two weeks.

Two weeks. Can you believe that it’s been about two weeks since I last blogged?! I really need to work on writing more, haha!

We threw a “Jalloween” party at Our Paper Place. Basically, that just means that we celebrated Halloween in June, hence “J”alloween. 😉 It was another sold out crop, so it was tons of fun. Yes, most everyone dressed in costume. Of course we got a lot of weird looks from people in the complex, but it definitely attracted a lot of people to join in on the fun.

Some of the random decorations placed throughout the store had customers wondering what was going on.

Here are some of the chocolate mummies that I wrapped up for everyone as a thank you for coming:

The best part of the night were the costumes. They were thoroughly entertaining not only for me, but for the customers as well.

Suzy came as “bonnet girl”. We thought she was Granny Goose on those chip bags, lol!

Jeanne came as herself, a witch. Just kidding, Jeanne! 😉 I absolutely love her witch hat; the feathers make it unique and fun, and the color is so fitting for it.

Angel came dressed as an 80s chick. Isn’t she adorable in her getup?! I loved her accessories; they were so fitting.

Last but not least, Gloria went as herself, too. Haha! Just kidding! 😉

Aside from the Jalloween crop event, Hilo had another life threatening event. 😦

He had his annual comprehensive exam, so he was administered more vaccines. The night of the day we went in to see his vet, we noticed irregularities around midnight. He was hiving and restless. His face was majorly swollen. He was panting uncontrollably.

We ended up driving him to the emergency vet clinic, where they notified us that he was having another allergic reaction to a vaccine. Sigh. Poor kid had to get probed and pricked. 😦

After a rough night and a couple days of healing, he’s doing much better. Actually, he’s back to normal — causing mayhem at home. 😉 He was feeling up for a driving out to visit Grandma and Grandpa on Father’s Day weekend.

Maui’s also doing well. She seems to be enjoying the sunny weather, especially because she loves sunbathing in the grass.

We spent a lot of our time visiting family this past weekend.

My dad was happy that we took him out to eat lunch for Father’s Day. We also spoiled him with a Blu-Ray player for his entertainment room.

I’m really excited because my Lola (Grandma on my Momma’s side) is now living with my parents again. Yay! I missed having her around. Here she is with her great grandchildren and grandchildren:

…and Kian is getting sooooo big. Isn’t he adorable?! I love his hair!

Yup, so that’s the brief update on my last two weeks. Hopefully, it won’t be another two weeks when I next update, haha! No promises though, hehe.

PS: I’ve got a huge design team gig in the works, and I can’t wait to share all of the exciting news. It’s gonna keep me super busy. WOW! Seriously, I’m stoked for this new adventure.



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8 responses to “two weeks.

  1. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    AWESOME photos and sorry to hear about Hilo!! Hope all is better now!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Poor Hilo! I can’t believe he had reactions again this year. Poor pup. On a happy note, your J’alloween crop looks like it was a ton of fun! Cute idea 🙂

  3. Poor Hilo! Glad to hear all is well other than that. At least you’ve blogged in two weeks… I’m um…. behind. 🙂 LOL

  4. Hi Sarah Girl!!!
    Poor Hilo:( That is scary!
    Your Jalloween crop looks like it was so much fun! I totally wish I lived near your shop.
    We are all good. Busy but good:)
    Glad to hear you are busy but good too!

  5. Looks like a fun crop. Glad Hilo is better.

  6. Wow, loving all the colorful shots. Looks like you all had a fabulous time. I am missing you all like crazy! We must make plans soon.

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