“we’d be so fantastical.”

I didn’t think that I could ever top my 2009, but 2010 has been so kind to me. It’s like all of my dreams and fantasies are coming true. Plans are still in the works, so I have to keep hush hush until then. However, I can’t wait to share some of the exciting endeavors in my future. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be able to share. 😉

I do have some scrappy stuff to share today, though.

Punky Sprouts is a new manufacturer that debuted this past winter CHA. They sell various albums that are filled with chipboard, canvas, and acrylic. Suzy, their lead designer, is teaching a couple of classes at one of The Great American Scrapbook Conventions. The owners of Punky Sprouts (Shelly and Doralisa), thought it would be fun if I came along to help Suzy teach her classes. Texas, here I come!

If you are in the Texas area, take Suzy‘s class because I’ll be there helping her teach! I’d LOVE to meet up with some of you!

Punky Sprouts has teamed up with Pink Paislee and Tattered Angels for this mini album class:

It’s the latest Queen Bee line from Pink Paislee, and you don’t want to miss this class! I saw her working on this one, and it’s GORGEOUS in person!

The other Punky Spouts class that Suzy is teaching is sponsored by Crate Paper and Tattered Angels. Fun stuff, don’t you think?!

Isn’t that cute?! I love the colors to this one. This class is going to be so much fun!

On another note, if you haven’t heard, this week Imaginisce swapped products with Tombow. Tombow was beyond generous, and they sent the Imaginisce design team loads of products to use! 🙂

I played with their Metal Liquid Glue!

I, of course, opted to use some of the Live Loud collection from Imaginisce. The metal liquid glue is NO JOKE! Have you ever tried to get your paper to stay put?! Well, my paper is completely stuck to the tin box.

Wouldn’t this project make for a cute way to give away a gift card?! …or if you are willing to dish out the money, how about a new iPod inside the tin?! 😉

Combining Imaginisce and Tombow equals ENDLESS possibilities! For more projects, make sure to hit up both manufacturer blogs. There is a ton of inspiration being shared!

I’ll be updating with more of the latest I have been working on, but in the meantime, here are some sneaks:

Oh, and I almost forget! I have a winner to the last Wacky Wednesday! 🙂 Seriously, you guys are super crazy creative when it comes to making up stories about scrapbooking and Martha! LOL. It is thoroughly entertaining to read what you all conjugate into a story. …and the winner is:

Yay! Your name was finally randomly picked. Look for some goodies in the mail, Miss Julie!

I’ll catch you all later!



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26 responses to ““we’d be so fantastical.”

  1. Wait…. Texas!? As in that backwards, “let’s make history even more conservative and skewed,” state?! You’re going there?!

    You’re never online to tell me these things these days! 😀

  2. Hey, I’m in Texas! And I go to GASC every year. We gotta get together, girlie!

  3. love that things are going well for you my girl!!!

  4. Chris

    So so happy that you are having a super year – congrats on the Punky sprouts! (what a cute book!) and how cool to get the tombow adhesives – good adhesives are so expensive and you can never have too many. Most of the time I end up being a glue stick girl. Sad but true! LOL!!!!! Love your little sneaks and hope to see more soon. Have a great week!

  5. deb

    Hey My Bay Area BFF,
    omigosh, I will have to try to go to The Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington to meet you!!! That would be fab!!!!!! Congrats to you! How exciting!!!!! The book is gorgeous! Punky Spouts, I’ll have to check them out!!! xOxO

  6. robyn — can’t wait to meet up! it’s gonna be great. do you know if imaginisce is gonna be there?

    chris — gluesticks work just as well! 🙂 i have a drawer filled with them. i stock up during back to school season. 😉 LOL. …so there’s nothing wrong with gluesticks!

  7. Great mini albums… how exciting to get to help with the class and go to Texas!! That tin is cute cute cute… And I love what I’m seeing on those sneak peeks… can’t wait to check out the whole thing!! Congrats to Julie… that story was a lot of fun!!! 🙂

  8. When is this convention? PLEASE TELL ME ITS IN JULY? Thats when I’ll be home!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME ITS IN JULY!

  9. gloria

    fabulous projects. cant wait to see them. nice post. how are the fury monsters?!

  10. lydia — just emailed you.

    gloria — they are staring at the cereal i am eating right now. lol.

  11. How fun! They need swing by and teach in AZ too!! Such a cute book with lots of fun goodies in it. I love the little robot tin you made! I’m glad 2010 is already treating you well! I’m still waiting/working on my magic!! 🙂

  12. Fabulous projects Sarah, love them all !!!


  13. The end of the year… sheesh, you’re certainly making us wait a LONG time. So happy for you though… whatever it is! 😉

    Loving the minis! Getting ready to make one myself…. & will be using my trusty little Zutter, of course!

    Sneaks look awesome!

  14. @Ya’z and G.

    I miss my fur niece and fur nephew. The fuzzies here say hello (except for Chrissy… she’s mad that I wouldn’t let her on my desk last night).

  15. Super cute projects. Have a great time in Texas. Love your little tin.

  16. Such cute projects!! Have fun in Texas:) I can’t wait to hear all your big plans! Sounds exciting! Have a wonderful rest of the week. Love, Jess

  17. Can you send me the info…. I checked out your link and I am pretty close plus I have a friend that lives there. I am so up for a road trip. The books look fabulous and I wanna take my picture with Sarah…..and give you big hugs. Have a great day, Amy

    P.S. How can you keep secrets from us…. must be hard. Can’t wait to hear!

  18. Lisa D (pdrnc)

    Those mini books are adorable. And that tombow metal glue sounds amazing.

  19. SO happy that things are coming together for you!! Love the sneaks and those mini’s are so cute. Wish I could come to Texas too. Hope your having a great week. (((HUGS)))

  20. Hey there lovie!!! So excited you get to come with us! We are going to have fun!!!!

  21. jacque

    TEXAS!!! That is just fantastic!!! I just know you are going to have an awesome time!!!! These little mini-books so ROCK!!! Can’t wait to see the reveal of the rest of the layouts – I am already luvin’ the colors!

  22. so pretty much every creation you have posted makes me want to squeeeeeeeeeel with glee!!!! Even feeling a little motivated to scrap – maybe!!! 🙂

  23. kat

    oh wow! your sneaks look like so much fun….i cant wait to see them!!

  24. can’t wait to hear your exciting news!!!

  25. love love love it… your stuff always amazes me… can can’t even wait to hear what your news is…. whatever it is I’m happy for you… {{hugs}} Michelle

  26. I love your little books! Cute, cute, cute! And I really want to try that adhesive…sounds fantastic! And contrats Julie!

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