typity type.

I have missed the feeling of writing and typing and typing and typing and writing and blogging and typing. Has it been two months? Three months? Eh, what does it matter! What matters is that I woke up today thinking, “Today, I’m going to type.”

  • Half Moon Bay pumpkins never fail. We made such a mess with all of the pumpkin “guts”, but we had a lot of fun carving!
  • The store had its one year anniversary. The year went by so fast, and I’m so thankful for all of the loyal customers that have supported us this past year.
  • A vacation was definitely in order; St. Regis suites and butlers are fantastic, especially when you’re a platinum member and they treat you like royalty! 😉
  • I am so grateful to my wonderful group of friends that have coffee/lunch with me on random Mondays.
  • I went to the best party of my life, ever. Thanks to everyone who showed me a great time.
  • Siri has seriously become my personal assistant. I feel lost without my phone; is that a bad thing?!
  • Kate Spade is monopolizing my plastic, haha!
  • Christmas decorations are finally up and and taking over the house. …and the picture below doesn’t even have our gorgeous paper snowflake garland we added across the mantle!
  • Creating projects is still something I do on an everyday basis, even when I don’t post or share everything with everyone. I love this holiday Echo Park paper by the way.

Um, yeah. It felt nice and so natural to type and blog and type and blog and type a new public post. Hrm, I wonder when I will post next. One can only wonder.

PS: For those who have asked, the dogs are doing well. They have been getting spoiled like crazy from family and friends, especially because we’re in the holiday season. 😉



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14 responses to “typity type.

  1. Sean

    ROL is finally back! I’m super excited!

    P.S. That party was epic!

  2. You’re back! I’ve been missing your blog posts =)
    Hope you and the dogs are well. Happy Holidays =)


    p.s LOVE LOVE Echo Park too =)

  3. G

    welcome back. epic.

  4. Arantza

    I have missed you sssssoooooooooooooooooooo much girl!!!! I have so much to tell you! … and so much I want to know from you and your life! In the meantime I will enjoy the postings… whenever they come, makes me happy to see you, your typing, your pictures and your artt!
    See ya!

  5. Happy to see you back. I was just thinking about your blog the other day. Love your decorations!

  6. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    I have missed you my Sarah-bera!!! Love to you and G!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Jacque

    How are your Puppies, missing those cuties!!! Of course I missed you too! LOL!

  8. hey stranger! good to “see” you!

  9. Yay! Red oak lines is back! Wahoo! Awesome photos, Kate Spade goods, and yes, that party ROCKED!

  10. I’ve missed seeing your puppy pics, layouts and you! Hope you are doing well and it’s good to see you back! 🙂

  11. Nancy

    Glad to see you back. Been thinking of you, meaning to come by. Love your photos. Poor G… No Lego mantle this year. Lol.

  12. Saw your post come up in my Google Reader feed and I went, “Oh my gosh! Haven’t heard from her in awhile!” Glad to know you’re doing well and congrats on the one-year anniversary of your store! (Wish I could get out there to see it.)

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