it’s 4 am.

For some reason, this morning I woke up way too early. I looked at my phone and it was only 4 am. Bleh! I have no idea why I got up that early?! All I know is that I couldn’t fall back asleep. Physically, my body was exhausted, but mentally, I had so many ideas running in my head.

Thus, I decided to get up, stretch, and create.

*edit* I completely forgot to credit my layout toย Sketchy Thursday. I’ve always loved their sketches, and I thought I’d use their very last one for inspiration. I’m totally going to miss their sketches. Here’s the sketch I used:

…and here’s my take on it:

…and just like before, I mixed old and new. Most of this one is new though. It’s loaded with Crate Paper‘s Paper Heart collection. I love the soft color palette to these papers. Plus, those tile chipboard letters are a major win.

On another note, someone emailed me and asked me where I work. I thought I’d share what goes on around me on a daily basis at Our Paper Place. Here’s a peek into what work looks like for me as of right now:

Of course, everything changes weekly. The displays, the products, the sample projects — everything changes when I say so, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ Right now, my infatuation lies in trying to find new fixtures to merchandise products and maximize space. *sigh* Lots of work to do before I head down to CHA at the end of this month.



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18 responses to “it’s 4 am.

  1. not really. lol. that’s what pills are for! jk! =P

  2. nitasha

    Sarah, your layout is super rad!!! LovesIt!! Abnd, love that shelf of Mister Huey…just dreamy!!!

  3. Adore the way you added the frames!

  4. Emily w

    Wish I had yor job. I like the chipboard frames on the pictures! Great idea!

  5. Love the mix of frames and they way you journal!

  6. Nancy

    love your projects..the store displays look great! so need to find some time to get up there. hugs.

  7. Love the layout Sarah! If you can’t sleep, creating always works for something to do right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By the way, I’m in LOVE with the Mister Huey picture! I wish I could find it locally…sigh…
    – April

  8. Fabulous page! Terrific color combo, framing, journaling and heart banner!

  9. Maggi

    What a gorgeous layout! Love your take on the sketch!

  10. Thanks for giving us a peek into your store…wish I lived in NoCal so I could drop in ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun at CHA

  11. been a follower for quite sometime now. just wished i lived near your store, i would be visiting quite often. lol. anyway, i’ve been up since 4 a.m. (saturday), can’t go back to sleep. just wanna say that i love following your blog (it’s on my “favez” list) and i adore all your layouts and style. you’re such an inspo! thank you!

  12. audreypettit

    What an awesome layout, Sarah! Love the misted background and the pop of color against the white. And what a sweet banner. Love how you framed the photos, too. So, so pretty!
    Love the shots of your store, too. So want to come visit you next time I’m in CA!

  13. Love those photos of the store – wish Ohio was closer to CA!!!
    Your layouts are super, as always!
    And congrats on the Little Yellow Bicycle spot!!

  14. First of all, I LOVE your layout. Such vibrant colors! Love it.

    Second, your store looks delightful! Wish I could come visit. I think I’d love it there!

  15. Love the way you framed the pics on that LO!!! So fun:) Your store looks amazing….sigh….someday I will come and visit you:)

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