kind hearted kind of gal and I am sure that many realize that! So hold tight and just ride it out..this funk too shall pass ;0)

  16. Hey chicka! {{{hugs to ya}}} — but on such a happy note you are quite the misting pro!! LOVE that layout and mini!! I need to bust my mists out more but just get so lazy! LOL Your work is always so inspiring and beautiful! And love your puppies! they are just soooooo adorable!

  17. I hope you’re getting some sleep and you’re smiling again… and that you’re not at all sick….

    love the magnets… and yes I voted and yest I know you posted a tutorial…. can’t wait to read it…

    Thanks for the inspirations even when you’re not feeling like your happy self!!! Get some sleep… have a wonderful Sunday!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

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