unlike sarah.

Most everybody knows that I don’t really play with vintage looking papers. I think it’s pretty, but I have such a hard time designing with that style. However, every now and then, it is always good to challenge yourself to design outside your comfort zone. Thus, I created this mini album:

For the cover, I wrapped a Zutter bamboo spine cover-all with the latest from Teresa Collins. Then, I added tons of flowers and bling to embellish my cover.

The inner pages are a compilation of monthly pages. Monthly pages?! Well, I created this mini album as a way to document the yearly growth of a baby boy. If you want to include more photos than each page can fit, insert Zutter moveable pre-punched page protectors.

For not being bright and bold, what do you think?! Unlike Sarah? …or like Sarah?

I have gotten some emails requesting me to post pictures of the crazy furkids. I haven’t posted that many pictures of them recently because I have been swamped with TONS of projects and events. Anyway, here are a few to put a smile on your face:

"Fetch is my expertise."

"No, Mommy... I don't need a haircut!"

"...and I don't need a haircut either!"

I’m off to visit the dentist today. Okay, I admit that I am definitely not a fan of the dentist. Why?! …because I hate the sound of metal scraping up against enamel (or metal scraping up against metal). Just thinking about it is giving me the chills. Eeeeeek!



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32 responses to “unlike sarah.

  1. Tell the fuzzies that Uncle Scott needs a haircut too! I miss the fuzzies. 😦 I can almost smell those 2 loud bags of nuts!

    But a haircut? Yes, I could use one. Shaving? No. The Sharks keep on winning! The playoff beard stays put!

  2. i love the clean lines of the mini album.
    great job.
    your pups are too adorable.

  3. Chris A

    Your album is a great example of simplicity with a little frou frou – it is quite a departure from your usual style but very lovely. The furkids look like they were having a great day out in the yard – I love the angle of the top photo – sort of a dog’s eye view. Have a great week!

  4. Hanneke

    YAK the dentist, I am not a fan either!!! Hope everything is alright with your teeth and you won’t need a special treatment??!!!
    Love the pics of the furbkids, cute as ever!!!
    And yep Vintage what can I say, not really my thing either (and I have a challenge comming up where I have to do something vintage 😦 ) But I love what you made I can see your style in it cause it’s bright and happy and not a lot of distressing!!!
    Hugs Hanneke

  5. julie

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the album…sooooooooooooooooo SARAH!!!!! And loving the fur-kids!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Good luck at the dentist!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. I love the way you used the vintage items and gave them a modern twist with the pp you chose…absolutely gorgeous project!!

  7. gloria

    Dentist? No wonder you can’t sleep. Love the latest mini.

  8. Jacque

    Great mini!!!! You rocked it!!!!!

    I just love your furkids!!!!!!!!! My furbabies are in dyer need of hair cuts!!! They are a bit stinkie too – because they have been rolling in the back yard – YEEK!!!!

  9. Well, I think you did a fabulous job with the vintage!! It rocks:)
    I had to go to the dentist a couple weeks ago and have to go back on May 11 to get a cavity filled UGGH!! But I am terrified of the Dentist…but it’s really not that bad. I just have a tendency to worry more about it until it’s over!!

  10. Kat

    i LOVE that book. the colors look absolutely gorgeous together…and i love all the bling….really, i love it! it reminds me of your “take 1, take 2” layout that you did a while back…and i loved that one, too!

  11. Monika Wright

    So like Sarah on the cover and a little more subdued on the inside. Sometimes we girls are just like that, aren’t we?

  12. Callista

    ahhhh love your furkids! Good luck at the dentist! I’m not a fan of those sounds either!

  13. fur babies = adorable. your mini album = fabulous. hate the dentist as well.

  14. muhahah — so i didn’t have to go to the dentist after all. 🙂

  15. Adorable mini… lovin’ the flowers you added to the front.

    I was going to say good luck at the dentist, but it appears you didn’t have to go after all? Lucky you…. 🙂

  16. Mo

    Aw Sarah, hope the dentist visit goes okay. I’m not a fan either….but mostly because I hate sitting there while they have to drill…and my jaw hurts! Lucky my dentist is SUPER DOOPER FAST! He rocks! Thanks for the furbaby photos…they are so adorable! Hope you get to have fun while you’re busy!!!


  17. I love the album! Girl, from the looks of it, you can work with any kind of papers! YOU ROCK! 🙂 I love the photos of the furbabies. Looks like Maui is playing hide and seek also 🙂

  18. I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow, yikes!!!

  19. Gorgeous album. You definitely rocked the vintage look!

  20. OMYGOSH!! GORGEOUS!! I’m sooo lovin that mini… you are the queen of mini albums!! WOW!! Super cute pup pics too!! 🙂

  21. You rocked that mini..I adore it!!! Just the right amount of BLING!!!

    They furbabies are adorable and I went to the dentist today toooo….Gives me the yuckies…..I hate that sound tooo and now I have to go back and have a little more work done!!! OH JOY!!!

    Have a great day sweet friend…thanks for the love you leave me…it is soooo appreciated!!! 🙂

  22. Jing-Jing

    Stunning gorgeous work is totally like you!!!

  23. Mary

    ¡Hola Sarah!, conocí tu blog por medio de Kiki Art, me encantan tus trabajos, las flores y el álbum te quedó precioso. Muchos cariños, desde Córdoba, Argentina, Mary.

  24. Your cover to your album is gorgeous!!! Love the flowers! It looks like you had a fabulous time at Reflections! I was there too. I did not take classes. My friend and I, had a make n take on Friday! Maybe next year. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun! Have a good night!

  25. YUCK! I hate the dentist too. Love your mini. I am the same way…I tend to love bright bold papers but every once in awhile I like to give vintage a whirl:) Hope your day got better after the dentist. ((HUGS))

  26. Love the album!! I think it’s still very “Sarah”, just with muted colors and a little vintage frill 🙂 Hope the dentist went well. I’m due to go soon myself…ick.

  27. Vel

    Just dropping by to say hello…I’ll be back to my normal commenting schedule soon, I swear. 🙂

  28. The book is beautiful…which is VERY MUCH like you!!!

  29. I love the ‘mini’ album! I love the vintage touch! I think you
    totally rock-ed it!

    Your fur-babies are adorable! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  30. I love your mini!Loving all the white and all those gorgeous flowers!
    Those photo’s of your doggies are just so sweet!

  31. It’s beautiful! I see lots of “Sarah” in this project, even if it is vintage. 🙂

  32. love the mini…. it’s so great… I love that you can add pages… wonderful… the doggies… are just too cute… and as for the dentist… Rainee loves going… we all go to a “laser-dentist”… so there is NO DRILLING… and NO SHOTS (unless it’s really bad) and she just can’t wait to go again and again and again… maybe you should visit Rainee’s dentist… Dr. Valdez… I know Rainee would go with you and hold your hand… that’s what she does when I have to go… even though I’m not scared anymore… next time maybe you should bring some earplugs… maybe that would help… nope I don’t think so… you still know they’re drilling… I hate regular dentists… but love love love Dr. Valdez….

    anyways…. have a lovely lovely lovely day!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

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