christmas carols and santa, what the heck?!

Let me start off by saying that the oddest occurrences have happened in the shop two days in a row now.

These occurrences weren’t bad, just very different than my typical day.

Yesterday, I was creating in the back, and two guys walked in; it seriously looked like they were charging towards me to attack me! After my minor panic attack, I noticed that one of the guys had a guitar strapped over his body. All of a sudden, the dude with the guitar started playing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, and his friend started singing along. Yup, just for me. Then, they walked out.

Today, I was typing up a flyer with the latest events, and all of a sudden, a jolly Santa walks into the shop. He rubs his belly and shouts, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Then, he hands me a candy cane and says, “Hope you get everything you want, Miss.” Hrm.

I’m baffled, but then again, it’s Christmastime, so I’m not too worried.

…and because everyone around me seems to be festive, I thought I’d share a holiday layout I created last week using the latest Echo Park and Authentique stuff:

Can you tell that I love their stickers?! Yup, I went sticker happy here. It’s just so amazing to me that there are so many things you can do with random stickers.

Lastly, below is another Authentique layout that I made using more stickers. This one’s all about my brother and his girlfriend; they’re so adorable together, so I thought I’d make a lovey dovey layout about these two lovebirds.

Yeah, yeah. I went sticker happy again. Go figure! I couldn’t resist using them for something romantic. 😉

I still need to take real photos of our Christmas tree and some of my favorite ornaments this year. Ever since I got the new iPhone, I’m always taking the shortcut using that camera. Hopefully, if I find the time tonight, I’ll snap a couple and share them.

Happy Wednesday!

PS: Nat, I hope you enjoyed that layout. Feel free to share it with the world, hehe. 😉



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7 responses to “christmas carols and santa, what the heck?!

  1. Michelle

    Glad to see you blogging again. Love both layouts and your handwriting is so pretty. Turn it into a font!!!


    YAY! Thank you, Sarah!

  3. Nancy

    love how you are using the stickers. great inspiration i may have to try. so glad to see you scrapping. kinda freaky on the randos in the shop, but…iut is the holidays.

  4. AWESOME layouts! those are some weird things….at least they’re festive! 🙂

  5. LMAO, both of those events would have weirded me out a bit, too! Love both of your layouts, Sarah!

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