cough, cough. memorial day weekend.

Why is it that after a rough battle with the cold/flu I end up with a horrid cough?! Someone please explain that to me! I brought out the humidifier again. In the past few years, we’ve been quite acquainted with each other; it’s almost like we’re best friends. …and my inhaler is slowly climbing up my acquaintance list, as well. 

Aside from my horrid cough attacks, this past Memorial Day weekend was wonderful. An extra day off always puts a smile on my face! We decided to stay close to home, go house hunting, and bask in the sun. Family from out of  town came to visit, and we treated them out to dinner. We also headed out to Pacifica to enjoy the beach. I know, I know. I probably shouldn’t have gone out sick, but I get cabin fever easily.

cough, cough.

Here are some pictures of the crazies playing out in the back:

…and here’s a random video of Maui and Hilo in the backyard:

cough, cough. Happy Tuesday!




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6 responses to “cough, cough. memorial day weekend.

  1. i remember when i went with G to home depot so she could fix the sprinklers over near where hilo was running. it was hella hot that day.

  2. i want to play with maui and hilo! drive up here already. uncle scott is lonely.

  3. They are so cute! Hope you stop coughing soon.

  4. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Cuteeeeeeeeee photos!!! And do you still have your tonsils??? brookie was having the hardest times with coughs after colds till she had hers removed! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. they are so cute. get to be feeling better already!

  6. this allergy season has been a tough one. Lots of inhalers and allergy meds in this household too. Hopefully you are at the end of it and on the mend. (Hugs)

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