the furballs (and giveaway)!

It’s so hard to say “no” when you’ve got eyes like these begging for treats.

It’s so hard to kick the furkid off of the bed when they look so innocent and sweet.

…and you can’t help but smile when you get this face up into the camera:

I couldn’t resist posting some of these photos to share. Seriously, I could cuddle them all day long if time allowed.

As far as me, I plan on posting a couple of layouts very soon. I have a couple of in progress layouts ready to be completed. I don’t normally start a layout, and then come back to it later; I try to go from start to finish.

…and because I haven’t done a giveaway in months, I thought now would be a good time. Answer the question below:

Are you critical about your work/creations?

Leave a comment to this post by Sunday, August 7th, and I’ll pick a winner for a Spunky Sprout mini album! To double your chances of winning, post somewhere else online — blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Remember to share a link with where you shared the giveaway in the comments.

Ready, set, go.




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32 responses to “the furballs (and giveaway)!

  1. “Hilo! Did you do this?! Don’t smile at me young man!!”

  2. I am generally okay with my projects when I’m done. I do look at them and think I coulda|woulda|shoulda, but I don’t go back and change it. Once it’s down, it’s down. Other people won’t see the same “mistake” that I see, so I just go with it.

    btw-Always love how you create with those Spunky Sprout mini’s! My youngest’s nickname is Spunky.

  3. btw, why does Hilo get 2 pics and Maui only gets 1? 1 for the bathroom garbage can and 1 for the num^2 in the car?

  4. Vanessa

    I’ll be the first to admit, I’m *overly* critical of my work. It’s actually something that I’m working on, because I have a tendency to think that my stuff isn’t “good enough.” I’m scrapping for me, and my family, so if I like it then that’s all that matters!!

  5. I am my own worst critic! I really need to just enjoy it more!

  6. Rebecca Yahrling

    I’m semi-critical (if that makes any sense!) about my work, only because it’s done in fun and given mostly to family, who loves my work no matter what. 🙂 I’d cuddle your fur-balls, too, if I could! lol Precious!

  7. oh, cutie doggies! Yes, I am critical of my creations some times to the point of love/hate…weird I know! guess it’s the perfectionist in me….

  8. Yes I am very critical! I really do not want anyone to see things that aren’t perfect. That is probably why I do not work creatively fast or question trying new things! But I love seeing other people’s work… Even when it’s not perfect!
    Love your dogs! My big eyed matsese/shi tzu wants treats too!

  9. I think I’m most critical of anything I do. Can’t see what others do, even though I can see the beauty in their stuff.

  10. Jodee

    I can be critical. I think it depends on what i’m working on. Some stuff seems to require more concentration and more agony! LOL! Thanks for the giveaway! Love it!

  11. I am way too critical about my work! I need to relax and have more fun with it! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  12. I also just tweeted about your blog 🙂!/JennyG

  13. Brigid

    I am critical too but like someone else said I leave it be! ONce it is done it is done. Sometimes they grow on me and sometimes I think they are ugly forever. But at least they are done!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!! Great album for vacation pictures!!!

  14. cindy barriga

    I am extremely critical of my projects, I always think I can do better but then I don’t. I feel I lack something I just don’t know what.

  15. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    They are soooooooooooo adorable!! And you all ready know that I am… lol :):):):):)

  16. cute photos…I am always super critical of my projects. I rarely ever love one.

  17. kat

    aww…love the pics!

    im always critical of my work…im never totally pleased

    just read about the health scares…i hope you’re feeling better now.

  18. Cheryl

    Your babies are so cute! ….As for the question…I am sometimes. More so when it is for someone else, but I am only human and we all make mistakes 😉

  19. Love the furbabies! 🙂 I am a bit critical of my work, but once it is done, I move on. I have never taken apart a layout because I was unhappy with it. Too much to do to worry about that! Trying to embrace my imperfection! 🙂

  20. I am definitely my own worst critic, but I try to think of my art as constantly evolving, and give myself a little break every now and then!

  21. audreypettit

    OMGoodness, they are just waaaaaaaaaaaay too cute! How can you resist those faces?
    Critical? Often. But I think that’s how I grow. 🙂

  22. conniemelancon

    aww… no I couldn’t say no to those eyes either! I’m am too critical of my work and usually take apart my LO’s a few times before completing them.

  23. hi Sarah,
    generally my page stays open on the table for a couple of days with me playing around until it speaks to me “YES this is what i want to be” lol
    thanks so much for sharing

  24. Hey Sarah, glad you’re feeling better. I don’t know how you ever say no to those two adorable fur babies. :0) I’m somewhat critical of my own stuff, I try not to stick it down until I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it.

  25. Melinda

    I am very critical about my work…which is why it takes me so long to accomplish something!

  26. Krystal Z

    Hi Sarah, Great Work and Love the Doggies!!
    I think everyone is critical of their work, I am somewhat. Although, I am very pleased with what I have done to my scrapbook this past year. GO ME!

    Happy Scrapping 🙂

  27. Your furkids are just waaaayyyyy to cute. Look at those sweet faces. Yep…I’m critical of my work. It takes me hours to do a layout. I try to get the embellies just right on the page. 🙂

  28. Deb

    Yes I am critical of my work! Thank you for the chance to win! Beautiful Dogs!

  29. I am pretty over-critical of my work, it’s that darn perfectionist in me! It usually takes me many hours to make a LO, but I’m ok with it! It’s the journey, right? PS: Tweeted about the giveaway too @JMJ697MN 🙂

  30. I don’t want the book, I just wanted to say HI!!!! 🙂

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