is THIS my life?

If you are here for the Imaginisce sketch post, click here.

Yes, this is my life. This is who I am.

…but does scrapbooking and blogging make up my life? No and never. It just happens to be that blogging is a great way to display my scrapbooking work.

Some people might wonder how in the world I can share 8237432 projects each month, and to be quite honest, it’s all about setting priorities and time management.

On top of creating, how is it that I am capable of keeping my blog updated? Again, it’s all about setting priorities and time management.

I want to make it clear that if for some reason I don’t respond to your emails and/or if I don’t visit your blog, I am not ignoring you. I wanted to make it clear that I have a life outside of scrapbooking and blogging. As most of you know, this blog is intended for me to keep track of my progressions in life.Β  As a matter of fact, I have contemplated the thought of making my blog private and just allowing my galleries to be viewed for inspiration and for manufacturer design work.

I was reminded today that MY LIFE will always be more important than THIS.



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24 responses to “is THIS my life?

  1. renee griffith

    sarah, i love your blog! i love seeing your work! you are awesome girl!
    and if people cant understand you have a life outside of this then they arent worth it. i know how hard it is to keep up with everything. having two kids makes it extremely hard to get things done

    i love seeing your blog and hope that you will still let me view it!

  2. Oh, no, girlfriend… you are WAY too inspiring to make this blog private. Gotta share the eye candy & inspo with ALL! We’re all counting on it!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Hugs for you & Gloria & the 2 kids… πŸ™‚

  3. Monika Wright

    Since I’ve only recently begun reading, I can only say that I think people would come to your blog for just projects and inspiration. The “getting to know you part” is the icing on an already wonderful cake. I have a blog that is for the most part private. But, then again, I don’t have fans like you do (insert smile). You should go with what your heart {gut} tells you!

  4. Love your blog and work too Missy Sarah.

  5. I for one am happy that you make the time to share all of your lovely pages and projects!! You are one of my daily *MUST* reads and I love being inspired by all of your creativity πŸ™‚

    And HOORAY for you for having a LIFE outside of scrapping and blogging (everyone should and it’s crazy that people don’t recognize this). I’m glad you’re out there enjoying it and making the most of it!!! Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  6. Just thought I’d chime in, I’m a fairly new reader, but a huge fan!! My take on this is if you didn’t have such a wonderful life outside of your blogging and scrapbooking you wouldn’t have much to blog and scrap about. Your work is amazingly inspiring, it always makes me smile especially the ones with your babies in them and hearing about your trips with Gloria and experiences at the conventions is great. Thank you for making time in your life to include and share with all us fellow scrappers I am glad you’ve decide not to go with a private blog. Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!!

  7. Jacque Miller

    I am a huge fan, I appreciate your inspiring words, the joy of seeing your puppies and the feeling of friendship in your perky nature – I hope that you will always continue to touch our hearts – because we love ya chick!!!! And yes, everyone needs a life outside the computer world!!!!

  8. Jing-Jing

    you’d better include me if you go private!!!!

  9. Oh, how I’ve been feeling the same way lately. But, I decided I will blog when I can and if I don’t as much as I usually do, who cares? If people want to come visit my blog they will whether I blog every day or once a month for that matter:) Just do whatever makes you happy!! Life is way too short to let something like that take over…as long as there is a balance, that is fine. But believe me, if it comes down to me living and enjoying my kids while they are small, or writing a blog post….let’s just say I won’t do much writing! I do love coming by here to see what you’ve got cooking though!! Love, Jess

  10. julie

    i love u. the end. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. ugh……… QUIT IGNORING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT BE OVERLOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Girl, you tell ’em like it is!

    that is EXACTLY how I feel about my blog.
    We would have NOTHING to scrap, if we didn’t LIVE our lives!!!
    If you need anyone to ‘talk’ to, I am here!

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

  12. Amen Sister!!!! I’m just happy you let us all have a peep at part of your life….I for one appreciate it.
    Just keep on keepin’ on and do what you feel in your heart. We will all still love you and your sweet family and the moments you feel like sharing. πŸ™‚

  13. Mustangkayla

    I’ve enjoyed your blog. I hope you keep it public, but totally understand if you don’t! Some people enjoy getting bees in their bonnets. (if you get my drift).

  14. You are a wonderful girl!!! Don’t worry about not posting. We all have a life besides blogging a

  15. OOps, my post was interupted πŸ™‚
    I just wanted to say that we all have a life besides blogging and scrapping so you don’t have to say ‘sorry’. Just enjoy your life!!!

  16. You once asked what it was we liked about your blog, and I’m pretty sure I answered it was the combination of reading about your every day life, the pictures of your sweet furbabies and their funny stories, and the display of your beautiful work. Without living the life you lead, this blog wouldn’t exist. I hope you’ll continue to share that little piece of your life with us, I love reading about YOU as much as I love looking at your work.
    Love xxx Peggy

  17. Chris

    I love reading your blog and following your adventures in life but I totally understand your position. Your work stands on its own but it means so much more to those of us who know you. Have a great weekend!

  18. Oh sweetie!! You have an awesome life that just happen to have scrapbooking as part of it. I totally understand if you don’t visit my blog πŸ™‚ embrace life & have fun!! Hugs

  19. I loooove your blog and your awesome work… I’d definitely miss reading your blog if you went private but you gotta do whatever makes you happy!! πŸ™‚ and don’t worry about getting to everyone’s blogs… living life is definitely more important!! I hope your having a happy Easter weekend!! πŸ™‚

  20. Hanneke

    I’ll be verry sad if you would make your blog private (I love to read your posts and see the awesome things you make, you are such an inspiration) but I will understand if you do!!! Follow your heart and do what you think is best for you!!!
    Big hug, Hanneke

  21. Sarah, love you blog, love your work. But, like you said, we have to prioritize in life. Keep your head up. You can do it!

  22. Your blog is one of my all-time favorites. You are one of the few bloggers out there that can scrap, show off her amazing work, and not come across as self-absorbed, and I love you for that. It’s refreshing. I love seeing what you’re up to, your work, and just your thoughts in general…which is what a blog is all about, right? You’re a great blogger, and I think it would be a shame if people didn’t get to see that. Thank you for letting us into your world. Hugs!

  23. I always thought your life was far more important than this Sarah!!
    I guess that goes for all of us..I do hope!
    I love your blog and I love you as a person.
    Yay for this post…totally understand and I really admire you for your time managing!!
    You rock!
    Big Hugs for you!!!

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