it’s a video… of me!

I was planning on posting this tomorrow, hence the “Happy Friday!” However, I decided to post it now because technically, for me, the weekend has all ready started, hehe. 😉

Sorry for the poor lighting. I captured the video at night in the kitchen with the rest of the lights off in the house. Anyway, hope you enjoy this video of me!

…and I’ll post pictures of those layouts sometime soon.

Oh, and before I forget, today I went to meet up with Suzy at Hambly Screen Prints for our lunch date. It’s an amazing manufacturer in the scrapbook industry. The selection of products they have is unbelievable! Anyway, I digress. I meant to share the fun news. If you are in the San Francisco bay area, make sure to join in on this SPOOKTACULAR event, which is open to the public. Here are the details. …and yes, I plan on dressing up in costume for Halloween, so y’all better make it out there. Hope to see some familiar faces!



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22 responses to “it’s a video… of me!

  1. fun video!! awesome layouts!! 🙂

  2. might have to go. i think ainsley would have a blast. thanks for the heads up.

  3. ok…one question….WHY was it only 45 secs??? I KNOW you can talk way longer than that!!!!! hee hee…..Can’t wait to see the layouts!!!! hugs, Katrina

  4. Sean

    What the heck? Was your laptop sitting in the sink?

  5. Total CUTENESS…

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend! 🙂

  6. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    You are toooooooooooooooooooo cute! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Love it!!! Happy weekend my friend! Hugs

  8. T.G.I.F to you too! Neat to hear your voice and see you on video!

  9. Jacque

    You are so adorable!!!!

  10. It was a fun video to watch and actually finally hear you talk. Thanks for showing it and Happy Weekend to you too.
    Hambly??? You get to have lunch with them??? Lucky girl. I soooo love Hambly!!

  11. Chris Aiton

    Happy weekend to you!!!!! Loved your little video

  12. Mo

    awwww, i like seeing you! loved the layouts! i hope your weekend is a good one!!!


  13. Pam

    Oh Sarah, you’re really are just so fun! I always love visiting your blog in the morning because I know that I’ll have a smile on my face to start the day. I hope you have a great weekend.

  14. Loved the video, Sarah! It was so cool to hear your voice!!

  15. audreypettit

    Aren’t you cute!!! So fun to see you in video, Sarah!

  16. I love seeing your smiling face on video! More posts like this, please! 🙂

  17. Hi Sarah! So fun to “see” you!

  18. Hi Sarah! great video of you! it was nice to hear you talk an see some of your Lo’s! so i’m your new follower! 🙂 have a great sunday! hugs Veronica 🙂

  19. Loved to see and hear you Sarah!
    Not as good as in real life, hopefully sometime, but very close 😉
    And Hambly…you lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl!!

  20. I’m really extecid to find, a day late and a dollor short, but I did find that I can get your books on the Nook. My question is, will your books becoming out in audible format? I do read but only when I can’t get audio books. Thanks for your great books. pt

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