the fine details, NOT!

…so what is going on in my head?! Well, if I had to write everything that was going on, this post would last a really, really long time. Rather than reading through every fine detail in my life, I thought I’d share some of the more recent happenings.

When I got home from CHA earlier this month, I caught some nasty bug. I’m thinking it was the flu. It knocked me out for almost a week, and I was so bummed that I missed everyone who stopped by my store to say hello. 😦 Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you all very soon. I’m feeling much better, but thanks for everyone’s well wishes. πŸ™‚

Earlier this month, it was also Maui’s third birthday! Can you believe that my sweet l’il furbaby is now 3?! She’s no longer a puppy, ack! Anyway, I made her a delicious chicken and rice pupcake. By the way she scarfed it all up, it’s safe to say that she thought it was delicious!

Not too long ago, it was that time of the year — Chinese New Year dinner. Delicious food, unique culture, and family filled the house. I especially love Chinese New Year for the varieties of food you can put into hot pot. Yummy! Here’s the set up part:

My family recently came up to visit me on a weekend. We took a quick road trip up to Santa Cruz. Here’s a picture of me and my parents being silly:

…and I think that’s all of the pictures I have for today. See, I told you it was all about the fine details… NOT! πŸ˜‰ Oh wait! I have one layout to share. Here’s a random American Crafts layout that I finished at last Friday’s crop:

Have you guys seen the new American Crafts products that were released at CHA?! It’s so frick’n cute! I got my l’il scrapbooking hands on some of it it, and I can’t wait to create with it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some projects with y’all soon. πŸ˜‰



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9 responses to “the fine details, NOT!

  1. Bummer you got sick – hope you are feeling better soon! Happy birthday to the furbaby – what a fun bday treat! lol πŸ˜‰ Cute layout and that table of food is making me HUNGRY!!

  2. awwww…I miss you Sarah bear!!! Love the layout, glad you are feeling better….and we need to catch up soon!!!!! hugs, K

  3. glad that you got over that nasty bug. Sweet photo of Maui!

  4. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    I miss you sarah-bera! I loveeeeeeee the photos and that lo is awesome!!! sooooooo hoping you feeling better now!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. All that food looks delish! Happy Belated Birthday to Maui πŸ™‚

  6. monica

    Awwww…. adorable pics sarah! Love your posts!

  7. love the photos… and the table setting is lovely… such fun family photos… and happy birthday Maui…. love the lo… miss you bunches… have a fab weekend!!! {{hugs}} Michelle

  8. Glad you are feeling better Sarah! Big birthday (((HUGS))) for Maui!

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