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23 responses to “Audio Post

  1. OMG, how cool is that?! I can dial in a number, enter a code, and post via voicemail! This could be dangerous if I have my phone with me at a club/bar. haha!

  2. Hello, hello. It works sis-tar!

  3. OMG…I wanna do this!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, blogging by cell phone! What will they think of next? I just got an iPad and LOVE it! I went to bed the other night to read a book on it and remembered that I didn’t give my design team their assignment for the week. Without getting out of bed, I was able to post to my DT blog from bed! Gotta love technology! Well, when it works! 😉

  5. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    OMYGOSH!! I soooooooooooooooooo want you to drunk dial your blog while you are out clubbing!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Dara Hale

    Julie is going to drunk dial you and I will be the one who wakes you up in the morning!!!!!!!! OMG live it!!!

  7. Pam

    How cool! Technology – what will they think of next?

  8. I would say it works! 🙂

  9. Mo

    Oh my dear! What a wonderful thing! I hope you throw in some of these posts…I’m so happy to hear your voice! I’m such a geek…have been busy but I missed you! And I would LOVE to hear an audio post from a bar! Ha ha! I wanna play with this!

  10. Ha ha, that could be sooooo bad in the wrong circumstances! LOL.

  11. How cool is this?? How did you do it? so fun!!!

  12. it’s a feature that wordpress blogs have. 🙂 love WP! it rocks.

  13. I was so thinking the same thing. WOW Christmas in 6 months oh my.

    I love target too. New baby B crib set came from there. Its just so cute too.

  14. Monika Wright

    I think it’s so cool to hear a voice to connect with your sweet smiling face. I love the new blog header, too. And always love your work!

  15. Jacque

    This so ROCKS!!!! Hello!!!! Hello!!!!

  16. Gloria

    oh great. not only do i read about you. now i have to hear your voice?! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! =P

  17. Keesha

    Love love love it!

  18. Sherry

    Fantastic giveaway! Have an awesome 4th!

  19. jennifer hamilton

    Super Sweet!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  20. wendy



    and to think i was actually expecting for booboo to come out!!

    that would have been classic.

    sounds like podcasting time!

  21. iza

    congrats on being both ur lo.

  22. YOu are getting more & more famous!! No doubt bout that!! I love all the layouts in the mag 🙂

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