here, there, and yosemite.

HERE: A few weeks ago, we took a trip down to So Cal. It was definitely worth the rest and relaxation time. As a matter of fact, I believe that Maui and Hilo definitely had more of a vacation than me. Spoiled much?! Maybe just a little.

THERE: A couple of our good friends have been together for what seems to be an eternity. With a handful of their family members and close friends as their witnesses, they officially tied the knot. I was so honored to be able to share that special day with them at San Francisco City Hall.


YOSEMITE: We also decided that camping needed to be on the agenda. Oh, this trip was one unforgettable outing.

Bright and early on the first morning in the park, we planned for an “easy” hike to the top of Vernal Falls. We made sure to take pictures along the way.

About 1.6 miles with a 400 feet elevation gain to the footbridge, it was time to take a long breather. Phew! You would think that for less than two miles, it would be fairly easy. Nope! I’m not going to lie — that elevation change is pretty rough. Talk about a “moderate to strenuous” workout.

After a 15 minute breather and a refill in the CamelBak, it was up the cliff we go. Literally, it’s a steep climb to the top of the falls.

After the rough (and scary) incline on the granite steps built into the cliff, Gloria and I made it to the top. The feeling of accomplishment that morning was one amazing rush.

As for Gloria, I swear she didn’t even break a sweat. But then again, this is coming from someone who’s done the Half Dome trail a couple of times.

Day two in the Park started at the crack of dawn. On the way to Tuolumne Meadows, we stopped to enjoy the views at Olmstead Point. The alternate view of Half Dome from this angle looks incredible. Just looking at it, I still can’t even imagine hiking that 4,900 feet elevation climb.

Tuolumne Meadows, thus far, is my favorite part of Yosemite. The spans of meadows are so beautiful, so green. We, of course, had to hike through it. Along the way, we couldn’t resist taking photos.

After some downtime at lunch, we headed back towards Yosemite Valley, but we had to make one stop along the way. Gloria wanted to tackle the boulder that broke her foot over five years ago. The fact that she went back to face that fear, in my mind, shows who won that battle.

Playing in Yosemite Village was entertaining. Here’s a couple of photos of me and my brothers goofing around:

Now that we have the annual pass, I’m super stoked for our next camping/hiking adventure. As for now, I’ll settle for some of the trails nearby. Some of the Bay Area coastal trails look like they could be pretty comparable.



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10 responses to “here, there, and yosemite.

  1. I LOVE THIS! I can’t wait to conquer Vernal and Nevada Falls next time! 😀
    Such a fun, fun trip!

    • I am so with you on that. We can totally do it. Within a couple of years, we’ll be saying Half Dome was easy peasy!

  2. I’ve got a couple of additional hikes to add. Great job Sarah on conquering Vernal.

  3. WOW Sarah what amazing pics!!!

  4. How fun! That is some hiking!

  5. How awesome!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos!!

  6. cathy

    That looks amazing!!!

  7. looks like you had a great time! so jealous…wish i was there now.

  8. Jealous! I’ve always wanted to visit Yosemite. Beautiful photos 🙂

  9. I’m with you re: Half Dome! LOL When we went several years ago, I walked the valley trails with the dog while my insane husband RAN/hiked the trail to the top of Half Dome!! 😉 Looks like you had a great time!!! Gorgeous pics 🙂

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