midweek inspiration.

Earlier this week, I wasn’t feeling too well. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. I think my creative exhaustion from the weekend threw me off course, and I had no will power to create these past couple of days. I kept thinking to myself:

“Why can’t I be good at what I do?!” or “Who am I kidding?! I totally suck at this!”

Shocked? Well, I hope not because I ask myself these questions when I feel insecure about my creativity.

I was reminded, however, that I do what I love for a job. I do it when I want to. I make my own work schedule. Bottom line — creating is (and always should be) FUN. I always tell people that there really is no right/wrong in the creating realm. Do it the way you see fit, and your stuff will shine!

I sat down at my workspace, and I thought about my own personal motto, “Create with no regrets.” …and I did just that.

Here’s a couple of projects I created:

1. Here’s a “Travel” mini album using the awesome June kit from The Sampler:

To see more details and information on this mini album, head on over here. I’ve got more projects using this kit, but those won’t be posted until later this month.

2. I created a Punky Sprouts mini album for Strictly Scrapbooking using one of Adornit‘s latest paper releases.

…and check back later today, okay?! I still have to share that exciting news I was talking about yesterday plus ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! 😉



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23 responses to “midweek inspiration.

  1. Nicole K

    Ooh, I don’t know what’s cuter–the album or the puppy dog!
    This is great, thanks for sharing!

  2. María Dolores Morales

    ¡Hola Sarah!
    ¡Preciosos los mini álbums!!!
    ¡A tu mascota le gusta posar!!
    está muy atento a tu cámara de fotos!
    Muchos cariños mary141255@hotmail.com

  3. renee griffith

    great work as always sarah! you do such amazing work

  4. Marla H.

    Very cute mini albums!!

  5. Chris A

    Very charming minis!!!! glad you are feeling more positive!

  6. Jing-Jing

    BEAUTIFUL minis!! I love them. they are seriously GREAT!

  7. so so cute. the projects and the adorable photos.

  8. Midweek Inspiration INDEED! Thank you so much for the positive words about creating! You make me stop and think….as there are times when I just don’t know what I am doing or why I am doing it! I, too, feel that I suck at it!!! Then when I sit down and just start to play…things seem to start to flow and come together nicely.
    Your albums are so nice and I love your creativity, your positive nature and most of all your inspiring words! Thank you!

  9. Sarah, your work is always amazing!! These mini’s are no exception… LOVE them!! You are seriously the queen of mini’s… you always seem to do them so effortlessly and beautifully!! I was actually kind of wondering, for those of us who aren’t as mini savvy, if you have any tips on how you go about creating your mini’s?? Thanks for the awesome inspiration!! 🙂

  10. Girl you know I think you are amazing and I hope you didn’t let the negative talk stick around for too long! You are amazing and these mini’s are no exception. Love them and love you:)

  11. Kat

    well, you managed to get back into your creatvie groove quickly, by turning out two gorgeous projects.

    i think your stuff is awesome…that’s why i keep coming back. duh 😉

  12. These are both amazing Sarah! I think we all get into those kind of ruts and question ourselves. I know I do! But let me reassure you that you are amazing at what you do, and your work is SOOOO the opposite of suck. You’re one of my favorite people to turn to for creative inspiration. Keep it up 🙂

  13. Jacque

    FOR THE LOVE OF MINI-ALBUMS!!!!!!!!!!! These are just Fantastic!!!!!

  14. Lisa D(pdrnc)

    The mini albums are adorable. Never doubt yourself. Your work is amazing.

  15. Cute stuff! Yes, I think we all have days and moments like that. Good to be reminded that one is not alone in those kind of days! 🙂

  16. Adorable albums Sarah!

  17. Your work is AMAZING Sarah. Don’t ever doubt that girl! You are so inspiring to so many of us out here. 😉
    – April W

  18. Please do not ever doubt yourself, because you seriously ROCK!!! (I have those discussion all the time with my own work, but i step away for awhile) Hoping that something will come to me one of these days!!! I keep waiting! LOL Hugs my friend!

  19. Gloria

    catching up. nice post. i love that album. maui looks tragic.

  20. Mustangkayla

    Very cute mini! My daughter loves your pups!

  21. Love it all! I don’t think anything you create could be less than phenomenal!!!!

  22. love the mini… trying to catch up on all your posts… I’ve missed soooooooo much with the funeral and getting things back to normal has been a bit hard and what with Rainee finishing 2 weeks of school… I’ve been busy… but back now…

    will just be commenting on a few between here and todays… when I get a chance… busy day again today… but wanted you to know I’m back and trying to get my commenting up and going again…
    {{hugs}} Michelle

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