wedding, seattle, and scrapbook stuff.

I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been about a hundred years since my last post?! I truly have no words as to why I’ve been such a bad blogger; I really need to make time in my busy schedule to write and document my everyday. Perhaps, I should jump on that Project Life bandwagon. Oh, who am I kidding?!

Hmm, where do I start? I suppose my February excursions are a start. There was a lot of traveling in February.

We packed up and headed down to Dana Point for our good friends’ wedding. Each and every one of her details were beautifully planned. It was definitely an event to remember. Again, a huge congratulations to the beautiful couple, Erica and Joe! We can’t wait to share many more memories together with you two.

March has come and gone, and I managed to go without bloggin’ very much. 😉 I’m a huge fan of March because it’s my birthday month. Instead of celebrating at home, we headed to Seattle, Washington for the weekend. It’s incredibly gorgeous, and I seriously wouldn’t mind moving up to the Pacific Northwest. We took hundreds of photos, but here’s a handful of the memorable ones:

Handful?! More like double handful. Yeah, there’s tons more too, but it would take me way too long to get them all uploaded for a blog post. I’ve been definitely getting stuff put onto pages though, and I have actually created a mini album using Amy‘s new Daybook.

I love the Daybook concept because it’s easy to work with. You can basically scrapbook on the go! Add photos and embellish your heart out. Besides, it’s a lot of fun.

…and while I was at it, I created a layout with my leftovers! Love Amy’s stuff. If you’re in the area, come check it out over at Our Paper Place.

Not only is Amy a fabulous designer and teacher, she’s also an awesome friend! I have pictures from our Amy & Kelly workshops, so keep your fingers crossed that I get back on track with bloggin’! Stay tuned.



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13 responses to “wedding, seattle, and scrapbook stuff.

  1. Always love to see your layouts!

  2. Glad all is well. LOVE all of the pics! SO happy to see you post.

  3. glad to see you blogging. missed you last week, planned on heading over…but ran out of time. seattle looks like it was a blast. i love the EMP! definitely could spend all day there. love your layouts, need to check out the daybook concept….oh who am i kidding. hugs.

  4. mjmarmo

    Looks like lots of fun!! Love all your photos!

  5. djenks

    Your hair could use some Soul Glo!

    • Scott (or Sean) – how’s the moving coming along? Obviously unproductive because you’re playing on my blog. Hehehe. Will call you two later.

  6. Gina Torres

    I totally loved Seattle when I was there! Great pics!
    More blogging please!

  7. You’ve been a busy girl for sure! Awesome pics Sarah and love the layout! 😉

  8. Fun pics! Looks like an awesome way to spend your birthday month! Hope it’s a fabulous year for you!

  9. Emily w

    Glad to see you posting again. Great photos!

  10. EEK! I live near Seattle. It’s a lovely place to live!!! Looks like you had a blast, and wouldn’t mind you moving here at all!!!

  11. albeca3

    LOVE Seattle, was there last summer TOTALLY miss it! LOOVE all the photos and GREAT layout girl!

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