random snippets.

Last week, I ended up staying after hours at the shop, and my good friend, Linda, came by to visit us with one of her furbabies.


Hilo was so happy to make a new friend, and he can’t wait for the next time he gets to see Kelly, one of the cutest Yorkies ever. He was so bummed that she had to head home, so he waited by the door.

Perhaps in the near future, they’ll be able to go out on a walk together. In the meantime, Maui keeps him company.

On our drive through Niles, the dogs wanted some fresh air, but they wanted to do it in style.

Aren’t they adorable?! Too bad they weren’t wearing their Doggles, hehe.

While headed up to visit family for my cousin’s First Communion, we had to stop and reminisce our college years at Dos Coyotes in Davis. This place was a go to for dinner, especially considering it was right across from the town home we occupied. Their burritos are top notch. Yum and yummy!

We stayed at my brother’s place for the weekend, and the dogs were happy to run around causing raucous.

((Thanks brothers and Nat for having us over.))

Lastly, I can’t believe how much my cousin has grown. She’s going to be eight in October. Oh, how times flies. Sigh.

On another note, I’m thinking about doing Project Life, but I don’t want to commit to something that I won’t do. I think the hardest part about the project is printing the photos. I have three different photo printers, but I still find it tedious to print everything. Hmm… Decisions, decisions.



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9 responses to “random snippets.

  1. dude, there are always more pics of hilo than maui! 😀

  2. Great post Miss Sarah! Always love pics of the pups. I totally wanted to do PL too but I knew my week wouldn’t allow it. I may just have to do it this week instead:)

  3. Such cute cute cute photos!!! Looks like you had a great weekend!!

  4. such cute photos. you can do the project life…commit! you would rock it.

  5. Awesome pictures as always Sarah. 😉 I say if you want to try PL but you’re worried about the commitment part, then look at it differently. Who says it has to be week to week? Why can’t you do it as a journal of sorts and do a spread at a time whenever you feel like it, kind of like scrapping…

  6. albeca3

    love the doggie pictures–love doggles-LOL! sounds and looks like you had fun!

  7. Love all the photos! I’m anxious to see if you end up doing PL. I bet yours would be amazing 🙂

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