getting to know me.

I totally appreciate each and every one of my readers. I most especially love when “fans” contact me with comments and/or questions about my work. As a matter of fact, I don’t consider any of you “fans”. In my opinion, “friends” is a more suiting word as opposed to “fans”.

Anyway, I was so flattered when reader Kerri West contacted me. She wanted to know more about my process of creating, so she came up with these interview-like questions for me.

Kerri and her little cutie pie!

We both thought it would be fun to share the “interview” with everyone else. Hope you enjoy it!

1. What is your favorite technique?
My favorite technique is layering. I absolutely love the different looks you can get just by layering various papers.

2. Are you a plain or patterned paper hoarder?
Both, haha! If I had to pick just one, I’d say patterned paper because cardstock colors can mostly be replaced at anytime. Patterned paper, on the other hand, is only out for a limited time, and then it’s gone.

Below is a layout using a few different sheets of Jillibean Soup paper. I used June’s My Paper Tree House kit to create this one.

3. Have you ever thrown out a layout you didn’t like?
Surprisingly, no. I treat each layout like a piece of my art. I might not like it when I first make it, but later on, I might want to alter it.

4. What is something you are afraid to try on a layout?
Stamping. I think I have a hard time with stamping on layouts because once I add ink to my page, it’s stuck on there for good.

5. How do you store your letters?
I’m still trying to figure out how to do this one! If anyone has a great method for storage, please do share! For now, however, I have them in stacks or in my “letter rack”.

6. What was your biggest splurge?
My biggest splurge was the Cricut when it was first released. Funny that I say that because I hardly ever use it. …and to be honest, I sold off most of my cartridges.

7. Do you like to alter things from stuff around the house that ‘normal’ people recycle?
Hmm… Not so much. I like altered art, but recently I haven’t really been creating much in that realm. I’m mostly a layout kind of gal. 😉

8. Do you like your handwriting on layouts?
Yes, I love my writing. Sometimes, my handwriting gives my work character. Other times, I like to print out my journaling because it gives it a “cleaner” look.

9. What size layouts have you never scrapped?
I think I have scrapped almost every conventional size. Let’s see… 12×12, 8×8, 6X6, 8.5×11, etc. Yup, I’ve done them all. Even the double pages!

10. Do you shop online?
It really depends on what I am looking for. …but not really because I’m fortunate to live in an area where there are multiple scrapbook stores that carry an abundance of scrapbook manufacturers. If my local scrapbook store has what I am looking for, I try to support them. For one of a kind items, however, I shop online.

11. Where are most of your followers from?
To be quite honest, I’m not really sure. However, according to the flag counter, it says the USA.

12. What is your favorite brand of paper?
I really don’t have one favorite manufacturer. I try to use and support all of the companies in this industry. Each of them has something to offer, so I try not to choose sides. 😉

13. Do you distress anything?
All the time! Have you heard of the new Distrezz-it-All by Zutter. That thing works like magic. 🙂 When I’m not using that, I take a pair of my scissors and distress everything I can get my hands on! I’m not really much of a vintage type of gal, but distressing adds a neat texture to my work.

14. Do you scrap better alone or with friends?
I scrap better alone. Weird, I know! …but I can’t get much done when I’m with friends. If you know the people I crop with, you would know why it’s hard to finish projects with them around, hehe. 😉

Below is a layout I created with no one around. I used the latest from Imaginisce, Birthday Bash!

Oh, and those stars were created with the Pazzles machine! Have you ever tried this die cutting machine?! It’s totally customizable because you hook it up to your computer. There are NO CARTRIDGES, so you save tons of space!

15. What is the 1 thing in your stash that is still in its original packaging?
I have a ton of products still in its original packaging, haha. No, I am not a hoarder! It’s just that most manufacturers come out with new products every CHA. 😉

16. How many LSS know you by face?
Hmm… Within a two hour drive radius from where I live, I’d say that 8 stores know me by face. That didn’t just happen overnight though! 😉 Besides, I teach for a handful of them.

17. When was the last time you did a layout & didn’t have adhesive handy?
Don’t laugh — on the airplane! I was on my flight back home from the GASC in Dallas. What?! I got really bored. I was given product to work with, so I decided to use that. I didn’t have a pair of scissors, so I was tearing left and right! As for adhesive, I didn’t glue anything down, haha.

18. Who started you on scrapbooking or was it self discovery?
When I graduated junior high, a relative bought me this scrapbook kit. I didn’t end up using it until high school. I didn’t become completely hooked until I was going through a rough time with my anxiety disorder. It was then that I started to use scrapbooking as a form of therapy.

19. Do you stand or sit when you create?
Mostly sit. …but I have created stuff standing. 🙂

20. Have you ever bought anything to realize you already had it?
All the time! If I could return all of these items, I’d easily get back $1000. No joke, either.

21. Do you have any storage tips?
Well, not too long ago, my brother told me, “If you aren’t going to use it, throw it away!” I hate to say it, but he’s right. The less you hoard, the more organized your space is.

22. How often do you blog?
I blog about 3-4 times a week. Sometimes, more. Sometimes, less. It really depends on what is going on in my life.

23. Do you have a favorite layout?
Off the top of my head, there is no layout that strikes me as a “favorite layout”. I love to go back and look at all of them.

24. Have you ever re done of your early layouts from when you first started?
Nope! Scrapbooking, in my opinion, is a type of art. Your style will change as time progresses. It’s always fun to look back on how your style changes, so I never try to redo a project. I like to see how I’ve grown artistically. 🙂

I dug up a layout I created in 2008. What do you think of my style from two years ago?

25. Have you ever traveled out of state to shop for scrap supplies?
I haven’t traveled out of state solely for scrapbook supplies. However, I have been out of state for scrapbook events where I did end up buying product. Does that count?! 😉

That’s all the questions that I have for today. Remember that if you ever want to contact me, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form on the “Contact” page. I always LOVE hearing from all of you!



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44 responses to “getting to know me.

  1. Gloria

    nice post. count down until friday….

    • portugal vs brazil. GO BRAZIL! 😉

    • Friday… For Group G, I’ll be watching for a how many goals Les Elephantes put pass the pathetic North Koreans and I’ll be watching for how many career-ending tackles Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro will be forced to play through. 🙂

      Then during Group H, I’ll be hoping that Torres figures out that his knee is okay and that all the talk about him heading to Barcelona is rubbish (Anfield is where he belongs!). 🙂

  2. Hmm….

    5. How do you store your letters?
    Small containers or a file folder!! Kuya Scott knows these things!!!!!!

    6. What was your biggest splurge?
    I remember going to a certain big name craft store on a certain November holiday and a certain brother bought 2 or 3 cartridges on sale…

    8. Do you like your handwriting on layouts?
    I LOL’d at this question for some reason.

    10. Do you shop online?
    Don’t lie! If you could, you’d buy HELLA stuff online! Like ME! Muwahahahaha!!

    11. Where are most of your followers from?
    “Lincoln,” “Sunnyvale,” “Vallejo,” and whatever San Diego is now.

    12. What is your favorite brand of paper?

    14. Do you scrap better alone or with friends?
    “Scott, shut up. Can’t you see I’m working here?” “Hilo, not now baby. Mommy needs to finish.” “HOSHI! QUIT EATING THE RIBBON!”

    15. What is the 1 thing in your stash that is still in its original packaging?
    I might have lost my chapstick in a pile of unopened materials.

    18. Who started you on scrapbooking or was it self discovery?
    You mad Jaycie Phelps sad.

    19. Do you stand or sit when you create?
    What about laying on your stomach

    20. Have you ever bought anything to realize you already had it?

    21. Do you have any storage tips?
    I am right FOOL! You better listen or Hilo is gonna pee pee on the scraps!


  4. Deftoned… some of your answers just made me laugh so hard!! I can picture her going: “Hilo, not now baby. Mommy needs to finish.” with that sweet tone of voice.
    Great layouts Sarah, loved the earlier one with you as a baby… how cute!!

    • sweet tone!? after hilo continues to bug her, the “HILO! MOVE!” comes out and he’ll look over at uncle scott, and i’ll just laugh and quote some random movie line…. maui will grunt and adjust her sleeping position… and gloria would just pretend like she’s in hawaii and surfing away from the nuttiness (or swimming with giant mini cooper sized turtles)!

  5. wendy

    oh yes *nods head* sarah has the cutest baby pics ever!


    awesome interview & questions (and of course layouts) 🙂

    thanks for sharing!

    call me when you’re not busy, please!

    miss you and gloria ~

  6. WOW, great questions and answers and I was glad I wasn’t drinking anything during the second round of answers, that’s too funny. You are an awesome artist and it’s nice to see that you look at things the same as a lot of the rest of us do. Love your layouts new and old.

  7. Ok…so when the heck did you get a Pazzles and why in the heck did you not notify me????? LOL LOL

    I uhm huhm……need to get mine out! hee heee


  8. Ya’z, I know of a particular photo from circa 1986 where you’re sporting a grease moustache and are being forced to act like She-Ra.

    I doubt you create a layoff with that photo and I doubt you’d consider than shot “adorable.” LOL!

    • that is not a “baby” photo… that is more of a “preschool” photo… 🙂 besides, that wasn’t a choice. you made me put on a dirt mustache otherwise you’d beat me up.

  9. Chris A

    I love your interview – but I am still cracking up from the additional Q&A in the comments – I never thought of scrapping while laying down but you just never know!!!!! Have a great week!

  10. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Ok…..Scott needs to be nice to my Sarah-bera!! LOL! However COMMA…his answers made me LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this interview Sarah..sooooooooo fun and love love love love love love love love the lo’s….U are a cute baby in that photo! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. This was really cool!! What a great idea for a blog post.

  12. great interview!! Always love getting to know more about other scrappers:):)

  13. That was an awesome blog post Sarah! Love your B’day Bash layout, and I always love seeing pics of your little pooches. They are just too cute!

  14. I totally have to scrap alone, too. I just can’t concentrate enough to talk and scrap!

  15. I think you are so talented and I am a “fan!”

  16. Love this post Sarah!! Very cool to get to know more about your scrappy style. 😉 Thanks for sharing it with all of us!
    – April

  17. Great post and questions! loved reading your responses!! You certainly have a wonderful and inspiring style and awesome personality to boot! xoxoxoxo

  18. Mo

    cool interview sarah! i enjoyed reading it! i have a question i’ve always wondered… you plan a lot of your layouts or do you just go with the flow and see where your hands take you? do you sketch it out or have it in your head and lay out a buncha stuff and put it together????

    • i plan, meaning i pick which supplies/products i want to use beforehand. from there, i just free hand and throw stuff down onto a page.

      as a matter of fact, if someone asked me to extensively plan a project, i’d freak out! haha. i really just do what comes to mind right at the time i create.

      hope that answers your question. 🙂

  19. Fun post! And I’m loving the new LO’s (& the old one, too! I remember that one, in fact!)

    Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  20. María Dolores Morales

    ¡Hermosa entrevista Sarah! es un placer conocerte un poco más!
    Me encantan tus trabajos, ya te lo había dicho.
    ¡Pero por favor dile a tu hermano que no tire nada!
    Lo que te sobre lo mandas para Córdoba, Argentina, aquí en Córdoba no existe el scrap y no hay materiales. ¡No tires nada!
    Muchos cariños!!!

  21. what a great way to get to know you! Your work is simply stunning, you have such a way with patterned paper!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It doesn’t look like I’ll be attending CHA this time around. Maybe winter in Cali!

  22. Jing-Jing

    That was a fun read, thanks for sharing Sarah!

  23. Marla H.

    Thanks for a great interview. I agree with you about scrapping alone when I am with others I NEVER seem to get much done!!

  24. What a fun post!! I love learning more about my “blog friends”. I especially love hearing how other creative people do their thing. 🙂

  25. It was super fun reading this post!! I sooo love all of those layouts!! I especially love all the detail on your b-day LO… and your older layout is sooo cute!! 🙂

  26. As a huge Sarah fan I am loving this post!!

  27. I love this post Sarah! Great questions and I love your answers! I find that creating is a great process and you should just go with the flow! Whatever comes to mind is best, and over thinking is not!
    Love the layouts and I love your true and honest inspiration! Thank you!

  28. Kerri

    thinking up the next round of 25 questions LOL….great feedback & by the way….. i might lost on the times , but what oh what is a Pazzle ??

  29. it was fun learning more about you, sarah! beautiful layouts, too!

  30. Kat

    fun blog post…and i love all the layouts…too, too cute 🙂

  31. Fun! But I have one question…have you ever scrapped 6×12? Lots of fun, if you haven’t! 🙂

  32. i loved reading the answers to all your questions! you are soo lucky you have so many scrap stores near you, i want to move to cali! lol.

  33. I love this post!! What a great idea. 🙂 I have to admit though, the comments were hilarious!! “Hilo, not now, momma’s scrapping”…. HAHA! I totally do that with ours… around here it sounds more like “Scar quit playing with that toy and hitting my foot. I can’t think. Not now. I’m scrapping.” Which leads to the toy being taken away and is quickly replaced with a puppy/kitty war complete with barking, growling, etc. Which is followed by “quit that NOW.” And she finally retreats to her dog bed under the scrapdesk and the cat goes and curls up in the opposite corner of the office by the closet. 😉 lol

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