birthday week: day #4 wacky green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those that celebrate! In honor of today, I thought I’d share a few GREEN things that I found around the house (minus the green scrapbooking supplies, of course). That way, I won’t get pinched. 😉

Green overload? 😉

If you haven’t had enough for your green fill today, head on over to the Jillibean Soup blog. One of my layouts is being featured over there. Feel free to leave me some love over there. 🙂

I thought I’d do another Wacky Wednesday post. Don’t know how to play?! Click here for details and how to play. $25 worth of scrapbooking supplies is up for grabs! I’ll give everyone until Saturday, March 20th by 11:59 pm to play. You never know… you could be a LUCKY winner, so have fun and get creative!

I’ll start.

She gasped when she saw…



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43 responses to “birthday week: day #4 wacky green

  1. paula

    Big foot coming toward her. She turned to her friend and said,

  2. “It’s Big Foot! RUUUUUUUUUUN!”

    They started to run, however,

  3. Sarah’s shoe was untied and she tripped and fell into the…

  4. gloria

    Big foot made her flight cancelled and rerouted to Lax then home.

  5. …Leprechaun hole. She fell until she the bottom. Her friend screamed, “…

  6. Chris

    “wait for me – I’m coming in after you.” She leaped into the hole and ……….

  7. began to panic when she couldn’t see a thing! Then….

  8. nicole

    Sara Smiled and it filled the hole with light, they looked around and saw…

  9. Heather

    Scrapbooking supplies! So they…

  10. … bedazzled Gloria’s pants again while she wasn’t looking. But then…

  11. they heard a loud clatter not to fear from where they were sounding. They wondered what it could be. Perhaps it was…

  12. Hilo snoring.

    Yaya ran to get some earplugs, but when she opened the drawer, there a million little….

  13. how cute is your fur baby in that green jumper.

  14. …cockroach. Oh, how Sarah hated cockroaches. She screamed to Gloria for help, but Gloria was already running back to….

  15. Sarah,
    Have a great birthday!! Have fun, fun, fun – it’s your day!

  16. Beautiful photos! Congrats on being featured at Jillibean…very cool!

  17. …change out of those bedazzled pants into some normal pants. But on her way to do this, she was distracted by…

  18. all of the bedazzled jeans that hung on the cave’s wall. It was so bright that it…

  19. julie

    blinded BIG FOOT who had come back for them….and this time he brought MARTHA STEWART….OMYGOSH Sarah thought…..what the heck is she doing here????

    “HA!” Martha said…”U thought U got me last time with burying all my little treasures…but this time…..”

  20. I’m back and better than ever!” On top of her taking over EK Success, Martha took over…

  21. kat

    all the McDonalds stores in the U.S…not only had she gained a few pounds, but

  22. julie

    she has learned how to make it sooooooooooooooooo mcdonalds can do some ‘inside trading’ *wink wink*…..after ek success found that out….they fired her sooooooooooooooooooooo quick that it even made big foot’s head spin…then ek success approached sarah and OFFERED her Martha’s job…and sarah said….

  23. “Do I get to make my very own punches?!” They said, “…

  24. “yes… as long as you work with Big Foot on the punches.” But Sarah was afraid of Big Foot so she…

  25. refused the position they were offering her. She walked away, but…

  26. before leaving, she decided Big Foot’s cave needed some much decorating so she grabbed her…..

  27. kat

    scissors and ribbons and made some window curtains out of an assortment of trims. she also decorated his lampshades with…

  28. julie

    scissors and starting free cutting triangles to make banners to go all around the cave….but that just wasn’t cutting it….she needed to use her ‘martha’ punches….as much as she resisted the urge…she just couldn’t …. so she grabbed the punches and…………..

  29. julie

    *oopsie* kat and i posted at the same time…lol…*carry on* 🙂

    • fong33

      tried to punch designs into the bedazzled jeans hanging around the cave walls….but there was a problem…..

  30. … every time she tried to bedazzle the jeans, the gems would pop off. So she…

  31. Vel

    threw the gems out the door and used Lucky Charms instead. But just as she reached for the Lucky Charms

  32. Pamk

    A leprachaun popped and no no you cant use my lucky charms. You need to use

  33. kat

    …me mum’s secret sticker stash. you can find this stash in…

  34. Kathy K

    the fish bowl on top of the tv.
    My favorite sticker is…

  35. …the one of Martha’s face.”
    “She’s taken over Jolee’s, too?!?!” Sarah exclaimed. “What’s next?” she wondered aloud…

  36. Pamk

    OOps looks like Martha’s been dethroned. Oprah has declared she’s

  37. julie

    …the new queen of EK success and really wants Sarah to come work for her and she Martha a thing or two (oprah is stilled pissed at martha for the whole not sharing those “insider tips” with her….lol lol lol!) …..”please please sarah,” oprah says….”i sooooooooooo need U too….”

  38. Pamk

    to help me disign a whole line of new diecuts. I am especially looking forward to ones that …

  39. Kathy K

    have yellow and purple polka dots.
    Yellow and purple polka dots…

  40. paula

    are my favorite! soooooooooooooo about my very own punches…

  41. can you help me?!”

    Sarah denied the request because she was too busy creating her own line of products.

    Turns out that Big Foot was in charge of production. The Leprechaun worked her advertising/marketing department. …and Gloria worked as a designer for new ways to get her jeans all nice and pretty.

    They pretty much ended up ruling the craft industry. 🙂

    The end.

  42. Sarah,
    26!! Wow, you are just a youngster! 🙂
    Hope your day was great, just like you!!

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