guilty pleasures.

It’s Tuesday, and I haven’t accomplished what I would have wanted. However, I thought I’d keep on track with my bloggin’, so I wanted to share my latest guilty pleasures.

1. Cupcakes: Seriously, who invented these things?! They’re so delicious, but loaded with calories. ARGH! Yesterday, we tried this new bay area cupcake shop called Kara’s Cupcakes. I think I actually like it more than Sprinkles, but it doesn’t top Magnolia’s in New York. 😉

2. Bad Photographs: Is it bad that I find people’s “bad” photos entertaining?! I don’t mean to take a picture of you with your mouth open. You’re the one with your mouth open, haha! Honestly, “bad” photos just happen. 😉

3. Chuckin’ Snails: These things are such an annoyance! I feel bad that I’m annihilating ’em, but I find pure joy in chucking them 20 ft up into the air only to hear them go “kersplat”. …what?! They tear up our garden!

4. Clean Dogs: I feel bad that Hilo has a fear of bath time because he fell into a pool when he was just a puppy. I’m sure he’s probably traumatized, but who doesn’t like having their dogs clean?! Sorry, Hilo. You’re outta luck when it comes to bath time.

5. Fondue: Ummm… totally not something you should be eating all the time, but it’s too good to not eat! We’ve been really into La Fondue in Saratoga, but recently, we’ve picked up our very own fondue pot. Last night, we made our own pot of delectable cheese! YUM!

Everybody’s got at least one. What’s your guilty pleasure?!



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10 responses to “guilty pleasures.

  1. jacque

    It all looks so YUMMY!

  2. chips and dip….so bad…but oh so good.

  3. Yum! Love Kara’s!!! Definitely a fave here at my house. As is La Fondue (or just homemade cheese fondue). Guilty pleasure? hmmmmm, paper hoarding? peanut M&Ms? facebook?

  4. I love Kara’s over Magnolia any day!!!! And, darn that Kara, she opened up a cupcake spot just minutes away from me. How’s a girl supposed to stay away from guilty pleasures with that kinda proximity???

    And, you’ve named another of my guilty pleasures – fondue!!!! I like it cheesey, i like chocolatey, I like it meaty I just like it!!!

    See ya, gotta run out for a guilty pleasre or two.

  5. I love Kara’s cupcakes!! Been enjoying them for a couple years now!! I’d be in trouble if I lived closer to the bay for sure 😉 Yummy food pics!! Last weekend, my husband went snail hunting at our house — it was an all out war!! They are eating our flowers that are sprouting up darn it!! 🙂 My guilty pleasure? Those dang Salted Caramel Squares at Starbucks. Darn them for tempting my sweet tooth!

  6. I think you need to invite Suzy over to “la fondue Sarah’s”! LOL LOL And yeah…totally dig cupcakes….but chucking snails?! girlie!!! And I have pictures of snails to scrap….and I think I am going to get NO sleep at CHA……I will be afraid of the “bad” pics! LOL Hugs, K

  7. Chocolate would be mine! Just got my dog bathed today. Luckily he enjoys it.

  8. Oh my word…cupcakes AND fondue. I’m incredibly jealous and now hungry! 🙂

  9. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    hehehehehehe… my bad photo of G… is MUCH worse than that one… lol.. I wonder if she will ever forgive me for it! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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