IFS blog hop and weekend recap

It’s time for another blog hop, but this one is being hosted by the gals over at Ideas for Scrapbookers. Each contributing artist was asked to share information about autism on their blog.

  • If you have been hopping along from blog to blog, then you probably just visited Dolores’ blog where she shared information about how autism is diagnosed.
  • If you have just joined the hop, you can get a list of all the participating artists here.

I’m going to be sharing information about medical issues that relate to autism.

Often times an Autism Spectrum Disorder is not the only diagnosis for children and adults on the spectrum.  There are often other psychological, physical, and medical diagnoses that accompany it.  Here’s some of the more common physical and medical issues that a person with autism may experience:

Seizure Disorder
Seizure Disorder, also called Epilepsy, occurs in as many as 39% of people with autism. It is more common in children who also have cognitive deficits than those without.

Genetic Disorders
A small number of children with autism may also have an identifiable neurogenetic condition such as Fragile X Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrome, a neurocutaneous disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis, Chromosome 15 Duplication Syndrome or another chromosomal abnormality.

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Many parents report gastrointestinal (GI) problems in their children with autism. The exact number of children with both gastrointestinal issues such as gastritis, chronic constipation, colitis, celiac disease and esophagitis and autism is unknown. Surveys have suggested that between 46 and 85% of children with autism have problems such as chronic constipation or diarrhea.

Sleep Dysfunction
Sleep problems are common in children and adolescents with autism. Having a child with sleep problems can affect the whole family. It can also have an impact on the ability of a child to learn and benefit from therapy. Sometimes sleep issues may be caused by medical issues such as obstructive sleep apnea or gastroesophageal reflux and addressing the medical issues may solve the problem. In other cases, when there is no medical cause, sleep issues may be managed with behavioral interventions including “sleep-hygiene” measures such as limiting the amount of sleep during the day, and establishing regular bedtime routines.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction
This is very common. Many children and adults with autism experience unusual responses to sensory stimuli, or input. These responses are due to difficulty in processing and integrating sensory information. Vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, the sense of movement (vestibular system), and the sense of position can all be affected. This means that while information is sensed normally, it may be perceived much differently. Sometimes stimuli that seem “normal” to others can be experienced as painful, unpleasant or confusing by the child with Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID), the clinical term for this characteristic. This can involve hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity. An example of hypersensitivity would be the inability to tolerate wearing clothing, being touched, or being in a room with normal lighting. Hyposensitivity might be apparent in a child’s increased tolerance of pain or a constant need for sensory stimulation, like a child that wants to be on the swings for hours. Treatment for Sensory Integration Dysfunction is usually addressed with occupational therapy and/or sensory integration therapy.

Pica is an eating disorder involving eating things that are not food. Children between 18 and 24 months old often eat non food items, but this is typically a normal part of development. Some children with autism and other developmental disabilities persist beyond the developmentally typical time frame and continue to eat items such as dirt, clay, chalk or paint chips. Children showing signs of persistent mouthing of fingers or objects, including toys, should be tested for elevated blood levels of lead, especially if there is a known potential for environmental exposure to lead.

To learn more, please visit Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation.

Next stop on the blog hop is Susan who will be sharing information about the treatment of autism.

….but before you head to the next blog, leave a comment to this post for a chance to win a RAK from yours truly. 😉 You have until Tuesday, April 27th by 11:59 pm.

Aside from the blog hop, I wanted to recap my wonderful weekend. It was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. The weather was warm, and it was so laid back.

Maui and Hilo surely enjoyed the warm weather because they spent the weekend out and about. We took them to Ed Levin County Dog Park, and they LOVED it. To make it even better, the park was filled with other Miniature Schnauzers!

"Hurry please! Buckle me in because I want to go to the dog park!"

"I WOOOOOF this park, Mommy!"

This is Maui and Hilo's sweet new friend, Tess!

This weekend, we also went on a picnic. Instead of trying to fight for a parking space at the park, we decided to have our own little private picnic in the backyard! It sure beat having to look for a picnic space on a crowded lawn. Besides, it was easy to pack up the picnic blanket, food, and water, hehe. 🙂

"Now this is what I call a picnic!"

I love how Hilo is trying to wiggle out of a photo-op, haha!

Hilo was watching Maui meander when we took this one.

Laying the blanket out on the lawn and enjoying the warm weather and fresh air was definitely a great idea! Besides, it was free. You can’t beat that, right?! Staring up into the sky to look at clouds, doing cartwheels in the grass, and trying to catch ladybugs reminded me of my childhood.  Stuff like that always makes me smile. …and because the weather was warm, we brought out the dog pool!

"This is the best way to beat the heat!"

"I'm a little water shy. I'm working on it though."

Weekends like this remind me of how awesome life really is. Instead of going out to shop, watching TV, or spending time on the computer, spend a little quality time doing something as simple as taking a blanket out to your backyard. I promise that you will feel better after doing it; I know that I did. 🙂



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36 responses to “IFS blog hop and weekend recap

  1. Woah! Autism awareness! 😀 Do your reader perhaps know that you worked with and I still work with children with Autism? 😛

    Can I spend the weekend with fuzzies? I need a good helping of positive energy. 😦

    To G: Hilo needs to grow a playoff beard. Our team is in the 2nd round, so he needs to get that sucker growing just like his Uncle Scott!

  2. Thanks for sharing the info. You have beautiful fur-babies!!

  3. What a great post! I love that you all came together to spread some info about Autism. Just awesome…
    – April

  4. gloria

    I wish it was still the weekend. Super sleepy. Love the informational post on autism. Get lots of rest. Sooo sleepy right now.

  5. julie

    Love the facts….and loving the photos!! Fur babies are always fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Your dogs are so cute!! Thanks so much for all of the information on autism. I didn’t realize there were so many medical complications…

  7. renee

    great post sarah! just love the photos of the pups! hope your having a great week

  8. Chris A

    Wonderful post – thanks for the info. and love your picnic/pool party pix (say that 5 times fast!!!) Have a great week!

  9. Hi there…thanks for spreading the word about Autism and its co-disorders. my son has Asperger’s with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. Finding and affording treatments is always challenging for us parents because insurance often will not cover a large enough portion of the needed therapies to make it feasible for families. Example ABA after insurance would have still cost us 20000. a year out of pocket. That is the situation with us so we had to pick and choose what therapies to do with limited funds. I have tried to learn how to do some of the therapies myself by reading books on RDI and Social dysfunction and by advocating for my child at every turn.Thanks for raising awareness! Cheryl

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! (love the doggie pix)

  11. Very COOL reason for a blog hop. I think everyone knows someone affected by Autism these days.

    Loving the picnic photos & idea! As soon as it warms up again (& stops raining), I may just have to get that organized! 🙂

  12. thank you for all of the wonderful info this blog hop is providing! I have a child with Autism and while it can indeed be very frustrating the rewards are soooo fullfilling!! I am reading each blog with tears just because I am overhwelmed with the generousness and compassion of the crafting community.

  13. what a great idea for a blog hop!! awareness is so importnat!! and your pups are sooo super cute!! we spent all weekend outside too… and I know what ya mean, there’s something about fresh air and sunshine that just makes a girl happy!! lovin this weather!! 🙂

  14. Jacque

    I just love that little doggy pool with the bones in the bottom – too cute!! i agree this is just my favorite time of year when you can hang outside. We tried this past weekend but it was so sloopy messy with rain! yuck!!!

  15. Colleen

    Thanks so much for the info. I have students along the spectrum that also live with those items you mentioned. Love the dogs- wish it were hot enough here to get in the pool!

  16. S

    Thanks for sharing the autism information. It’s really quite fascinating to learn more about something we’ve all heard about but few of us understand.

  17. Mustangkayla

    Thanks for the great info about Autism! Great photos! Looks like a fantastic weekend was had!

  18. Thank you for sharing this info!! Your dogs are absolutely adorable!! =)

  19. Cindy d

    Great information about autism! Even though I know a lot about it, you still managed to teach me some new things.

  20. Jing-Jing

    Wow, what a good blog hop, thanks for all the info Sarah! xxoo to you and your pooches!!!

  21. Callista

    sounds like a great weekend and I love that you just had the picnic in your own backyard. The dogs look like they had a great time at the park and at home.

  22. great autism facts…love the weekend post. sounds fun.

  23. Andrea

    What a cutie! Can I have your adorable pup?

    Thank you (and all of the other wonderful bloggers) for this informative blog-hop!

  24. This is a wonderful blog hop. I have a 19 year old son with severe autism. He has so many of the things that you spoke about. Thanks for being someone who wants to get the word out about Autism. The key to curing is informing.


  25. Dawn

    My 20 year old son was just diagnosed with Asperger’s 2 years ago. After reading your list of accompanying medical issues, I was surprised how many my son had – gastro problems, excessive sleep, social inappropriateness, and hypersensitivity to tags in his shirts. I wish a medical professional could have diagnosed him correctly years ago when he could have received more help. thanks for all of your info!

  26. Thank you for putting together and posting this very informative article. I always love popping in to your blog to see the latest pics of your cute dogs! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. Heather

    I’m just dropping by to check out all of the blog hop posts. I’m so proud to be a part of this DT! You girls totally rock for sharing your time, and your stories with everyone.

    Oh and BTW… off topic… your dogs are so totally stinkin’ cute, and a backyard picnic is sounding like just the thing right now! LOL

  28. Joy

    Thank you for having this very informative information on your blog.

  29. Thanks for sharing such interesting information!

  30. Pingback: need your help — 7.18.10 AIDS Walk « Red Oak Lines

  31. Melinda Wilson

    Thanks so much for the information you shared.

  32. The autism blog hop is such a great idea! It’s such a great way to make people more aware of autism and I have learned so much more about it just reading your blog and the other ladies today!
    It looks like you guys had such a great weekend! Maui and Hilo especially look like they had a blast– a picnic in the backyard is SUCH a great idea, I’m so going to have to do that too!! Cheap fun is always the way to go for me, lol!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog but I just have to say girlll, you’re crazy! My hair so doesn’t always look perfect! lol. I just try to make sure not to post the pics of me that look like I have a rats nest on the top of my head, lol!! your hair always looks adorable so I don’t know what you’re talking about! 🙂

  33. Cute pics and great info…

  34. Amy

    Thanks for sharing those autism facts. Love the cute doggy pics!

  35. Blog hop for Autism Awareness was great — thanks for all the information! Your furry babies are CUTE!! Our dog lives for the trips to the park too 🙂

  36. love the photos from the picnic and the suggestion to layout in the backyard is a great idea… we love doing that… but champ doesn’t make it easy. love the doggie photos!! {{hugs}} Michelle

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