our pathetic christmas decor.

No, I’m not done decorating the house. No, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish pulling out all the decor this year. …but I will share a picture of our not-quite-done Christmas tree. As some of you know, we change the theme of our tree every year. Last year, it was a bronze and gold tree. This year, we decided to go with the fairly traditional route – reds and greens. You can’t go wrong there, right?! …and yes, we’ve got BOXES upon BOXES of Christmas decor, which are all color-coordinated. Anyway, here’s the unfinished tree:

…and before I could get to the mantle, check out what G did!

She set up her Christmas Lego sets all over the mantle! I, of course, had to add the berry garland for filler, but can you believe it?! LOL! I’m not complaining, though, because it ended up looking really cute. It’s playful and fun, and it makes me smile everything I come home from work.

As for the Christmas tree over at Our Paper Place, I went with mostly greens. Here’s a picture I took with my phone of the tree when we were in the process of setting up the store before Thanksgiving:

Umm, what’s that white ball of fur under the tree?! Well, it’s Maui. She apparently was waiting for Santa to bring her some toys and treats, hehe. She’s not waiting there anymore, though. She now begs Grandma and Grandpa for treats when I’m at work. …and yes, Maui and Hilo get tons of that. SPOILED – I think so!

How’s your holiday decorating going?! Hopefully, it’s much better than my pathetic attempt to decorate this year, lol!





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28 responses to “our pathetic christmas decor.

  1. awwww…how stinkin’ cute…heck we don’t have any decorations up…don’t know if we will do it this year or not….but LOVE the Legos….go G!

  2. heeey! don’t be cheering for G… u should be cheering for me, dork! πŸ™‚

  3. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the trees!! And the legos…and GUESS WHAT??? I just got my vacation bids approved for 2011… I got Jan. CHA time off…and and and and and … wait for it.. the WEEKEND of NOVEMBER 5th off! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    • WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! yay!!!!!! :):):):):):) do you like my julie smilies?! i’m jumping up and down… okay, i’m not really… but i am SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER excited. πŸ™‚

  4. the tree is super cute. finished or not! and i love the legos.

    • whatevs! you are probably like… i just cleaned that up off the floor this afternoon. LOL. πŸ˜‰ can’t wait to see your face soon!

  5. Your tree looks so cheerful! I wanted to do a mix of Santa’s with a big red santa hat at the top but DH didnt like the idea.

  6. Love it — Maui totally has it figured out!! πŸ˜‰ Both the trees and the Lego village look fabulous!!

  7. Pam

    Aw, what a cute pic of the puppy by the tree! We haven’t even gotten a tree yet. So, you’re ahead of the game as far as I can tell.

  8. Your tree is Awesome, I don’t how it’s not finished, it looks full to me. lol. The tree at the store is pretty too, Maui has the right idea. That lego house is super cute. I don’t have any decorations up, I did buy a new ornament though. Have a great one.

  9. I loooooooooooove your tree! I think it looks fabulous!

  10. Looks great. No tree here yet. I refuse to get one until my daughter is home from grad school.

  11. Oh my heavens your tree looks fantastic! I can’t believe it’s not done….it’s perfect! Love the Legos! My son would love them too!

  12. Beth W

    Since I have to buy my 35 year old son Legos every Christmas-I think you’re decor is just perfect!

  13. your trees look so pretty! We haven’t gotten ours yet. Hopefully this weekend!

  14. Jacque

    Maui so rocks!

  15. Christy Miller

    not finished?! what are you talking about? Your tree looks amazing!

  16. your tree looks gorgeous so far, and how stinkin’ cute is Maui lying under the tree!! πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays

  17. your christmas treees are gorgeous, sarah!! πŸ™‚

  18. Loooooove your christmas tree. I decorated mine last Monday! I really love this time ofthe year.
    xxx, Isolde

  19. Beautiful tree! finish or not! I LOVE the lego village! Too cute!

  20. You call that pathetic? Please have a look at my bare tree. Still, that’s an improvement on the Christmas bike from a few years ago, or the “no tree Christmas” of last year. PLUS, you color coordinate. I can never convince Mike that we need to do that — LOL. LOVE Gloria’s legos — I’m such a sucker for them. I’m still putting off packing away my lego turkey from last month. πŸ™‚

  21. Oh yes, nothing can go wrong with red and green (and golden) Christmas decor. The tree is really beautiful. Very cheerful It does not look unfinished at all, honestly. I mean, what isn’t finished there? By the way, Maui fits under the other tree so well, I though it was a stuffed animal at first.

  22. OMG! YOur trees are gorgeous! Hope you have a good week sweet friend!

  23. not finished yet. My kids did most of the decorating which was TOTALLY fine with me! I love that they enjoy it.

  24. Cute! And I’m loving the Lego scene…. Byn would LOVE that! πŸ™‚

    Have a great week!

  25. Hanneke

    Love you unfinshed tree (looks finished to me)!! Love the look of yiur shop in your former post, wish I could visit!!

  26. Hi Sarah, it was so nice meeting you @ Hambly tonight! I forgot to mention that I totally love Maui’s name. Maui is our favorite place; we were married there almost 10 years ago.

    The tree looks great. Totally love the Legos. My 7 year old is a Lego fan.

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