Week One: it’s mental (and giveaway).

The update on Week One.

I started this journey by weighing myself on Tuesday morning. Yes, it was a random day, but who cares?! Any day is a good day to start changing your lifestyle, right?

Week One was surprisingly easier than I thought it was going to be. I honestly thought that it was going to kill me, but it didn’t.

I think the hardest part of this weight loss journey is mental. Sometimes, I think to myself, “Is the time I spend at the gym really going to pay off in a month!?” or “Does eating this or that really help in the long run?!” It’s even worse when I get down on myself for thinking I’m not moving closer to my goal. When these negative thoughts enter my mind, I reassure myself that I made the right choice.

It has been exactly one week since I got on the dreaded scale. Today, I stepped on it hoping that I made progress.

…drumroll please…

I lost 8 pounds.

How’d I do it? Persistence, motivation, and lots of support/encouragement.

I am proud of myself for getting through Week One. It’s always tough to switch gears, but I managed to pull through. Phew! I plan on updating on Tuesdays, so stay tuned to hear about my progress or regression. Here’s to Week Two!

In celebration, I thought I’d “shed” some of my scrap stash as well with a giveaway. Who wants EIGHT new items from my scrap room?! It’ll be a fun grab bag of stuff you’ll love! Here’s how to play:

Leave a comment with some encouraging words by next Tuesday, September 14th.

Next Tuesday, if I shed more pounds, I’ll do another giveaway.



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105 responses to “Week One: it’s mental (and giveaway).

  1. Vanessa Johnson

    You did amazing! Great job Sarah!!!

  2. That is fantastic!! Congrats and good job… hope week 2 is an even bigger success!! πŸ™‚

  3. Jacque

    This is so awesome!! You go gurl!@!! I know how difficult it is!!!!! YEA! YEA! YEA!!!! I am just grinning ear to ear – their was even a holiday in there – you GO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WAY TO GO!!! That is awesome! Keep up the good work! You can do it!!! πŸ™‚

  5. That is wonderful Sarah! Good for you! Here’s a cyber hug for more success in week 2.

  6. WooHoo! Great job! keep up the good work!

  7. Congrats, Sarah – you go girl! Here’s to hoping that all upcoming weeks are as successful!

  8. Erika M

    Awesome job – get up the good work!!!!

  9. Theresa Felts

    8 lbs. is amazing! Just think how great you are going to start feeling, and how proud of yourself you will be as you lose more weight and become healthier and stronger. Soon those pups will have a hard time keeping up with you, lol.

  10. Alice

    Great job, Sarah! What an accomplishment and in only 7 days! Keep up that fantastic work – I know its tough but you’re on to something!!

  11. wow! I’m completely impressed & want to do whatever it is you’re doing. Keep it up!!

  12. go..go..go..girl.. you can do it! If you ever lose track, blog it over here so that we can “recharge your mojo” and send you to the finishing line…
    hugs, Heaney

  13. Wendy


    That’s amazing!!!

    If there’s anyone who can do it, I know it’s going to be you πŸ™‚

    Keep it up and great update!!

  14. Susan Spiers

    8 lbs – WOW! Congrats, I only lost 2! Obviously I’ve got to try harder – Thank you for the encouragement! Susan

  15. Angie Smith

    Awesome results!!! But the first part of losing weight is normally when you lose the fluid in your body. So what I did to keep me on track was to lose the carbonated drinks and turn to Diet Lipton Green Tea instead by the request of my doctor. You will be surprised at the change in your diet when you alternate just your drink. The tea will keep you hydrated but you will still want to take in your fair share of water. Good Luck!!!

  16. Misty

    First off….CONGRATS!!! WAY TO GO!!! I have always had a huge amount of admiration for anyone that can…scratch that… CHOOSES to make such a change in lifestyle. Most everyone “can”, but very few “choose” to do such. Seriously, diet and excercise take a HUGE amount of commitment…and YOU DID IT!!!! I know that you have the will power to continue moving in the BETTER direction!!! Praying for you daily…(((HUGS)))!!!!

  17. Hey you!!! you can do it!! remember it is YOU that has the power to do whatever you want and that the biggest events in History started with little baby steps!! go girl!!

  18. You rock, girl! Keep it going. You can do it. Once you have done it for eight weeks, it will be a habit and it will be easier. Hang in there!
    Big hugs all the way across the ocean from Austria

  19. Christy Miller

    Keep at it! I started on the 1st of September and I’ve only lost a few pounds. It’s super hard to be motivated to work out so I’m just walking 30 mins 3-5 times a week right now. Baby steps! and 8 lbs is awesome…great work!

  20. Marie / Legojenta

    Congratulations! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up =)

  21. Sarah!! That is AMAZING girl! You should be soooooo proud of yourself. I imagine that alot of jumping up and down went on after you got off of the scale. πŸ˜‰ Congrats to you!! I can’t wait to see what an awesome job you’ll do this week…
    – April

  22. WOW—-awesome job. Just keep telling those negative voices that you are stronger than they are πŸ™‚

  23. renee griffith

    congrads sarah! losing weight is hard work, but i know you can do it! keep up the good work<3

  24. I am soooo super proud of you! You can do it! I am also on a health kick! The kids just started back to school, so I have been throwing (not literally) the baby in the jogging stroller and running every morning after the kids get on the bus! What a stress reliever!! I’m hoping that I’ll see some results like you too! Keep up the good work, girlie!

  25. Pam

    Wow 8 lbs. is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever lost that much weight in one week. Sheesh, if you keep that up you’re going to reach your goal ahead of schedule. Thanks for sharing your story.

  26. Huge congrats Sarah!! 8 lbs. is amazing! That is incentive right there to keep on your path. You go girl!!!

  27. Sandi Pressley

    Congratulations on your healthy decisions you made last week and the results on the scale….hang in there and be persistent. If I can lose 50+ pounds in the last year you can shed the extra pounds and get healthy too….it’s one decision at a time. Thanks for the chance to win some scrappy goodness. –Sandi

  28. Lisa

    What an awesome first week. Dont get frustrated with yourself just keep going. You started the process and you just have to push through the hard time. You are going to do amazing!

  29. way to go!!! you totally rocked the first week!

  30. Wow, 8lbs! That’s awesome Sarah! you can do it! (that reminds me of some silly movie.. gosh, I can’t think of the name!) anyway.. congrats!!!

  31. 8 lbs is amazing! You so totally rocked the first week! I think we should get together and celebrate! Maybe some of your success will wear off on me! You can do this! You can become a healthier you!

  32. Girl, I am sooooo sooo soooo happy for you! Getting past that first road block and seeing that there can be a pay off will keep you motivated! Ya-hoo!!!!!!

  33. Wow that’s great Sarah. Any loss is a gain towards your goal and this week’s was amazing. Now that you know you can do it, I’m sure you will stay on target.

  34. Gloria

    good job! congrats and keep up the great work.

  35. YOU GO GIRL!!! It is mostly mental because a lot of us (raising my hand) have issues that cause us to over eat…….I’ve been holding it together too and i lost 10.8 lbs this past week!!!! We can do it!!!

  36. Yay!!!! 8 pound is a great start!! you are on the right track to a healthy, happier life!! I think i need some of your motivation and determination! =)

    keep it up =)

  37. Chris Aiton

    Congrats on such a good start!!!!! I know that you can do it!

  38. Woo hoo! Go you! 8 pounds is awesome!

  39. Oh Sarah this is fantastic news!!! May the journey continue, lol. Mary M

  40. Jaime

    WOW!!! That’s so impressive! What you eat and the time you spend in the gym DOES pay off in a month! Congrats and keep up the good work!

  41. Eileen Velez

    Keep up the good work!!! It’s very difficult – I definitely know how it is!!!

  42. You go girl! I am on the same journey as you. Huge congrats to your shrinking self!

  43. You go GIRL!!! thats awesome 8lbs, I only lost 1.5lbs, but I know why, I did not exercise & that is a big part of it (one that i dislike very much) Keep up the great work!! Heres to more shedding next week!

  44. You GO GIRL! That is fantastic Sarah!!Keep it up, I know you can!
    The mental part is the hardest I know!
    And it’s not all about the pounds, the cm do count for sure too!!
    So happy for you!!

  45. Woot WOOOT!!!! Awesome, Sarah. You GO, GIRL!

    Big high five. One day at a time…

  46. Wow – takes me weeks to lose 8 pounds! Congrats!!! I am on day 1 of eating better. Need to work out yet. Keep it up!

  47. Whoa! Eight pounds! Way to go! The first week is always the worst, I think and you did it! Woot woo!

  48. oh, CONGRATS to you!! That is SOOO AWESOME!! Keep at it! YOU can do it! πŸ™‚

  49. yeah for you… I didn’t lose one pound… no one… sooooo I am seriously proud of you… CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND…. very very very happy for you!!! Keep out the great work….
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  50. conniemelancon

    Great Job! The first few weeks are the hardest to me (for anything). Keep up the great work.

  51. Katie

    amazing! way to go! Just found your blog and cannot wait to follow along :)!!

  52. Heather Robertson

    congrats on the 8 lbs – you can do it!

  53. Su C.

    Congratulations! Great Job! Keep exercising and eating healthy. It will be tough at times but take it one day at a time.

  54. Way to go!!! It might seem tough just now but keep focuesed on you goals, the end results will make all you hard work & effort worth it πŸ™‚

  55. Wow!!! 8 pounds is awesome! I am getting back on track and only lost one, but I’m still happy.

    Way to go! Keep up the great work!

  56. Rebecca Yahrling

    Awesome job! I know you can keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  57. Ally White

    8 pounds!! That’s awesome! Congrats πŸ™‚

  58. Karen Keiper

    8lbs!!!!!thats fantastic. i have another 9 kilos i want to lose…..it can be hard to keep on track, i’m trying to remember to keep me as number one (atleast some of the time) which sometimes gets lost whilst running around after 3 small children. i’m sure all the support is helping. heres to week 2 and more losses.

  59. Congratulations, Sarah! I’m so proud of you! And thank you for the inspiration! Your determination and perseverance pushed me to continue with my “Project: Lifestyle change”. I, too, have started eating healthy and doing the treadmill. At my age (57 in October), it’s a lot harder to lose weight but at least I’ve started and hopefully, will stay on it. Good luck to me…hahaha! Take care and hugs, Ate Lil

  60. Great job! I keep putting off trying to lose weight and get myself into shape and need to just pick a day, start and do it!

  61. Polly W

    Sarah!! Way-to-Go Girl! That is amazing! Hope your week this week goes as well! I start the gym tomorrow, so I am on the same band wagon as you!

  62. Congrats on sticking with it!! That’s great progress and it’ll only get easier!! πŸ™‚

  63. samar

    I know it’s a long way up there girl…but you have already stepped up! HOLD ON! God bless you! xoxoxo

  64. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooo HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU ROCK and PS…I LOVE YOU! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  65. kat

    awww…yay! i’m so happy for you! i know it feel awesome to see results and feel like you achieve your goals. keep on keepin’ on, girlie! πŸ™‚

  66. nicole

    That is AMAZING!!!! What a great way to start off your life style change. My Husband and I are doing the same thing, and though there may be difficult times the end result of healthy living is what keeps us going. Good Luck in your second week!!! (High Five)

  67. DebraK

    Woohoo! Just take it one day at a time. Every little thing you do contributes to your success! 8 #’s is amazing! Love your designs and scrap pages….

  68. lindsay

    keep up the great work. you can do it!

  69. sarah

    thanks everyone! πŸ™‚ i’ll def keep all of you posted.

  70. Woo Hoo! Congrats! I am determined to start up excercising with my wii and have set my date of start up for Sept. 20th so this is encouraging to see someone else losing weight. Why the 20th you may ask..well I started school today(taking a photography class) and after I drop the kids off at school I head straight there and then I get home just in time to pick them up after school and then have to start supper. These first two weeks are just HR stuff then classes actually start on the 20th and our hours will be earlier than they are now and ending at 12:30 so I will have lots of time between getting home and picking up the kids and for me it is easier to do it when I am home alone. So, that is why I set my start date ahead abit as right now it just wouldn’t work with my life schedule…lol I do have to ask where you get your weight loss photos though as I love the apple one you used a few posts back I think and your scale one in this post.

  71. Holy crap…that’s a fantastic start for sure Sarah! Hooray for surviving the first week! Keep pushing those bad thoughts away and keep kicking some healthy lifestyle ass πŸ™‚

  72. Woohooooooooo!!!!! Fabulous!!!! Keep going!!!!!! You can do it!


  73. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels! I’m keeping this front of mind too. Good job Sarah!

  74. You are doing really good Sarah!! I myself am not doing all that great but it’s hard counting all the salt and liquids. But cutting out salt really helps with water retention. there is soooo much salt on all our foods, we don’t really need to add more.
    Keep up what you’re doing, whatever it is you’re doing is working for you. *HUGS*

  75. Wow! That’s awesome!! Hope week 2 is just as good πŸ™‚

  76. Way to go! The first week is always the hardest… it will get easier! And if losing 8 pounds in one week wasn’t motivation enough, I don’t know what is!! That’s awesome! Stick with it, you’ll feel so much better and happy you made the right choice!

  77. Lisa D(pdrnc)

    Congrats on your results! It’s so encouraging when you actually see the benefits of your hard work. It’s sure to keep you on the track you want to be on. Good luck with week 2.

  78. Arjanne

    Wow, that’s a lot! I wish I had the strenght to try again! Good luck for next week, but with this start, your motivation must be great!

  79. Jennybean

    Congratulations on losing 8 lbs!! Woohoo!!! It’s all just one day at a time πŸ™‚

  80. Woooooohoooooo, 8 pounds!!! That’s fantastic. I’m sure you’ll loose lots more.
    hugs, Isolde

  81. jackie

    wow congratulations!!! 8 pounds is a lot of weight. I did read through some of the comments and noticed that someone mentioned the water loss. I totally agree with this and was going to write it down as well. Whenever friends go on diets I always suggest limiting if not eliminating the amount of sugary drinks they intake. Many people eliminate pop/soda or other carbonated beverages from their diets and it does wonders. Some people lose over 5lbs off the bat. So if you haven’t done so already I suggest you do. (I usually drink water with lemon/cucumber/or strawberrys to give it some flavor.) I know it’s tough but you can do it!!! And just imagine how great and healthy you will feel and look.

  82. Congrats!! 8 pounds is amazing in your first week!! Keep at it and you’ll do great. Can’t wait to see how week 2 goes for you.

  83. Heather V

    GO Sarah! What a great achievement! I know you’ll keep up the good work… you have tons of online supporters cheering you on πŸ™‚

  84. Mustangkayla

    Way to go!

  85. That is FANTABULOUS!!!! We’re all proud of your accomplishments. And I’m sure many of us struggle with these same issues – I know I do.

  86. {vicki}

    Good luck with yur efforts!

  87. {vicki}

    Good luck with your efforts!

  88. Robin Jensen

    8 lbs in 1 week is awesome!! So impressed! Keep up the excellent work and don’t give up!

  89. DeniseB

    Awesome!!! What a great start.

  90. WTG!! Good for you Sarah!!

  91. Lindsie

    8 lbs in a week is great!! Keep up the good work!

    elkmeese at yahoo dot com

  92. Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier life. Be positive and enjoy the journey…

  93. Melinda Wilson

    Woohoo! Awesome Job! Over the last several years I have lost 45 lbs and I had to take it one day at a time. I would lose about 15 – 20 then stop for a while but I kept that part off. Then 6 months or so later I would start again and lose another 15 or 20. I have stayed in this type of routine now and I kept most of the weigh off. I have another 25 -30 pds more (well, really I would love to lose another 60 but let’s be realistic!) I am just joyful that I can buy some clothes in the misses dept. but still not everything . . . so it is one day at a time!!
    Keep up the good work!

  94. Pamk

    man I know how hard it is to eat better and exercise. I am so happy for you and will continue to follow or progress. Here’s best wishes on reaching your goals. I didn’t know I was so out of shape until I went to Dragoncon this past weekend. I walked so much the first day I was sure I could roll my behind out of bed the next morning. I am going to start back walking so when we go to HP world at Universal I will be able to walk easier without hurting so much.

  95. Pamk

    and obviously I can’t spell either. I mean couldn’t roll out bed.

  96. Darchelle

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets. You can do it!! We don’t live to eat—we eat to live and that means making a healthy, happy choice for yourself that prolongs and promotes the life you want to have.

  97. Deb Long

    That’s amazing ! I lost 6 over the summer by walking daily, but I’m having a really hard time keeping it off as the seasons change. Thanks for the inspiration!

  98. Congratulations! 8 pds in one week is great! The Biggest Loser starts Tuesdays…I always watch for a bit of motivation!

  99. Good for you! You go, girl! πŸ™‚

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