Hello, blog! I have not forgotten you. I just haven’t had the chance to post any updates. ((My summer is jammed pack with stuff to do.))

Anyway, family and friends have been my priority. Luckily, a handful of my friends are scrapbook addicts, which allows for cropping nights! I will update soon with pictures from our sparkling 4th of July weekend and some of the latest projects I have created (trust me, I’ve got LOTS because CHA is right around the corner).

In the meantime, here are a couple of new pics that were taken with my new lens:

…so, what do you think?! I’m not talking about what you think of the CUTEST DOGS in the whole entire world… I’m referring to the above photos?! haha. 😉

Anyway, my new lens took those photos. The forecast also predicts a new camera headed my way. I can’t wait. Perhaps the quality of my photos will get better.

See you all very soon!

PS: Having it polished really does wonders. My bling looks brand new again. Only a few more days until fun!



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23 responses to “brb.

  1. I get first dibs on the old camera and whatever lenses you no longer need!

    • i dunno if i want to give up the old camera. i might use it for everyday usage… aka — going to hawaii and playing in the sand. HAHAH jk.

  2. yes, very cute freaks. actually, the cutest freaks ever! 😉

  3. The pics of two of the cutest dogs in the world look good through my eyes. lol. It’s always hard to stay updated on computer stuff when the weather is so nice outside.

  4. Love the photos!!! You do have two of the cutest dogs!!!! Which lense do you own? (Sorry, if you posted this info, before!! LOL)
    I can relate, summer is so busy, I was here earlier seeing if there was an update(:
    Looking forward to your projects with CHA!
    have a good night! Hugs

  5. Beautiful pics!! I was gonna ask what lens that was too! ANd a new camera…that’s always fun, but I’m like you…I kept my old one too for backup and for play!

  6. Chris Aiton

    Just love those pix of the furkids!!!!!!! Have a super creative week!

  7. A new camera just in time for CHA! Awesome! 🙂

  8. Wow, awesome pics Sarah!!
    – April

  9. Gloria

    You forgot to mention who was the genius responsible for those photos. =P Anyway, it is sunny today, but the forecast predicts rain rain rain tonight. This is going to make for a very interesting evening in a convertible don’t you think? also today…germany vs spain. maui and hilo must be excited.

  10. How much better can these photos get? They are breathe taking! What kind of camera do you use? TFS, Mary M

  11. María Dolores Morales

    ¡Hola Sarah!
    ¡Me encantan tus mascotas, son tán dulces!
    Muy buenas fotos. Qué suerte que tienen por allí de tener el CHA!
    Muchos cariños desde Córdoba, Argentina.

  12. I always adore the photos of your pups – they should be published alongside your layouts!

  13. AWESOME pics!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  14. those pics looks great!! and the pups are adorable as always!! can’t wait to check out your newest work!! 🙂

  15. What kind of lens are you using? Because those photos are fantastic! I can’t wait to see all the scrappiness you have up your sleeve!

  16. Monika Wright

    I’ve missed you. And the eyes of pup #1 just make me want to give him a big hug. Love the black and white, too.

  17. Love the depth of field with the new lens! THe photos look great. May I ask which lens you got?

  18. Mo

    the photos are beautiful! you go girl! i’m sure you’ll take amazing photos! can’t wait to see! glad you’re having fun with the family and i’m SO JEALOUSE that you have all those scrappy friends! Mine don’t scrap! whats up with that?

  19. Such a couple of CUTIES! 🙂

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