Week 7: i did it (giveaway).

Today’s post is brought to you by us, the cutest doggies that ever roamed the planet! In case you haven’t met us yet, we’re Maui and Hilo. ((Hilo: I’m the one with the handsome brown markings!))

Yeah, yeah. Arf! We know that today is Tuesday, which means it’s Mommy’s designated day to post about her challenge. However, woof, we thought it would be fun to blog for her. Let us give you our own perspective on Mommy’s challenge.

We think it’s woof-tastic that Mommy has been doing things differently around the house. She gets up every morning, eats breakfast, and takes us out on our morning walk. After feeding us, she heads out to the unknown. Ruff. We still don’t know for sure where she takes the car, but we think she goes somewhere to get sweaty and stinky. We don’t understand why we can’t go along with her; we loooooooove to get stinky! Arf!

…and sometimes on our lucky days, we get to go out on jogs with her. The feeling of our ears flappin’ in the wind can’t be beat. Well, except for getting our bellies rubbed by Gloria, of course. ((Hilo: Maui, don’t forget the random excursions we go on with her nowadays!))

Woof! Every now and then, she stands on this square thing. It’s definitely not one of our toys because it doesn’t squeak. We aren’t sure what it is or what it does, but it always shows random numbers. Today, Mommy was in a good mood and gave us an extra treat after standing on the square thing. Ruff. We have no idea why she had a huge smile on her face, but she did tell us this:

“Guess what kids?! Mommy has lost a total of 30 pounds in seven weeks!”

We don’t know what that means, but as long as she’s giving us free treats, we’ll act happy too! Woof.

…and because we’re getting free treats, we decided to ransack Mommy’s scraproom and give away some free treats to you too. Arf. ((Hilo: Perhaps one of those scrapbook kits that Mommy has lying around her room!))

Leave us a comment, and we will tell Mommy you said hello. You have until Tuesday, October 26th, by 11:59 pm to play.

Licks and kisses,

Maui and Hilo.



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91 responses to “Week 7: i did it (giveaway).

  1. Hey you cuties! Tell your mom that I’m so proud of her!!!! That’s a big achievement. Thanks for a chance to win some goodies, too!

  2. Debby Westbrook

    Congrats!!!! 30 pounds in seven weeks is awesome!!!

  3. Brigid Christianson

    Oh my gosh that is awesome!!!!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!!
    30 lbs is soooooo much!!!!! COngrats!!!!

  4. congrats to you on your weight loss- that is amazing!!

  5. How incredible you are doing Sarah! It certainly showed in your recent photos. Bikini by HI, lol! TFS, Mary M

  6. Susan Spiers

    You both are so cute! Tell Mommy congrats on 30lbs!

  7. renee griffith

    great work! 30lbs thats awesome sarah! now i need to loose 30lbs:) good luck and keep up the good work

  8. super cute post Maui and Hilo! Congrats to Mommy on the great weight loss.

  9. Carolina

    this post was soOo cute! loved it, and congratulations on the loss! (I think that’s the only time it’s a positive thing…)

  10. Gloria

    Congrats on the 30lbs. It’s been quite a challenge. Maui and Hilo, you two are so weird. That picture of you both looks like instances when you both got in trouble and Sarah yelled at you. Hahaha. Ears back and deliver the big watery eyes.

    congrats sarah.

    • no, i wasn’t yelling at them. i told them they could get a “num num” if they would let me take a picture. obviously, it worked.

  11. Okay, having the puppy prints are the signature was beyond adorable!

  12. LOL! What cute doggies you are! And your Mommy continues to be an inspiration!

  13. Nice to meet you, dawgs! LOL

    Sarah, Keep up the great, fantastic, amazing work!

  14. WOW!!! **BIG** CONGRATS** to your mommy, she did a great job.

  15. Heather L.

    Oh my goodness! What a FUN post! Maui and Hilo, Please tell your Mommy that I think she’s amazing! Congrats!

  16. Congrats on the 30 lbs!!! That’s just awesome!!!

  17. Misty

    oh. my. puppy treats!!! tell Mommy that I AM SOOOO PROUD OF HER!!! She totally ROCKS!!! You guys keep encouraging Mommy cause that will definately lead to extra treats!!!

    BTW, it is such a joy to officially meet you two and I look forward to reading more blog posts from you ❀

  18. Woo hoo!!! That is fantastic….way to go!

    I’m down 16 from the beginning of exercising and noticed when I added healthier eating and accountability it went a lot faster. πŸ™‚

    Still a journey though!

  19. that’s incredible…keep up the good work, you are inspiring me!

  20. Beth W

    You guys should be really proud of Mommy. My guys are going on walks too-but a total of 170 lbs of solid muscle on a leash probably means our walks are shorter and you can forget jogging. However it does make for some great biceps.
    Congratulations girl-you have done a fantastic job.

  21. Lol… Hilo and Maui are way too cute!! Yay and congrats!!!! πŸ™‚

  22. viji

    Congratulations to your mommy!!! That is so awesome! And maui and hilo you both are very very cute! Tell Mommy to give a big hug and kiss to you both from me! Also, support mommy and she will give you many more extra treats!

  23. your dogs are soo darn cute! My lil Moose would love to play with them! Congrats on loosing 30lbs!! You are certainly rocking your challenge!

  24. Way to go Sarah!!!!! Keep up the good work! Trying to find my mojo!
    Your dogs are too stinkin’ cute!!! Hugs

  25. Jacque

    Luvin this post from the pups!!! AND WHOO-HOO on your 30 pounds. I could not be more happy or jealous!!! LOL!!

  26. Angie

    Oh my word that is awesome news! Your motivating me, I’m trying to loose weight after having my daughter. I’m so happy for you!

  27. Girl, that is so great!! Congrats to you!! And I think you should let the dogs blog more often. They did great today πŸ™‚

  28. wow, that’s like a whole little person! Congrats!




  30. Holy Awesome!! You kick butt! Now I need to do the same!

  31. Oh my gosh Sarah, that’s AMAZING!!!! I’m sooooo excited for you hon!!!

    Great post by the way Maui and Hilo…you did your mommy proud!
    – April

  32. Wow. You rock girl!!! you can be so proud of your achievements!!!

  33. Polly W

    Soooo Happy for you Sarah! You’ve worked hard and it shows girl! You should be so proud of your Mommy, Hilo and Maui!

  34. Pam

    Congrats on the 30! That’s so awesome…Hawaii here you come! Hmmm, a new bathing suit as a reward??? Thanks for the update Hilo and Maui – you make good bloggers!

  35. Woof, woof! You two are pretty darn cute, that’s all I gotta say! We’re all proud of your Mommy, too. BTW-woof, you can stay with us anytime. Do you like cats, horses and Border Collies?

  36. It has been a while since I have visited. 30 pounds!!! Amazing!! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment! Wow!

  37. Kerri

    how awesome is that ! 30 lbs ! that’s probably as much as my walking ,teething 15mth old toddler girl ! sooo proud of your mommy, can’t imagine how awesome it must be to have your walks & jogs which will be flying by now ! bring out the bikini !good luck to all & sending cuddles (and more stalking LOL) from new zealand

  38. Congratulations! That’s fantastic! 30 pounds! Way to go! I bet it feels great!

  39. Lisa D(pdrnc)

    30 pounds in 7 weeks!!!! You must be so proud. Congrats on your accomplishments.

  40. Wow, so proud of you, isn’t it a great feeling to loss the weight, i lost 90 olbs over the span of about a year… doing it on your own is such a great feeling…
    Congrats, keep up the good work….

  41. Yay!!! Congratulations Sarah!!! πŸ™‚ Maui and Hilo may just have a blogging career in their future — too cute πŸ˜‰

  42. From my dog Bandit — woof, woof! I am going to have to hi jack my mom’s blog! Loved reading your blog entry. Congrats to your mom. My mom is doing the same thing but unfortunately, has a knee problem going on right now. She did manage to limp along for a half way decent walk today. I wish I could join you guys when you play on the beach. I LOVE the water!

    Thanks for a chance to win.

    Bandit ( Jean)

  43. Congrats on the weight loss Sarah! Maui and Hilo – that was so sweet of of two to post this for Mom – you guys did a great job with the typing! Roxy would probably lick the keyboard. lol

  44. GO Sarah…GO Sarah….YOU rock!! Keep up the great work Girl:)

    Hi Maui and Hilo!

  45. Nicole Wohler

    Congraultaions!!! 30 pounds, you are totally amazing!!!

  46. Wow! 30 lbs. is amazing! And you have inspired many of us to get up and get moving too. Congrats!

  47. Heather V

    Hey guys! Tell your Mommy to give you extra pets from one of your readers, and also tell her congratulations πŸ™‚

  48. So excited for you, Sarah! That is so AWESOME! I’m sure you’re inspiring others to do the same now!

    Woot Woot (or woof woof… for Maui & Hilo ;-))

  49. Holy crap! That 30 pounds is AMAZING! You go girl πŸ™‚

    Ps. Love the doggie post!


    way to go!!


    good job! I LOVE THE DOGGIE POST!

  52. Karen Keiper

    i wish my dog was as smart as yours! mine can only wake me up in the morning, now if she did it with a cup of coffee i wouldnt complain…..congratulations on your weight loss and sticking ewith it. i joined a gym (i won 3 mths membership) so i need to make the most of it as we cant afford the membership, so i am using that as my inspiration, as well as following your journey, so keep up the good work.

  53. awwww… Hilo and Maui are sooo cute!
    awesome job on your journey to getting healthy and happy =)
    good job!

  54. Tell your mommy I’m so proud of her. 30 lbs quite an accomplishment. Keep up the good life style.

  55. Melinda Wilson

    Hello you sweet little pups! Tell your mommy I am very proud of her accomplishment and to keep up the good work!

  56. Mo

    hey maui and hilo! so glad you hijacked the bloggy from mommy! say hi to her for me!!!

  57. Has it really been 7 weeks??!?!?! OMG, that is so good, girl!!! Had to stop and say WAY to GO!!!!

  58. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Soooooooooooooo happy for your Mama!! That is AWESOME!! And free treats to boot! You can’t beat that!! Tell Mommy that Mr. Dandy wants in on the action! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  59. Su C.

    Hi Maui and Hilo! Chad and Kyle, my two Mini Schnauzers want to say “Hi” to you! Please tell your Mommy “Congratulations”! Thirty pounds in seven weeks is amazing!

  60. this is SOOOO AWESOME!! Serious happy dancing going on for you!! BTW-your doggies are SO sweet, my little mini is just chillin’ with me right now too! SO full of personality! πŸ™‚ You are doing GREAT!

  61. Ally White

    30 pounds!!!! You Rock!!! Congratulations. That is quite an accomplishment. I hope you meet all your goals and have a fun time doing it!

  62. kat

    cute post! and 30 pounds?!?! you go, girl!!

  63. Marie / Legojenta

    What awsome little doggies, typing up such a great post! Congrats on the 30 pounds!

  64. Jayne

    Wow, tell Mommy she is doing a great job! Congrats on the weight loss!

  65. Isn’t it nice when mommy is in a good mood??? Tell mommy congratulations on the weight loss!!!! And my little one says “woof” to you two.

  66. Chris Aiton

    Congrats to Mommy!!! that is so fantastic – we are all cheering and rooting her on with her challenge! BTW, you guys are way too cute!

  67. Christy Miller

    amazing! great job and the fur babies sound so happy that you’re doing this for yourself too!

  68. Hooray For You! That is so exciting! I am glad that you are doing so well with your challenge! Thanks puppies for letting us know!

  69. Jessica Mason

    congrats on the weight loss and thanks for a chance to win goodies πŸ™‚

  70. you did it girl…!!! congratulations! I am happy for you that you are seeing results now after putting so much effort on your slimming programme. Keep it up girl!

  71. Your post had me laughing out loud! So proud of you for your accomplishment – amazing results which shows how dedicated you are to this new healthy lifestyle! Give those pups a few nom noms and a hug from me!

  72. Kim L

    Yahoo for mommy! Tell her congrats and keep up the good work. Love that you are raiding Mommy’s scrap room. I’ll send extra treats your way with Miss Suzy when she come to Vista next month. πŸ™‚

  73. Vanessa Johnson

    Great job Sarah!!! You are doing AMAZING!!!!

  74. conniemelancon

    Tell your mom that’s AWESOME!

  75. Congratulations Sarah!!!!!!
    30 lbs …. that is sooo awesome!!

    Very cute post!

  76. Arf arf arf woof woof bark arf bark arf woof woof woof ruff bark ruff howl arf arf ruff.
    (translation: you are a weight loss rock star! Congrats!)

  77. No bones about it……this was one dog gone cute post!!! And congrats on your weight loss…..thats GRRRRRRRReat!!!

  78. fantastic job. so excited for your progress. keep it up hot doggie momma.

  79. Keesha

    Big huge congrats!! That is soooo awesome!!

  80. Sherry

    You are really really rockin!! It’s such an inspiration!!

  81. Congratulations! That’s fabulous! (now if only I could get such motivation from two little cuties like Hilo and Maui!)

  82. I’m sending you a big ol virtual High Five gf! 30 lbs.!!! Woo HOOO for you!


  83. Fabulous Sarah!!!
    I’m so proud of you!!


  84. That is awesome on the weight loss…WTG I reached my goal for weight loss in 6 months…17kgs off, so happy with how I feel and look. I know you can do it too…hang in there.

  85. 30 pounds is amazing! arf arf from buster and bamboo!

  86. WOWZERS!!! That is awesome – you should be amazingly proud of yourself! Congrats, and thank you for being willing to share your weight loss journey.

  87. Rebecca Yahrling

    What an awesome accomplishment – I am proud of you!
    And I just love your dogs … they are just too cute for words.
    Keep up the great work and have a beautiful day!

  88. Congrats on the shed pounds!! How did u do that?! I need to know too… seriously! You are such a determine person & I wish to have that too. Lol!!

  89. Just wanted to say congrats! I am so behind in my blog-reading!

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