the day off.

I love my job, but I love my life so much more, especially when you’re enjoying the day off. The spring weather was so perfect today, so what better way to enjoy it? With the four-legged friends, of course!

Pictures of Maui and Hilo are long overdue, so I thought a post filled with their irresistible pup faces would be fun.

I found it so amusing that they laid there and stared at their “newly discovered” toy under the sectional. They basically stared at Nelly, the purple octopus, until I pulled it out for them. Seriously, I can’t stand how adorable and cute they are.



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12 responses to “the day off.

  1. Love the pics- your doggies are so cute! Totally understand about the job/ day off thing! I feel the same way! Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. lol! im now “elk grove”

  3. mjmarmo

    Sounds like a perfect day off!

  4. They’re absolutely adorable!

  5. they are so cute! holly does the same thing…just stares at her toys until someone retrieves.

  6. Great pictures – looking forward to seeing the Maui pictures – been away for too long. If you need a ‘Hawaii Pick Me Up’ every now and then – plz follow our blog or check us out on Facebook –

  7. Furkids are the best! I hope you had a wonderful day off 🙂

  8. albeca3

    SO totally cute! My little schnauzer JUST got herself in trouble! chewing on some newly planted flowers–and she KNOWS she is in trouble. Good thing I caught her before she really did some damage to the plant and herself! 🙂

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