blog hoppin’ zutter style!

Note:  My blog format is set up for comments to be at the top of the post, so some of you are leaving comments for the blog hop on the previous post. Make sure you are leaving love on THIS post. I will remind you again at the bottom.

Are you here for the Zutter blog hop?! … If so, welcome to my blog! It’s good to have Zutter fans stop by! Feel free to browse around for inspiration if you would like.

Hoppity hop hop go the Zutter Zisters! Zutter is hosting a fun blog hop with a handful of giveaways! …and because I am a Zutter Zister, I wanted to pass on some inspiration to get you in the Zutter mood.

I’m a big fan of Zutter’s white owires! Hmmm, what gave that one away?! 😉 If you’re not a fan of white owires like me, did you know that they come in a handful of different colors?! Some of these colors are black, baby blue, pink, antique silver, and antique brass. On top of the various colors, there are different owire sizes for all of your binding needs! Check out the wire product page to get all the details.

I’m also a fan of Zutter’s Round-it-All. I use it for every corner that I want rounded. …and did you know it comes in two sizes — 1/2″ and 1/4″? It works on just about everything I have tried it on. It punches through stacks of papers, chipboard, cardboard, clipboard, metal, acrylic, etc. You name it, and I’m sure it’ll punch right through it.

I’m also a fan of Zutter’s cover-alls and inner pages! The cover-alls come in an array of sizes and colors, too. Below, one of my inner pages worked as a mat for my photo. Pretty clever, don’t you think?! Oh, and there’s a great shot of how the round-it-all rounded my corners!

Did you know that you can use the Dreamkuts to create your own inner pages?! You have the option to cut whatever paper you want. On top of that, you have the option to switch up the cuts to different sizes. For me, the Dreamkuts works magic when I teach classes or host make and takes! It seriously saves me so much time. Here’s a video of it in action:

So, what do you think?! Do you feel inspired to bust out your Zutter products?! If so, then I have accomplished my goal for this blog hop!

Remember to leave a comment telling me you love Zutter, and you will be eligible to win a package of antique brass hang-it-alls, a package of antique silver hang-it-alls, and a Rivet Hammer/Setter Set. You have until the evening of March 29th, Monday, to leave a comment!

Make sure to visit my fellow Zutter Zisters because their blogs are loaded with inspiration today. All of us are giving away prizes, so there will be a winner on every blog! In case you get lost along the way, here’s a list of the Zutter Zisters:

Sarah de Guzman <—- You are here. 🙂
Note: Remember to click on comments at the top of this post. It should be after the tags on the Blog Hoppin’ Zutter Style! title. 🙂


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142 responses to “blog hoppin’ zutter style!

  1. I love those projects Sarah and I love the zutter products…I wish I had more! As far as your comment on my blog…with my eyelashes…the thing is I have extremely long eyelashes(people used to ask me all the time if they were fake!!!) But I started using Cover Girl lash blast as my mascara and it makes them look darker and even a little longer:) I love it:) Love, jess

  2. jacque

    Great project! I just love it!

  3. Chris

    I love Zutter and I love your creations – so cute and creative!

  4. julie

    i love u…and i love this!!! and hehehehehehehehe “a good hobby is cheaper than therapy” lol lol lol….don’t know if my checkbook would agree with that…lol…i probably could find a therapist for a lot less…lol…of course…then i’d probably go crazy on him/her as they tried to make me do all that mushy talking…lol…YES…I know…Julie would have nooooooooooooooooo issues with the talking part…lol lol lol :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. julie — you crack me up! haha. and mushy talking can be good for the soul! hahaha. 😉

  6. Donna E.

    fabulous project, sarah!

    i would love to have a zutter, one in my to have list 😉
    thanks for the chance!

  7. Love your projects, especially the quotes!

  8. Heather

    I don’t think scrapbooking is cheaper than therapy anymore! LOL I used to until I really got to accumulating supplies. Hehe I still tell DH that though because what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him! =0P Really fun post Sarah!

  9. Fantastic post Sarah! Love your project! Those zutter products are awesome!

  10. Mustangkayla

    You always have such fun projects on your blog!

  11. Amen, sista… scrapbooking is my therapy for sure!

    CUTE mini… loving that Material Girl! I bought the black wire, but that’s b/c they didn’t have white! May have to find some of that! :-0

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  12. gloria

    I will comment more thoroughly later. We need to go to sprint sometime today. You are in need of a new phone because yours is kicking the bucket.I say blackberry or the new samsung.

  13. Realy good projekt.. *me like*.

    Have a nice day.
    Hugs from Sweden

  14. gloria

    yay. fun fun fun. it is friday! ahhhh! fabulous. it is sunny. yay! anyway, i love your latest creations. gives a great summer feel.

  15. Love , Love, Love Zutter products and love your projects made with Zutter products. I do so hope that I win your giveaway.

  16. I love the white Owires too 🙂 what a cute project!

  17. super cute project… love the zutter products!!

  18. Lovely projects, really hope I win, love Zutter.

  19. nan

    i think i still need therapy ;p

  20. I have done my first project today with my new Bind It All and I love it. I look forward too do many more.
    Hugs from Sweden

  21. Love what you did with the album..and I totally agree it is better than therapy….Have a fabulous day 🙂

    XoXo Niki_RAy

  22. Monika Wright

    I adore your album and can’t wait to come back and look at ALL your blog posts. Bookmarked? Check!

  23. You asked if we felt inspired….yessireee… these blogs are really inspiring! Thanks for doing this.

  24. Lovely colors! So fresh and vibrant!

  25. Cute projects Sarah!!!! Fun and sweet….just like you!!! 🙂

  26. Karen

    Great little project! Love your work, I’m having so much fun hopping from blog to blog and getting some inspiration!

  27. OK…so I realized I commented on the wrong post….hehehehe…I think Linda did tooo!!! Great Project!!

  28. crafty therapy yep im down with that. beautiful mini book awesome little project….hugs Anita…

  29. Annette Goodey

    Thanks for all the helpful info. Love your projects. This blog hop is giving me some great ideas.

  30. Erin

    love this blog hop! Gals are so talented!

    You have 2 really cute pups by the way

  31. Thank you Sarah for letting me know about the mistake. This is a great project I am lovin everything about it. Didn’t know about the pink and blue wires.

  32. Thank you Sarah for emailing me
    and what nice things you do.

  33. Kathy K

    great mini album Sarah!!! I love Zutter….thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  34. scrapbooking keeps me sane, well as sane as I can be : )

  35. Connie H.

    Love your stuff.

  36. What a great idea on using the DreamKuts to make pages. Love your work.


  37. Joan

    Lovin this quote book – Fab work!

  38. I have the BIA and dream kuts and I love them both. Your little books are so cute!!!

  39. I love your project!! I’m a fan of the white wires and I soooo LOVE my corner rounder. It’s the best corner rounder EVER!! 🙂

  40. Super cute Projects! Thanks for sharing. The Dreamkuts look so fab. I want a Zutter cutter omg crafty crush on that tool.

  41. anni

    Just starting to learn to play with my Zutter. Loving this blog hop for all the ideas. Your hobby book is so cute!

  42. Sandra

    That is a cute album idea!

  43. kwittlock

    great projects, thanks for all the ideas…

  44. forrestwife

    thanks for sharing Zister

  45. Such a great album!! I have one of the Dreamkuts and I love it!

  46. Tiffany

    I love my bind it all! I would love to get the round it alls too but I have to wait on those for a bit. The hang it alls look really fun too! 🙂

  47. Debra

    What a delightful project! I love your work and look forward to visiting regularly!

  48. Patsy

    Liked your project and your blog.

  49. Trish

    I have a new love for Zutter. I have recently found the products and am becoming a huge fan! Thanks for the inspiration

  50. Kim Osmanski

    I love my little pink Zutter and I’m taking Nan’s class right now! What a great inspiration you are, love your album too!

  51. Debbie

    Great project & thanks for sharing the Dreamkuts video!

  52. Sandra Frutchey

    Love your album and quote on the front..that is what I tell my husband all the time 🙂

  53. I am so loving this! Great projects! I am seriously getting my bind-it-all in May…come on end of year bonus, hurry up and get here!!! 🙂

  54. Pam

    Love your quote, and the mini is darling!!!

  55. Tona

    Love your project!

  56. whatspeaks2myheart

    TFS Sarah! Such beautiful projects and love how you highlighted the products! That quote is so perfect. Paula Akers

  57. F. Gee

    What a fantastic book – I love the colors you picked (and the sentiments too!) Thank you for sharing with me!

  58. colortypes

    Great work Sarah!

  59. TAnn

    I love your minibook and thanks for sharing how you use all the Zutter products, one day I too will have them all teehee

  60. Great project. Thank you for sharing

  61. Shannors

    Beautiful book. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  62. I do love my BIA and don’t use it as much as I should….I’ve got to change that.

  63. LOL, yes it’s true that a good hobby is cheaper than therapy. I love my hobby, my BIA and… my Dreamkuts which I bought a couple of weeks ago! How did I ever manage without that one before? 😉

  64. I love your style and the bind it all is my all time favourite crafting tool. I love the results – mini books are soooo cool

  65. What a beautiful project.

  66. what a cute project.!!!

  67. stephanie

    Love it and it is wonderful therapy!!!

  68. Love your project! Thanks for the inspiration!

  69. Anne Marie B

    So agree Sarah on the title of your project! Love it!

  70. Beth S

    Love the project. Really cute and for me scrapbooking is definitely not cheaper than therapy. I’m a supply and tool addict. I have way to much paper and cardstock but always love more. For some reason no matter how much you have you still can’t always find that right piece and it’s stareing at you online in a store.

  71. barbara b

    I’ too’ am in love with white o-wire!

  72. Karen M

    Such a cute book! The white o-wires really stand out.

  73. beulahmom

    I love my Bind-It-All, Dreamkuts and corner rounders! Love everything I can do with them. Thank you for the opportunity to win the Hang-It-Alls and Rivet Hammer & Setter Set!

  74. Love this album – totally agree with your sentiment and YAY – can’t go wrong with CC!
    Thanks for sharing.

  75. I love your project, I am new to the Zutter world but I can see by your post and all the Zisters posts that this is something I would love to have. I’m having fun collecting ideas and reasons to make the investment 😉

  76. Sharon Andrews

    I LOVE your album & its TRUE! scrapping & crafts are better than but really are THE therapy that you need. Love the fact that we have a chance to win the giveaways of the hang it alls & the hammer as ive been wanting these & ive not got them yet. All the design team girls are so creative & I LOVE your work

  77. Gina

    Am loveing all the project. I’m getting so many new ideas. Thank you.

  78. Amy

    I do enjoy all of the colors of O Wires, and I want a Round it All. I am just not sure which size to get. Thanks for the cute inspiration.

  79. Eileen C

    Lots of great ideas for using the brilliant Zutter products. I’m about to use the BIA and corner chomper to make a little notebook, but now it’ll be a bit more inspired!

  80. Janie Boots

    Gorgeous work as always Sarah..

    janie Boots

  81. Charlene Walberg

    I love this little project!

  82. Roberta

    I love my Zutter BIA and the ability to bind everything. I think the Dreamkuts may be in my future.

  83. crobinson4

    What a great project! Love it!

  84. Leslie

    Great project!!! Very cute idea.

  85. What neat ideas and oh so colourful and full of awesome textures !! Thank you !!

  86. susan

    Great title for your mini and it’s so true.

  87. Weasel

    Lovely project – giving me some great ideas now – thanks for sharing!

  88. Cool projektet.
    Hugs lene from Sweden

  89. ooooo love your style 😀
    Thanks for sharing,
    Julie xx

  90. Stacey

    Wow you are so talented! Absolutely love your mini! TFS!

  91. CindyJ

    I’m so inspired after all these visits on the blog hop! As an Expressive Arts Therapist, I LOVE your quote about a good hobby being better than therapy! I do a lot of journal creating with my clients at work and my BIA gets a lot of use…and the engaging in the creative process IS the healing!!!! I’m hoping it’s okay that I use both of your quotes??? And thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  92. MaryC

    Cute project! Thanks for the tips!

  93. “A good hobby is cheaper than therapy.”

    Look at my video game collection and then tell that to my wallet! 😀

  94. Brittney A

    Another stunning book – as always!

  95. Lynda

    I heard a husband telling another man at a stamp convention how much money his wife saves by making her own cards. Has she got him fooled. Love my bind-it-all. You have inspired me to pull it out and play.

  96. Love your mini! great photo of you there as well! all the colours are just pretty and happy!
    TFS x

  97. You are probably going to laugh at me but till I came across this blog hop I had never heard of Zutter but have to say Im loving all the projects im seeing on this blog hop and definantly thinking a bind it all machine has to be added to my wishlist 🙂

    from tracey x

  98. Haydee

    Very COOL! I love your stuff!

  99. Helena

    Really like the saying on the front of the album 😀

  100. I am glad to hear Zutter’s corner rounders work so well….I’ve been looking at them for a while, but just couldn’t decide if they were as good as they seemed — thanks for the feedback on them! Also, the Dreamkuts is on my wishlist, as is the new Zutter Kutter. Can you tell, I’m a HUGE Zutter fan… my BIA a couple years ago for Christmas, and now it seems everything I see I think, “I bet I could make a journal with that!” What fun! And I’m LOVING this blog hop!!!
    Milly /

  101. Gorgeous project! Thank you for a chance to win.

  102. Dolores Raml

    Love your mini books. This blog hop has been really fun, so many neat projects.

  103. Rosa Youschak

    Hi! I’m on my first blog hop and this is truly a fun experience. I love the bright colors you use! Thanks for the ideas! Have a great weekend!

  104. super cute stuff! and super cute blog!

  105. Love the little book and the white wire really makes it pop!

  106. I really like your mini album and its theme. I may have to scraplift that idea. And I LOVE LOVE my Zutter products. If course the BIA, but I am so happy I finally bought the Dreamkuts. I use it all the time now.

  107. What a cute book & tutorial. TFS!!

  108. Kim

    I love your project, it’s so cute… thanks for sharing…

  109. Techie

    I love Zutter and I love your LOs, so inspiring! 🙂

  110. love the mini book… and I love my dreamkuts… love it!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  111. Yvonne Margaret Russell

    i love zutter products i would be lost with out my bind it all love your book

  112. I loooooooove your book:) Super-cute!

  113. Awesome projects, thanks for sharing. Love Zutter……

  114. Shelly Berg

    I love your mini book and glad you mentioned the corner rounder – i have it but always forget to use it!!! Love Zutter!

  115. Cindy Berenter

    You really our true-blue (or should I say “true-white” given your love of white O-wires-ha!) Zutter girl, given all that you’ve contributed to the rest of us in Zutter-fan world! I love your work and I, too am a fan of the white O-wires. They go with everything, are clean and pretty.

    I love that you share your passion for crafting in this particular mini-album and also your passion for Zutter! Thank you for the great ideas and for sharing your work!

  116. Kathy Serrahn

    neat project

  117. Michele

    Wow, love your stuff, love the”therapy” saying. You do creative and fun things, love the colors! Awesome.


  118. silvia haynes

    I LOVE Zutter and your mini book

  119. Hanneke

    Wow, love all your Zutter art, so cool and inspirational (hey wat’s new)!!!!

  120. Donna

    I really like your book Sarah, the bobbins are great with the fiber on them. Wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  121. I love Zutter! Thanks for sharing your beautiful project and a chance to win! I love that Cosmo paper with your project!

  122. jeannine brenner

    Love your project!

  123. Nice album. I have not had alot of time to play with my bind it all. This hop gives me inspiration to do so. Thanks for the ideas.

  124. ooh love love love
    it. this is one of the CutEst
    mini’s i have ever seen!

  125. Cyndi

    YES, I’m here for the Zutter Blog Hop! I love Zutter! Off to the next Zutter Zister, hippity hop hop…

  126. Colleen

    Wow! I love everything on this blog hop. I recently purchased a Zutter but haven’t done a thing with it. I am inspired by this hop and maybe will have to get myself going. Thanks for a chance to win too.

  127. Great album! Love the quote! Thanks for sharing!

  128. I love Zutter stuff! I haven’t tried the white wire yet, will have to try it now!

  129. Karen Knegten

    What a great job on this project- it really is fabulous!

  130. Debbie Harris

    Fabulous work, so many ideas for my Bind-it-all!

  131. I am in love with all the Zutter products! Love your blog! TFS, Mary M

  132. Love your book! BIA rocks.

  133. Donna U

    Wonderful ideas and projects. Watched the video and had no idea – now i know. Thanks.

  134. Lizc

    Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  135. OK I think I did this right I love the verse/proverb you added to the cover! Can I use that?

  136. Love your blog! Cute projects, quirky style and fun!

  137. conniemelancon

    I love the title of your project!

  138. This is such a cool way to find new blogs ! Good luck everyone !!

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