playing with paper (and sushi).

Today I had a huge urge to be paper crafty. There was no agenda, no assignment to complete. I busted out a box filled with older leftover scraps from previous store projects.

It was pure bliss. I wanted to share two of the handful that I made today.

First layout was about who I am. I love that the words from one of the many Crate Paper sticker sheets go well with what I was trying to document.

Second layout was all about the pups being spoiled. These pictures were taken awhile ago, but I love seeing their “smiles” on their faces, hehe. So cute!

With a little touch of Stickles, wah-la!

For dinner today, we ate at the sushi bar around the corner. Their sushi rolls are humongous! I’m still full just thinking about it, and dinner was over five hours ago. I took random photos and thought it would be fun to share.


Okay, I’m off to bed because I’ve got a long day tomorrow. However, I’m thankful that tomorrow’s Friday! The forecast of my weekend looks fairly entertaining. I’m hoping for the very best.



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15 responses to “playing with paper (and sushi).

  1. so happy to see your posts again 🙂 and your work!

  2. Love your personality layout! Cute way to use the words. Those pups are too cute!

  3. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Beautiful! :):):):)

  4. So cute! Love both your layouts Sarah!! I know I said this yesterday, but so glad to see you back!! 🙂

  5. yeah! Scrappy pages–BEAUTIFULLY done!

  6. I know that sushi place, man oh man!

  7. Well dang… now I’m totally in the mood for sushi! Love the new pages! And…. I just saw your store photos on Amy Tan’s blog. Why did I see Gloria in the photos & not YOU?!! Don’t tell me, let me guess…. you were the photographer?

    Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays so far! 🙂

  8. PS… was just noticing last night, that Bryn has a picture of Maui & Hilo hanging on her wall. Thought you might enjoy hearing that. 😉

  9. Nancy

    Love both your layouts…the sushi looks totally yum!!! but huge!!! glad to see you back. now if i can figure out a way to get up there and see you in person.

  10. Love the layouts! So cute. And yum… Sean and I had Beto’s last night, but I’m pretty sure he was still jealous of your sushi!

  11. Love the pages!!! So cheery and bright!! And that sushi… OMG, it looks fabulous! And you’re not kidding about it being big!! Wow!!

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