punky sprouts class in chicago.

Remember that storm I wrote about last night?! Well, it turns out that it flooded a ton of spots all over the Chicago area. It made driving conditions horrific. It took TWO HOURS to travel EIGHT MILES to where we needed to be!


After sitting in the car for TWO HOURS to drive EIGHT MILES, we finally got to Creative Cuts and Crafts. We helped Suzy teach her Cherished Memories class using the newest book from Punky Sprouts. Here are some pictures of all of us from today’s class:

I plan on updating as soon as a can!



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35 responses to “punky sprouts class in chicago.

  1. Looks like so much fun!! 🙂

    • it totally was! wish you could’ve been there! you should drive to the bay with becky to take one with me. it would be so fun. 🙂

  2. ok, yeah…..I saw that on the news…so I take back every bit of grief I gave you. C is the one that saw it on the news and said something to me….remember TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN. Hugs,K and oh yeah….have fun!!!1

    • hahaha!!! it was horrendous!! TWO HOURS in a car… to get EIGHT MILES?! what the heck is that?! makes me LOVE where i live. 😉

  3. OH Sarah, hope the weather improves down over Chicago!!! Hoping for the chance to meet up with you at CHA!!! (coming in from Ontario, Canada)

  4. super cute. glad you survived the storm.

  5. The class sounds like fun but the driving sounds horrific!

  6. I haven’t even hit that bad of traffic before, and I live in Orange County and used to commute to downtown Los Angeles to work! Took me 2 hours to go 40 miles once…and it was to take my DD to meet the Jonas Brothers privately for a reality show—–we were so stressed out! But, like you, we had so much fun when we got there 😉 I hope you enjoy the rest of the trip, the best is yet to come, right?

    (a long time fan)

  7. yeah, I heard about the flooding-yikes! But it looks like a great time anyway!

  8. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    What’s with the tongue stuck out…silly girl!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. These albums look awesome! Looks like you all had a great time. And yes, I noticed the stuck out tongue Sarah, lol.

  10. i did a tongue face because suzy said, “now silly face photo!” so i did! =P

  11. Hey ..how cool for you..teaching and all right B4 CHA. Have a ball you!

  12. That’s crazy 2 hours?? We were there(Chicago) in the snow last year, I was way nervous because their traffic was so bad. Hope it gets better for you.

    I would LOVE to come to the bay and take a class, we’ll have to do that sometime.

  13. Looks like so much fun!!!!!! Be safe!

  14. I don’t know….. I think you ladies look better making faces. Joking!!!! I think it’s a fun pic all of you making faces. I hope the weather gets better for you.

  15. looks like everyone had so much fun. love punky sprouts

  16. Looks like a great project Sarah!!!

  17. Gotta love traffic. I assume you were late for class? 😦

    Fun photos… looks like it was a fun class!

    2 more days! Yay!

  18. Brittney A

    Holy man, that would drive me nuts, too. But, it looks like it was worth it!

  19. jacque

    Looks like fun was had by all…….i am so stinkin’ jealous!

  20. Looks like a great class! Wish I could have been there….
    Love the Chicago pics. Have fun @ CHA!!

  21. even though you had a 2-hr traffic/weather jam…. looks like you all had really wonderful class!!! and I’m with Julie… what’s up with the tongue… silly girl… have a blast… get some sleep and ENJOY!!!

  22. Oh my Gosh! My husband is in Chicago right now too. He said with all the flooding it took him 5 hours to get to the Cubs game! (It should have only taken a hour at the most!) They finally got to the game at the top of the 5th! 😦 Crazy weather! I hope you are having a great time anyway! I love the Chicago Art Museum.

  23. Chris Aiton

    the class sounds like so much fun!!!! Too bad the traffic was so bad. Have a great time in Chicago

  24. I love the silly group pic! Looks like fun! Man, what a yucky drive! Ick!

  25. Mustangkayla

    Oh yikes! Reminds me of when we lived in Vegas. Took me 30-60 min. to drive 11-13 miles EVERY Day! And that was on good days! Often it was much longer! Looks like you had a lot of fun at the class!

  26. callista72

    such cute pics! sorry about the drive though. ugh!

  27. Vel

    Looks like everyone had a blast. Awesome!

  28. Looks like so much fun! Love the minis!

  29. NanaBeth

    The minis are gorgeous and it looks like everyone had a super time.

  30. Lois

    oh my goodness, I love that album, adorable!

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