…to look a lot like christmas.

People have been sharing their home holiday decor all over the web, so I was inspired to share a peek into our winter wonderland.

Personally, I love the paper snowflake garland because it’s all about the paper crafting!

The tree is glowing and lighting up the room. We decided to do a red and silver tree this year; those were the two storage boxes towards the top of the Christmas decorations, haha! Yup, that’s what you call pure laziness when you don’t want to go through all the different color boxes. …and for those wondering, yes, we have a box for almost every color.

…and of course, some of my favorite ornaments on the tree .

Every Christmas, G’s parents want me to trim their tree as well, so I had fun decorating with them. We decided to explore the attic and garage, and we found a box of old trims and trinkets. Here’s what we did with that old box:

Yup, it’s decked out where I’m at. Now, if I could only finish the holiday shopping. Is it bad that I’ve only bought presents for the dogs. I really need to start working on that… NOW!



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7 responses to “…to look a lot like christmas.

  1. nat

    LOVE it all! Ah, yay for Christmas!

  2. Michelle

    Love your trees, Sarah! Great job!!!

  3. Looks GORGEOUS!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Sooo pretty! And no, it’s not bad that you’ve only bought presents for the dogs. 🙂

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