here’s a combo: taxes and layouts!

I should really be throwing a party for this kind of thing. 😉 I find it hilarious that I’m so thrilled at myself for keeping up with the whole bloggin’ thing; I used to post at least 4-5 times a week. Now, it seems like I post every other week. Yikes! I really ought to try to keep up with documenting my life.

Today, I thought I’d share what’s been dominating my time. Taxes, paperwork, more taxes, and more paperwork. Major ew! The deadline for taxes is approaching quickly, and I’m still in the midst of working on filing mine.

I’m usually not this last minute, but with the opening of a brand new scrapbook store last year, life got fairly complicated, haha! I’m actually learning a lot about federal and state laws in the process, so it’s not so bad. 😉

Aside from all of the boring tax stuff, I still manage to fit in time to create. It’s my outlet, so I need it! I made this fun birthday layout using American Crafts’ Confetti paper.

I’m a huge fan of those fun, adorable cupcake embellishments. Wait, who am I kidding?! I’m a fan of all kinds of cupcakes, lol!

I can’t remember if I shared my next layout or not, so forgive me if you have to look at it again. …so this is how the story goes. Last month, people started challenging me to step outside of my comfort zone. They told me that I’m all about clean and bright designs when I create. Well, guess what?! I created something that’s so not “Sarah”. Here’s one using tons of Prima stuff:

For something outside of my own realm, I like how this one turned out. I especially love the cluster of Prima acrylic flowers. Oh, so pretty!

Okay, now I’m totally trying to avoid doing paperwork for the store, haha! Time for me to finish up bloggin’ for the day because it’s time for those dreaded taxes. *frown*

Happy Thurday, peeps!



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10 responses to “here’s a combo: taxes and layouts!

  1. I’m with you sister! I hate taxes and totally try avoiding them- but it’s gotta get done! I love that you are still making time for yourself to create. I am trying to do the same. Love your LO’s and the Prima LO is gorgeous!! Nice job

  2. I just got ours finished up last night — and then it’s on to making an estimated 1st quarter payment. blech. I totally hear ya! Scrapping is way more fun 🙂 Cute layouts — fun to see you step out of your comfort zone — it’s so pretty!! 🙂

  3. I let Dh do the taxes. I just sign as the innocent spouse.

  4. Gloria

    love it! taxes are snoring…. i mean boring… although necessary. i didn’t get to be first today.

  5. Speaking of being a fan of cupcakes…I’m a fan of Sprinkles thanks to you! Cute LO’s, as always!

    And I saw that Jackie congratulated you on FB for your April ST pub, so I’ll congratulate you too (even though I haven’t seen it yet!). I’m glad to know there’s yet another magazine out there with both of us in it! 😉


  6. Ps… I had to click through a couple things with the link you gave me to get to this page. I guess the google feed for your blog picks up the store page now. It’s really a cute set-up though!

  7. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeee your lo’s!!! Just gorgeous! Good luck with the taxes! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. audreypettit

    Hi there, Sarah!! I’ve been thinking about you lately and wanted to pop over and say hello! I’m hoping to come out to CA this summer, and want to stop by and see your fabulous new store. 🙂
    LOVE your pages! The first is so bright and happy, and I love the vintage styling of the second. Just beautiful!

    • oh my goodness! how fun would it be if you could come crop with us?! you’d love it over here! let me know when you’re in town, and we’ll do lunch or dinner!

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