it happens every summer.

From here on out, the shop will probably host its summer carnival. With all of the last minute sign-ups, we were able to host a fun little event that showcased our teachers’ creative talents. Everyone seemed to have had a wonderful time; I, for one, know that I had a fantastic time. Check out some of the photos from the event below:

Make sure to look for details at the shop next summer if you want to come create beautiful projects with our wonderful teachers.

Every summer, my little cousin comes to stay with us for a week. It’s not only fun for her, but it’s fun for us too! We make it a tradition to take her out on random adventures to explore and see new places. Today, we decided to head out to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It’s always such a fun place to hang out; it brings you back to your childhood years,  especially when there are food stands with cotton candy, corn dogs, and funnel cakes just to name a few. Here are some memories from today:

It’s just the beginning of the week, so who knows where we’ll visit next. I just know that I can’t wait!

Oh, and just so you know, there’s a layout contest going on over here. The deadline for it has been extended to July 29th. Here’s my take:

It was fun making that layout because I don’t make as many as I used to. I really need to get back on the scrap bandwagon. Mojo, where have you gone?! Has all my mojo been aimed towards working on my Project Life stuff?! 😉 I hope not.

Anyway, that’s it for now.



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11 responses to “it happens every summer.

  1. Fun pics! We are heading to Santa Cruz this summer and I cannot wait:)

  2. Emily w

    Looks like so much fun going on in your neck of the woods. Great pics Sarah!

  3. looks like so much fun! but where is MMM?

  4. such fun pics. taking the children to the boardwalk for sure next week. glad you are having a great summer.

  5. Looks like so much fun at the store!

  6. uh, really…..LONG SLEEVES??? It’s freaking hot here! Those are the clothes I WISH I could wear right now!!! Miss ya!!! hugs, K

  7. Such fun pics! I hope you find your mojo soon girl. 😉

  8. So much fun!! I loveeeeeeeeee all the photos and your lo is FABULOUS as always my Sarah-bera!!!!

  9. Hey there girlfriend! It’s been a mighty long time since I visited. Really missed your blog. Love the pics and the fabulous layout! Hope all is well!

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