this is my ordinary day.

Sometimes I wonder what everyone else’s day looks like. When I say day, I’m not just talking about any day, I’m talking about an ordinary day.

Wanna see my ordinary day?! Well, technically it’s not ordinary because I’m not at the store. Instead, I’m at home because I’m suffering from some stupid virus, most likely another flu, and an ear infection.

Laundry. Wash, dry, and then fold. For me, the worst part is the folding and putting it all away part. Who needs to fold and put it away anyways?! 😉

In the middle of putting away the laundry, I got sidetracked by Yelp. I’ve been recently hooked to voicing my opinions. I know that no one really reads my reviews, but I think it’s fun sharing my thoughts. Hence, I have a blog, haha!

…after that, the dogs beg me to let them out to play in the patio. I can’t say no to their puppy faces! What kind of momma would I be if I kept them from playing outside?!

Maui got bored of playing outside, so she kept naggin’ me to play tug-o-war. Obviously, I had to tend to her. She was too darn cute!

After entertaining Maui for a little bit, I had to do more ordering for Our Paper Place. Product moves fast off of the shelves, so I have to stock up on stuff every week! That basically keeps me busy for hours. I felt mentally and physically exhausted at this point, but I fought the urge to take a nap. Yeah, yeah. I know I’m stubborn when I’m sick.

Instead, I went out to the grocery store to pick up some stuff to make one of my favorite Malaysian dishes, Hokkien Mee (Penang style). Being sick and going grocery shopping takes a toll on the way you feel, that’s for sure!

Then, I came home to cook dinner. It’s a long process to make the soup for this dish, but I slaved away in the kitchen because I was craving it. As to why I just didn’t go out and buy it, who knows?!

Here’s what I spent my afternoon making:

I was afraid it wasn’t going to turn out that great because Malaysian food isn’t my expertise in the kitchen. The only way to get the A-okay on my dish was by asking a native Malaysian Chinese food connoisseur.

I didn’t get the A-okay. I did, however, get the A-excellent approval. Wahoo! She probably just said it was good because she knew I was sick. She didn’t want to make me feel worse, haha!

Now, I’m just relaxing and trying to stick my face over the humidifier, haha! …and with that said, that is my ordinary day. Pretty boring, huh? However, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

PS: Somewhere during the course of my day, I went through a whole box of tissues. 😉 Oh, and here’s a sneak of a layout that I made. Check out the cute stuff in the Rocket Age collection from October Afternoon:



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9 responses to “this is my ordinary day.

  1. Gloria

    Great photos. The native Malaysian gives you a thumbs up for effort. B+ for accuracy. A+ for even trying when you should be resting!

  2. hahaha a B+?! OH HECKS NO! You know that I don’t settle for anything less than an A. 😉

    Yeah, I’m a straight A student, and I’m proud of it. Looks like I’ll be working on that dish. LOL.

  3. Gloria

    Next one. maur chee.. mmmm….

  4. Sean

    “Hell to the no!”
    – Mercedes

  5. soup looks tasty! i want some…and heck no! no more sick!!!! i too hate the folding and putting away, i prefer to leave the laundry in the automatic clothes dispensers (also known as the dryer). totally need to make it out to the store soon. feel better. hugs.

  6. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Hope you feel better my dearest! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos! That dish looks yum… no matter what G says! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Love your ordinary day! Feel better soon!

  8. your dish looks yummy. Thanks for sharing your ordinary day with us.

  9. I hate laundry too…especially the folding it and putting it away part. It never ends…

    Feel better soon! Hugs…

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