letting loose.

Sometimes, letting loose is the key to happiness.

…so it started to downpour this past weekend, and I had to put on my galoshes and jump around in the puddles. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun every now and then. I came home drenched, but it was totally worth it. I don’t even remember the last time I jumped around in the rain. It felt amazing to feel free.



This weekend, I also tried this new bagel shop nearby, which was delicious if you must ask. The landscape for the complex that the bagel shop was located was awesome; they planted lettuce all over the place! Especially after the rain, the lettuce looked so pretty with the morning dew. Even though I probably looked odd staring at lettuce in a parking lot, I had to let loose and capture a photo. Look how gorgeous:

It reminds me of patches up along the coast of Northern California. I wish that I saw more of these around, and not just in pretty gardens. Anyway, I digress.

After breakfast at the delicious bagel shop, I headed to work. I spent most of Saturday hanging out at the shop. It was so nice for my family to drop by; it’s always a pleasure to see them. I can let loose and be myself around them.

Dad playing on his iPad at the shop.

One of my favorite aunts on the left and my mom on the right.

My aunt and I hanging out at the shop.

Working on a store project, yet again.

I haven’t really created much in the past few days. Life has been hectic, but I’m back on track now. Below is a couple of layouts I finished up during downtime, making layouts #23 and #24 of my bucket list complete:

I told you I’m in love with Studio Calico. *swoon* It works on just about everything you could possibly imagine. With a little bit of twine, some misting, and a couple of buttons, you’re bound to create something artistic.

…and because I’m all about Authentique, and I love designing for them, here’s one using their Gathering line:

The warm color palette works for a thousand different projects. Besides, these colors match up well with a ton of older projects. …and we all know how I feel about mixing the old and the new, hehe. 😉

Anyhow, I suppose this post is a reminder just for me — to let loose every now and then. If people are going to criticize and point their fingers at someone for easing up, then perhaps they should let loose themselves.

Let loose, and I’m 99.9% sure you’ll feel better instantaneously. Your life will thank you for it.



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11 responses to “letting loose.

  1. What fun! I need to so something like that! Love the layouts!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this post Sarah!! Thanks for the reminder to live a little more. 😉

    Amazing layouts as always! The SC one is totally yummy…
    – April

  3. Nancy

    So fun! Love to play in the rain!!! Great photos, amazing layouts!

  4. looks like so much fun! The lettuce looks too pretty to eat LOL!

    I agree with you on Studio Calico…it is so easy to use with any layout! And I love your’s 🙂

  5. so many fabulous photos!! love the rain ones!! oooh and the lettuce.. I had to look at them twice to see they actually were lettuce – they look like big flowers! Gorgeous LOs too!

  6. Emily w

    Gorgeous layouts. Glad to see you’re letting loose!

  7. Fun times…love it! And the new pages are adorable! You look great, too, btw… 🙂

  8. love how you lined up the circles in your layout!what a great look!

  9. Great post, Sarah! What a great reminder to all of us to “let loose” and enjoy life. Love your pages, as always 🙂

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