friendly (giveaway) competition.

In our house, there’s some friendly competition going on, especially because the World Cup is underway. ((Is anyone else watching it?!)) We have Spain and Portugal fans over here picking on my team. If you want to know who I’m rooting for, I’m cheering on Brazil. All week, I have been pestered about soccer teams, but little do they know that Brazil is going to the top. 😉

…and because there’s some friendly competition going on over here, I thought I’d let you in on a little fun as well. There’s a sketch challenge going on with the Sampler Kit Club using the below sketch.

For this sketch, I decided to use three photos instead of one large photo. I love the rectangular/square design to this one. It’s so simple, and there are endless possibilities to this sketch.

If you are interested in playing along, find the challenge over here. …and please make sure to check out the other fantastic layouts created by other creative designers!

My next layout was created for the MyStamp BOX blog hop; they invited Kiki Art to be a part of the fun event as well. Even though a blog hop isn’t a challenge, it’s still fun to go around gaining inspiration and hoping to win some awesome giveaways!

I used the Colorful Companions set to create those stunning butterflies!

I stamped some butterflies onto cardstock using watermark resist ink, cut them out, and added glitter. Voila!

If you want some of these gorgeous stamps, head on over to MyStamp BOX to check out some of the other products from this stamp manufacturer. Also, feel free to join in on the blog hop!

Lastly, I created a couple of layouts using the current sketch over at Sketchy Thursdays.

I thought the simple design to this one would be a great one to use for my July sketch class over at Memories Live On. I still find it amazing that with one sketch, you can create two completely different layouts.

…so if you are in my area and are interested in taking this sketch class next month, make sure to check out my Classes page for more information.

Now, because this post is all about competition, I thought I would host a friendly competition amongst all of my readers.

Leave a comment to this post with a caption to the photo below, and you could win some fun goodies from my Imaginisce stash! ((…and this is an awesome STASH to giveaway; it’s at least $30 worth of goodies.))

Deadline to submit a caption to the photo is Sunday, June 20th, by 11:59 pm.

Here’s an example caption from me:

Maui: Hilo, why do you run funny?!

Hilo: …because Gloria accidentally dropped me when I was a puppy!

((haha, just kidding, Gloria!)) Oh, and just so you know who’s who… Maui is the white one, and Hilo is the one with the spots.

I’ll have a handful of family and friends pick their favorites, and I will announce a winner at the beginning of next week. Remember, this is a friendly competition, so have fun and get creative. I can’t wait to read all of your submissions!

Oh, and one more thing — go, Brazil, go! 😉



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38 responses to “friendly (giveaway) competition.

  1. Lisa D(pdrnc)

    Hilo: I’m getting so tired.
    Maui: David Hasselhoff made it look so easy on Baywatch!

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the pic is that it looks like doggy-Baywatch (minus the red bathing suits.)

    BTW: Go Greece. Hubby is Greek and is SO happy they won today.

  2. Hilo: “What in the world are we thinking? You know how I hate to mess my hair up! ”
    Maui: “I know, but don’t we look hot? “

  3. Caption:
    Maui – What’s up with that dog, Hilo… he missed the ball…??!!!
    Hilo – Don’t know… don’t care… but that ball is mine… mine I tell you… M-I-N-E!!!!

    Glad to be back…just now starting to leave comments… again… getting out of my funeral funk… so thanks for making me laugh!!! love it and love the lo’s… they are fab!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  4. janet

    Maui: vamos vamos ahora que el negrito se descuido le podremos robar la pelota…
    Hilo: tu lo distares y yo corro con ella!!!

  5. Marla H.

    Hilo to Maui :”I think it is time to kick up our heels and run into the surf!!!”

  6. I’ve been sick and therefore am SOOO uncreative I can’t think of a darn thing to write as a caption!! Bummer. I’m sure the prize is awesome. So instead I’ll just say Hi and that I love your pretty, pretty pages 🙂

  7. Kerri

    Hilo: look at that piece of fluff over there !
    maui : i can’t imagine how long it must be under the hair dryer to get that fluff dry.
    Hilo : least we can run together in sync 🙂
    maui : yup & nothing beats the smell of 2 wet dogs on the car ride home !

    what a cute challenge & fingers crossed i win 🙂 LOL good luck to all. love the pic, you sure know how to get the bestest action shots lol

  8. Maui: Hey Hilo do you see that ball?

    Hilo: Yeah, I see it, do you think he seen it?

    Maui: I don’t know, we should hurry.


  9. Gloria

    maui: GO PORTUGAL!
    hilo: GO PORTUGAL!!

  10. Lauren

    Hilo: Quick, last one into the water is a portugal fan!!

  11. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    I got nothing….just nothing 😦 the queen of titles has drawn a blank 😦 bummer!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those lo’s!!! U are always soooooooooooooooo amazing my sarah-bera! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the colors!! thanks sooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and did U get my, “OMYGOSH! The boss really is UGLY photo????” :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  12. (I didn’t read any of the other comments beforehand so I hope no one else has something like this)

    Maui: I totally called dibs first on that hottie in the water!
    Hilo: What are you talking about? I’m going after the tennis ball!

  13. Wow, your pages ROCK! And the pups are so darling together! So happy the one has recovered! 🙂

  14. Hanneke

    Hey Milo, did you hear that, she is for Brazil????
    Yes, she really doesn’t know a thing about soccer cause than she would know the Dutchies will win the cup!!!
    Hehehe GO HOLLAND GO!!! But why aren’t you supporting the USA???????????????????????????? They are about to play right now!!!
    Love what you created, love the double one you did with the ST sketch!!

    Have a wonderfull weekend!!!

  15. CUTE LO’s, Sarah, especially your 2-pager! You don’t usually make those!

    Hope you & Gloria & the fur babies have a great weekend! 🙂

  16. Maui and Hilo: Wait! We’re forgetting our lifevests!

  17. Vicki

    Maui: Last one there is a stinking dog.
    Hilo: Don’t you mean the wet one?

  18. ummmm…living here in Mexico City right now, World Cup is like an obsession, a cultural staple that business actually stops to watch the games. My daughter’s school-private-expensive-actually watched it a few days and had really intellectual question topics like, “Compare and contrast Mexico’s social and economic status versus that of Brazil.” Yeah, good way to justify to the parents kids sitting for a couple hours a day in front of the tv watching soccer, um, pardon me, “football”…I am going for good ol’ US of A, then Mexico, to not be flogged in the streets should someone hear me say otherwise.

    Picture-“Hey! Has it been 20 minutes since you ate??? You don’t want to get a stomach cramp and drown!”

  19. I’ve been on vacation. I am just now blogging again!

    Hilo: Aren’t these long walks on the beach romantic?
    Maui: Looking at the big dog on the right, “Oui, Oui!”
    Hilo: thinking “The bigger they are the harder they fall! I’ll catch the ball and do a backflip!”

    That’s the best I can do. I hope to win!

    Love your layouts! I missed them while I was on vacation!

  20. Kelly

    Great LO’s! I love them all!!

    Doesn’t he know he missed the ball??
    Sure hope I don’t have to get my feet wet!

  21. How bout “And they’re off…” look at them go! I’m wanting to play with that cool sketch!

  22. LOVE all the great layouts!! As for a caption for the photo, I don’t think I can top the baywatch comment… too funny!! 🙂 with that being said, here’s mine: Hilo: HEY Maui, check out that narly wave!! 🙂

  23. Let’s see how about this:

    Hilo: What is that gaint brown blur ahead?

    Maui: I don’t know, but it kind of looks a pup-peroni!

    Hilo: Everything looks like a pup-peroni to you! Mommy really needs to cut back on your treat intake!

    Maui: Speak for yourself, I’m going to go beg Mommy for a pup-peroni right now!

    Just wanted to let you know, I got my Scrapbook Trends book in the mail today and I was flipping through the pages when who do I see? You and your awesome ‘somewhere over the rainbow layout’.. Congrats! It looks awesome!

  24. Beth W

    Slovenian fans here! Which made today very interesting.
    So in keeping with the ” theme”
    “Oh my god look at the size of that goalkeeper”.

  25. Pam

    I’m for the U.S. soccer team. I know, not very likely. On to the photo – “Hey Maui, is this how you kick up your heals?” I just love that his two back paws are in the air, such a great photo. Thanks for the giveaway. Pam

  26. Laura Stewart

    last one in is a rotten egg

  27. Keesha

    Early Pup gets the ball…

  28. Sherry

    1 ball + 2 dogs = 1 unhappy pooch!

  29. Fabulous projects 🙂

    Maui: Come on, I think we can take him.

    Hilo: I dont know, he’s pretty big.

    Maui: It’s two against one, cowboy up Hilo!

  30. Your layouts are stunning, as always!!! (:
    Maui: Run, faster, run faster!
    Hilo:Why? Will I burn more calories, if I go faster??
    Okay, so I am not a comedian!!! LOL
    Happy Summer!

  31. Amy E.

    Both running for the ball.
    Maui: You got your eye on that ball too, huh?
    Hilo: Nope! My eye’s on that “hot” dog in the water. That’s who I’m going after. You can have that ball!

    By the way, I wrote this before I saw Laurie’s post.


  32. Mustangkayla

    WHat fun layouts! I’m so horrible coming up with stuff like that for pictures! I’m constantly e-mailing a good friend for suggestions! I used this one and thought it was cute… Having and SANDtastic time!

  33. Pam

    WOOOOO, you have been busy! LOVE love love those butterfly stamps, and what you did with them!
    Here’s my comment ~
    Does that whale look funny to you Hilo? Who cares Maui, let’s push him back into the ocean!

  34. María Dolores Morales

    ¡Preciosos todos los trabajos!
    Adorables tus mascotas Sarah!!!
    Yo a la foto le pondría “libertad!”
    Muchos cariños desde Córdoba, Argentina

  35. I just LOVE your layouts Sarah!!Beasutiful work as always!
    And yes Brazil is super…but not as good as our Dutchies!!! 😉
    Have fun!

  36. Great creations again Sarah : )

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