day at the san francisco zoo.

Last Friday, we decided it would be a fun day to check out the San Francisco Zoo. I don’t remember my first visit here, so it was basically like seeing it for the first time. My cousin had never been before, so it was definitely a fun experience for her. For being a smaller zoo, I thought it was simply average, but then again, I might just be biased because I went to the San Diego Zoo a few years ago.

Checking out their variety of creatures was educational though. As a matter of fact, I learned a handful of random facts that I found to be very interesting.

Here are just a handful of the photos that we took:


We spent close to five hours exploring all of the exhibits, and by the end of the day, each of us learned tons of new facts about the creatures in the zoo. If you’re in the area, take advantage of this place. Besides, admission fees go back to protecting these animals.

Happy Monday!




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12 responses to “day at the san francisco zoo.

  1. Great photos! Looks like such a fun day.

  2. Rebecca Yahrling

    I always enjoy going to the zoo – love all that nature has to offer us! Great photos!!!

  3. zoo. lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

  4. We love zoos and went to ours a few weeks ago! Great pics!

  5. i enjoyed the sf zoo when we went oh a couple months ago. it was just so low key and not mega crowded…. and there were peacocks everywhere…

  6. Emily w

    Looks like loads of fun!

  7. I love the orangutang….

  8. You took great photos. I always have a hard time getting photos at the zoo!

  9. so fun! haven’t been to the zoo forever. looking at your photos makes me want to go.

  10. Thank you for NOT taking any photos of snakes. 😉

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