old fart, year gone by, and my rights.

*The title of this post sounds so… weird? Eh. I’m not gonna change it, though. It makes me smile.

This past weekend, we drove up to spend time with family. We stayed over at my brother’s place in celebration of his birthday. What did we do? Spent time at home, with a little bit of shopping here and there. That’s what he wanted to do, so I’m not complaining. Sometimes being a homebody can be fun. Besides, most of the time, I’m out and about. It was nice to change it up from our normal weekend excursions.

Both Nat and Sean baked all weekend. There were cookies and cupcakes, all of which were gluten-free. Much to my surprise, everything turned out fabulously. Thanks, guys, for the sweets! 

Again, happy birthday to my little brother, you old fart!

Can you believe it’s been over a year now since that crazy night?! Here’s to many more. Happy Anniversary, G.

I can’t believe that Election 2012 is now over. Time seems to be going faster and faster. Funny enough that we just gained an hour from fall back weekend. I exercised my right to vote, and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that we live in a country where, as a woman (of color), I still have a say in what I believe. Hopefully, you voted too, regardless of who and what you voted for.

I’m sure you’ve already heard or read that Obama was re-elected. If not, well he’s our 44th President. The times have really changed from what I remember as a child, and it’s amazing to see history unfold in my lifetime.

Last but not least, I have a couple of pup pictures to brighten your day.

Happy Thursday!



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14 responses to “old fart, year gone by, and my rights.

  1. Pennie

    Looks like a great time. Your pups are always so cute.

  2. Downtime with family can always be a nice change.

  3. Glad you were able to enjoy your downtime…seems like you are always so busy. cute pics.

  4. those pups are naked! side note, happy anniversary! also sidenote, dont make me come up there to figure out why you need so much folic acid…

  5. Mel

    I’m with Holly! Folic acid? Hoping all is well with you. Also, cute pictures of the pups…

  6. Happy anniversary!!! LOVING the photos!!!!!

  7. It was so nice to have you and G visit this weekend! I’m excited to celebrate G’s birthday!

  8. Happy Election Day! (A few days late!) I’ve missed being in the blogging world..and seeing your sweet pups!

  9. Its always great reading your posts! 🙂

  10. Happy anniversary!!! You two are the best!! 🙂

  11. I always love your photos! Happy Anniversary 🙂

  12. Yay for the right to vote! Definitely have to excercise that right and not take it for granted! Here’s to more new beginnings and a hopeful future! I hope all is well with you Sarah!

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