our furball, hilo. :(

Note: This is going to be a long post, so please bare with me.

Hilo is the furball with brown spots in the majority of my photos. He’s cute enough to make anyone smile, and I can bet you on that one.

One of the many puppy photos of him.

Friday morning, we dropped both Maui and Hilo off to get their yearly exams and vaccinations. Before we headed out, we made sure that in the notes it read that Hilo was not supposed to receive the Lepto vaccination. He did not receive it last year, and he was not to get it this year either. ((Hilo’s littermate died of complications after receiving this vaccine.)) The receptionist told us it was noted in his patient file.

When it was time to pick them up, the nurse had notified us that Hilo vomited in his crate. Gloria looked at his paperwork and saw that Hilo was inoculated with FIVE vaccines! What?! I was told he was only to receive TWO vaccines that day.  On top of the other four vaccinations that Hilo received, he was also inoculated with the Lepto vaccine. 😦

That explains the vomiting.

We quickly notified the nurse who administered his exam, and she looked stunned. A couple of minutes later, the vet (not his usual vet) rushed Hilo back to get a couple of shots to fight the allergic reaction: steroid (epinephrine) and diphenhydramine (fancy term for Benadryl) shots. To monitor his progress, the vet asked that he stay a few more hours.

While waiting, so many thing raced through my mind. I knew that this was a HUGE erroneous mishap.  How is it that a nurse and a vet oversaw the notes?! Did they even look to see that he was allergic to that vaccine?! Is Hilo going to make it?!

We wait a few hours, and he seems “fine”. …at least that is what they told us. We drive home, and he seems thrilled to be out of the clinic even though he’s acting strange. Within 15 min of being home, he starts walking funny and his back starts to break out in rashes and hives. We notice that he has diarrhea. The steroid and diphenhydramine shots obviously didn’t help that much with his reaction to the Lepto.

Maui is a highly allergic dog, so I knew that Hilo was having an anaphylaxis.

We immediately called his vet right before they were about to close. She told us to rush him to the pet ER.


We rushed him to the ER, and they basically do more tests on him. They poked and probed him, again. 😦 The ER vet told us it was an anaphylactic shock. ….duh! I could have told you that when I found out he vomited the first time. She administered another dosage of shots to help the allergic reaction and requested that he stay over night to monitor him.  She told us that he needed to be hooked up to IVs to help his system get through the shock.

We had to walk him towards the back, and he didn’t want to go. It was late, and I’m pretty sure at this point, he just wanted to go home and cuddle up next to Mommy.

The rest of the night, we stayed up hoping that we would not receive a phone call that every parents fears the most.

No call. Phew. …but are we in the clear? No.

We rush back to the ER bright and early in the morning, and they let us greet him. My heart broke just looking at how tired he looked.

He still had the IV on his leg.

Gloria captured a blurry photo of the treatment and shots from the ER.

They sent us back to the “ICU” with the rest of his IV fluids.

Thank you Hospira for manufacturing the IVs for Hilo. 😉

He spent all day being monitored, and of course, they poked and probed him… AGAIN!  When the clinic was about to close, they let us pick him up. Hilo was so ready to get out of there, and we were so relieved to see he was doing much better.

They sent us home with pills galore.

TONS and TONS of medicine for Hilo. 😦

…and that’s how the story goes.

If Gloria had not looked at the paperwork, we would have never seen that he was given a Lepto shot. Thus, I don’t think that our little furball would have made it through the anaphylaxis. The reaction to his body would have been too much for him.

Right now, he is drowsy from all of his meds, but I rather have that, then not have him at all.

He is having so many issues right now, and we are trying to keep him hydrated. If things worsen throughout the day, we are going to have to take him back to the vet. I’ve got my fingers crossed all remains well.

Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and prayers from everyone this weekend. It was definitely needed and much appreciated.

(and Gloria, Maui, and Hilo.)

PS: I will post again soon with scrapbook updates, but for now, I’m going to tend to our little furball.



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39 responses to “our furball, hilo. :(

  1. I might head down there to visit the drowsy monster this week. We’ll see.

  2. omygosh… how awful… my heart was racing the whole time I was reading this… I was hoping for good news at the end and I’m so glad that he’s doing ok… I will defintely be keeping all of you in my thoughts… give the little guy lots of hugs and kisses!! 🙂

  3. Donna E.

    oh my gosh im so sorry to hear this happened to hilo 😦 i don’t own any pet but this just breaks my heart… i hope hilo gets well soon!

  4. Oh Sarah and G, so many hugs to you and the furballs. I have been checking FB frantically to see what was going on. How terrifying for everyone…especially poor Hilo. BTW, tears in the eyes at this point…It’s so hard when something is wrong with the little ones…I have been there and it’s not fun at all.

    Here’s to hoping the worst has been left behind…And I am sure that Hilo won’t mind the pills with a little cheese or peanut butter on them. Tell Maui to take good care of Hilo and let Hilo rest a lot.

    Hugs from the corgi gang here in MO

    • thanks so much k. sending love from the schnauzers to the corgis… i’m just hoping i don’t have to head to the ER for dehydration for anything else. 😦

  5. Hope he gets better! I have a husband who is allergic to chicken, paprika and some other things! I’ve been to the ER more times than I would like! Saying this only to say I empathize and hope all is well! Your pup is so cute!

  6. Heather

    I am so very sorry that they gave him the vaccine after you told them not too. I would be SO very angry at the vet’s office! I am so glad he’s okay Sarah. Keep us posted, and I’ll say prayers that he’s all better soon.

  7. Pam Crusberg

    What a nightmare! What’s so disturbing is that you specifically told them not to give that stupid shot! Your poor baby! I bet Maui is giving lots of licks to get Hilo better too. Many good thoughts and prayers coming your way from San Diego. Pam

  8. Oh my gosh…poor baby! Awful thing to happen. Such a DARLING pup! I’m so happy to hear that he’s getting better now. When our son was a baby a doctor prescribed a medication that was 10 times the dose he should have gotten and we were in the emergency having his stomach pumped with charcoal. Not good when mistakes like this are made! 🙂

  9. As a parent of a child who carries an Epipen, I could totally relate to the fear you must’ve been feeling. Hope all stays well.

    A new vet might be in order. This one sounds like need to be just a little more thorough. 😦


  10. Oh thank goodness, I put you on FB updates and everything so that I could see when you posted, I am so glad that he’s doing better. Bet you and Gloria are exhausted. Hope you guys can get a little rest now and that he recovers quickly.

  11. Chris A

    Oh poor baby Hilo! I know how upset and exhausted that you and Gloria must be – my thoughts are with you and with Hilo – so hope he recovers quickly!

  12. Michelle P

    I hopes he feels better and you get some rest.

  13. Hey there sweetheart! I’m so sorry to hear about Hilo!!!!! I really hope he gets better soon!
    Love you!

  14. Oh Sarah. This is just awful. Sending (((HUGS))) for Hilo, and you, Gloria, and Maui too:)

  15. Mr. Dandy

    woof woof woof woof woof Hilo!!!! My Mommy Julie told me you weren’t doing so good!! I am hoping you get better soon! I tell you….if I had thumbs…I so would be hitching a ride to California to come and give you some doggy kisses! woof woof woof! Feel better soon my four legged buddy! I know your Mama’s will take good care of you! woof woof woof! Love you buddy! Feel better!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Dandy

  16. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor poor poor Hilo!! And poor Sarah and Gloria!! I am soooooooooooooooooooo glad that Gloria caught that on the paperwork!! Get better soon Hilo!!! Love to U all! :):):):):):):):)

  17. Oh my Sarah…will keep you in my thoughts… I hope he continues to improve…(I hope they are picking up the tab for all the extra things you have had to do because of their mistake!)

  18. Oh my, big hug!! What every mama fears!! You did a great job making sure he was taken care of! Hang in there…

  19. Wow, Sarah, how scary!! Thank goodness you guys realized what was happening and he was able to get the help he needed. Good thoughts coming your way for a fast recovery for your little guy. 😉
    – April

  20. Oh Sarah… I am so glad that he is home with you… I hope you are getting some rest as well.. I will be thinking of you and Hilo

  21. I’m soooo sorry to hear about this terrible situation with sweet little Hilo. I hope and pray that everyone is doing all they can to take care of your furbaby….please tell me they are not charging you vet fees for their mistake?!!

  22. he is a fighter… and has his mama to take care of him… praying for all of you for everything to be just a bad experience.

  23. OMG…poor Hilo!! That is so awful. I can’t even imagine what you have been through the last few days. I’m stunned that a vet clinic could be so unbelievably careless. It sounds like Hilo is quite the fighter though. I’m glad that he’s back home with you, Gloria and Maui where he belongs. I hope for a speedy and fully recovery.

    Ps. Shawna sends some puppy love and healing power 🙂

  24. jacque

    I am so extremely sorry!! You all are in my thoughts. I can’t type anymore because of my tears!!!! PLEASE hang in there!

  25. Jing-Jing

    That’s quite a roller coaster ride!! I hope he feels better soon and you get some rest soon yourself!!! hugs to you and your sick pup!! 😦 😦 xxoo

  26. Nancy

    Oh no!! Thank goodness Gloria read the file. Hugs and prayers from all of us here.

  27. ohhh poor hilo!! I am so so sorry, how awful for him and you and gloria to go through. I’m so glad that he made it and hope he is back to being his normal healthy self in no time. i cannot believe that the vet made that mistake, that makes me so mad! I hope you all are okay, I’m going to be praying for hilo!

  28. I am so sorry to hear about this. The boys and I are sending healing thoughts to Hilo.

    On another note, I sure hope your original vet is covering these expenses, since it is COMPLETELY their fault poor Hilo is suffering.

    I’ll continue to send good thoughts your way.

  29. Poor pup! My golden retriever, Bandit, sends his wishes for a fast recovery.

  30. poor baby! So sorry he and you had to go through that! Hugs!!!!

  31. Oh Sarah I now how it feels to leave your pet behind at the ER Vet. I didn’t have a happy ending as I got that awful phone call at about 4 in the morning. Well wishes go out to Hilo. I hope he recovers from this very soon with no lasting troubles. Hugs

  32. Oh my goodness girl your poor little doggie! Hope he is doing better soon! That is so scarey!!!! ((hugs))

  33. rebecca keppel

    The poor baby. 😦 So Sorry to hear such a horrible mistake was made. Glad to hear he is home and recovering.

  34. Juli C

    your baby is the cutest thing ever!!! hoping and praying that hes going to be alright!

  35. oh Sarah, so sorry to hear that your baby is so sick. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  36. Lisa D(pdrnc)

    It is horrible when your child is sick. (furchild included.) My son has allergies and I carry Benadryl and an Epi-pen everywhere. It’s my worst fear that he will go into anaphylaxis. Glad to hear he made it through the worst part.

  37. Oh Sarah, my heart is breaking just reading your post! My prayers are with you and Hilo that he has a full recovery.

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