along the california coast.

I will never get tired of the California coast. There’s always something or some place new and exciting to explore. A couple of days ago, we decided to drive down the coast again, and this time we found this fun little stop off the side of the freeway. It’s amazing that this old bridge still allows cargo trains to cross it.

Not only is there a bridge with train tracks, there’s also a pedestrian walkway for people to enjoy the views. Here are a couple of pictures that were taken:

By the end of our slight detour, the dogs were non-stop panting, exhausted! I can’t fault their “out-of-shapeness”; it was pretty toasty outside. Besides, miniature schnauzers have thick coats of hair on their bodies. Plus, it doesn’t help that Maui and Hilo are in dire need of major grooming, hehe. 😉

…and after half of a day of driving and exploring, we safely arrived at the hotel. I love this picture of my family.



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14 responses to “along the california coast.

  1. Awesome pics as always! I think that family shot needs to be scrapped asap. 😉

  2. beautiful photos. looks like a fun day

  3. Beautiful!! G looks so happy with the pups! 😀

  4. audreypettit

    California is definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth! LOVE the coast line! Looks like you all had a fabulous time. The pups may have been pooped, but they sure looked happy!

  5. Emily w

    Great photos. Looks like everyone’s having a good time. Even the dogs!

  6. Bonny

    Ya Know how much I love your pups

  7. Rebecca Y

    I see some amazing LO’s in your future. 🙂 The CA coastline is so beautiful – been there once, hope to get back one day …

  8. Gorgeous pics!! Looks like you all had a great time! 🙂

  9. Sarah, I’m so glad you visited my blog, it’s great to hear from you 😉

    Love the photos. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit California but I will someday… and your family is supercute


  10. Great pics. I cannot wait to come to the west coast!!

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