hakone gardens.

We felt adventurous, so we hit up Hakone Gardens in the Saratoga Hills this past weekend. This place is truly like a hidden gem in the Bay Area. It has such a serene atmosphere, and I now see why people love to spend their time in Japanese gardens. It’s gorgeous, and the views from certain parts of the grounds are breathtaking.

Make note, however, to go earlier in the day because it can get pretty warm hiking on the pathways. Even though there’s lots of shade, there’s not very much of a breeze, so it can get pretty toasty.

PS: I’m still working on my list of 29 things to do. I think I’m about 30-40% done with the list. Hmm?



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6 responses to “hakone gardens.

  1. mjmarmo

    Looks beautiful!

  2. Teresa

    It looks very relaxing. You can hike and I will set under the big and very green trees.. (HA) And I must say you and Gloria are very photogenic.

  3. beautiful. looks like fun.

  4. Emily w

    Looks so pretty!

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